4 Ps of Peace

The 4 Ps of Marketing has done well. It has given success at the expense of peace. Try the following 4 Ps of Peace to get back to your original self.
The 4 Ps of Marketing are:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion

The 4 Ps of marketing has done quite well for the marketing people. If you are the marketing person this formula will help you get success and if you are the customer then be ready to buy something.

First the marketing people remove the husk from wheat. They then sell you the wheat and charge you for the extra work they did. They give it a new brand name for the same wheat that others are selling. They will use words like refined, double refined, organic, natural etc for the same what that nature gives us. Consuming this wheat you soon develop constipation. After doing several tests and probably a CT Scan your doctor will find out that you need dietary fiber and asks you to buy the husk that is now sold in separate packets under various brand names. He might suggest a particular brand.

The salesmen chase targets and higher incentives to somehow buy a car. Because nobody wants to walk. A good career will allow to you to stop walking…..

You walk between your customer and office to earn money enough that can let you buy a car. The idea is to stop walking.

Then when you reach 40s you feel that you are not healthy as before forgetting that health declines naturally. So you see your doctor. He warns you about your bad health. He says that you should actually walk for 45 minutes everyday. So you will have to go back to walking which is what you did first. Those selling Treadmills will come to know of your doctor’s advise. We do not know how! Sooner or later they will sell you a high quality Treadmill which may require you to go in for a bank loan.

You keep your car in the garage and then start to walk to get back your health. Sometime back you lost your health trying to buy a car.

The 4 Ps of Marketing tries to bring you back to the original state. The original state is that human beings are supposed to walk everyday.

The 4 Ps of Marketing will ensure that they sell you a treadmill to restore your health.

4 Ps of Peace
Science and all the marketing, the industrial and medical revolution has done a great deal of improvements in the modern world. Somehow and ironically when it should have given us more happiness it seems today that it has actually made us more tense and unhappy.

The 4 Ps of Peace will counteract the 4 Ps of Marketing and try to bring you back to your original state of happiness.

For the modern world, I recommend the 4 Ps of Peace as:

  1. Pranayama (first be calm)
  2. Prayer ( then reach out to God)
  3. Providence (get Protection from God)
  4. Patience (the real blessing)

1. Pranayama
Whenever you are angry you are likely to lose more than when you remain calm. When you are angry your logic fails. About 15 bad hormones are released into your bloodstream each time you get angry. That is why they say do not make big decisions when you are angry and do not offer money when you are very happy (or drunk).

So when you are angry you need to calm down first. Whether you are angry or not, the right breathing can bring down your anger and calm your mind than any drug or sedative or sleeping pills can boast of. Deep breathing is not all that perfect. Do not do it rapidly. There is a perfect pace for breathing. Pranayama is the safest way to breathe if you want to decrease your stress levels.

Pranayama is inexpensive. To do it you require not 1 acre of land but just a chair or a place to sit. Silence around you in a must if you want better results. However I found that even with noise around I can relax by doing Pranayama.

If there is one practice that originated in India and is now all over the world but less used in India, then it is surely Pranayama. Today more people in the rest of the world use it. The reason is that if it yours you do not give so much importance to it. We get so used to it that it means nothing to us.

Before taking a life turning decision ensure that you do Pranayama whenever possible so that your mind is calm and serene. Decisions made during such times are a lot better than those made when you were angry.

When we are angry, we use the wrong words based on our vocabulary. Filthy words come out of our mouths. When we are calm we use sweet and good words. Anger is so damaging. So calm yourself down to get all the good words on your tongue and paper if you are going to take a major decision.

When I attended a meditation session many years ago, I remember that someone from behind asked the teacher, “What should we do to meditate”? The teacher replied, “You don’t have to do anything”. I was so impressed with that line that it remained in my memory till this day. How nice! Don’t have to do anything. Doing, doing has got us all tense. Everybody from Kindergarten till today told me to do, do and do. This was the first time somebody told me that something can be done without doing. So meditation is all about “Not doing anything”.

Pranayama is the fourth ‘limb’ of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga mentioned in verse 2.29 in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.Pranayama means the extension of the breath. Breath is the proof of life in your. So the right kind of breathing can revitalize you in minutes. Try it and see the difference. Many ailments are caused due to stress.

Always do Pranayama first and then do your meditation. If you attempt meditation without Pranayama chances are that you will not be successful in it. You may miss the trance that is expected to be a part of your meditation.

2. Prayer
If you ask you will get not only in this world but also in the world beyond. The rule is the same. The reason is God has given you everything and He expects you to ask when you are in need of something. Based on your Karma you have to ask as many times as required.

Since my marks were low when I came out of School, I remember that I had to ask my college Principal several times before he finally gave me the seat (in 1980 without paying any extra money for it). He ensured I came back day after day. I did not lose patience.

So depending on your Karma you will get results even when praying. So that does not mean you should stop praying saying that everything is based on Karma.

Asking is your job. God will decide what is best suited for you.

Sometimes we ask for those things that are not good for us in which case God will not give it to us because He knows.

Prayer is not a sign of weakness. It makes you stronger than ever before.

Prayer is not a sign of weakness. It makes you stronger.

3. Providence
This is the help from God. Providence means – The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power. Providence follows prayers sooner or later.

Those who have a strong and un-afflicted Jupiter in the 1st house has the greatest chance for help from God. Jupiter in the 5th house or the 9th house is the equivalent of Juptier in the 1st house.

If Jupiter is afflicted strongly by RAHU, then the person tends to speak against God.

An afflicted 9th house is always seen in the horoscopes of those who speak against their own religion. A client who belongs to Islam came to me for a horoscope reading. I noticed his 9th house afflicted. Soon I found out that he was speaking against his father and Islam. I corrected him. I told him, “God knows where to put you in according to your Karma”. He confessed that for years he has been troubling his father which I know happens when one has an afflicted 9th house.

Even if your horoscope is not indicating that much Providence you can improve upon it by reaching out to God in the holy spots of earth. Try and try and then you will succeed. This rule works in all spheres of life.

Watch out for signs that indicate that you are protected by God all the time. Do not brush if off. Do not take it for granted. Everyday of your life there is the presenec of God. However special blessings arrive based on your prayers.

Each time you see a miracle speak about it to others. That way you will remember it. Be grateful to all those who helped you in times of trouble.

4. Patience
The gift of patience is the greatest gift from God.

Patience means wait. If you wait you will get. If you are not ready to wait, you become angry, then you make things worse. You lose your faith. Then everything becomes a vicious cycle.

This is a please wait symbol. You can also consider it as the hand that blesses. If you observe most of the images of God has the right hand kept in this way. So this is the hand that bless. It is the same as “Please Wait Patiently”.
Understand your Dasha and Bhukti (the planetary period) to know when events are likely to happen. There is no point being impatient.

Somebody is the world champion in a particular game now. Accept it as his or her time. Then when your time comes you will become. Until then keep practicing.

So the Bhavagad Gita stresses that “Do you duty…. do not worry about the results”. This does not mean that you will not get the result. The result comes at appropriate times.

If you understand when the right dasha and bhukti (planetary period) starts then you will develop patience. Here people wait for their bus. Buses keep coming. People know that they have to wait. When it comes to life, they forget this and lose patience.

Real yogis and saints of India have exhibited extraordinary states of patience. They are quite and calm. They carry a lot of smile on their face revealing that they know everything. With knowledge of times, comes patience.


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