64th Navamsa : An interesting case study

64th Navamsa : An interesting case study

Ever since I did the video on Mr Amitabh Bachchan and discussed the effect and power of the 64th Navamsa and its lord, questions about the 64th Navamsa started pouring in. Many actually got scared. Please note that for a dangerous accident to take place many combinations must indicate the event in the first place. What is the 64th Navamsa. How do we find the 64th Navamsa. How is it related to the 8th house. How do we use this knowledge vis-a-vis the Transit of Planets. Most of us are used to reading the effects of Transit of Planets from the Moon sign. This video shows you the importance of transit with regard to the Ascendant which is superior to the Moon sign based Transit.

Click on the following link to know more about the 64th Navamsa.


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