A good doctor is born. Not made.


Some doctors are destined to happen. The rest are simply manufactured by the medical colleges.



The divine law causes the diseases and the ailments to come in at appropriate times and it is done with a purpose. The same divine law also keeps a few people (real doctors) ready to restore the health of certain people in accordance to their karma. The other doctors do not do that well and so are their patients. It is all a game of Karma – the result of our past actions!

The divine law causes the diseases and the ailments to come in at appropriate times and it is done with a purpose. The same divine law also keeps a few people (real doctors) ready to restore the health of certain people in accordance to their karma. The other doctors do not do that well and so are their patients. It is all a game of Karma – the result of our past actions!

Who will be a successful doctor?

In India many become what their parents want them to be only to find out later that it was of no use to both of them and also to the rest of the world. The over enthusiastic parents are willing to pay huge sums of money to get their son or daughter into a medical college hoping they would become great doctors. Unknown to them is the plan of the planets. The planets in the horoscope determine the strength and weakness. You cannot fool around with them. So such students who were not supposed to be in medical profession may find the going too tough. Money got them into the medical colleges but will their karma allow them to become real doctors?

Astrology is rarely considered as a dependable science that can give these  parents the right kind of information that is far superior to the one that counselors do. Before mis-investing Rs.35lakhs to Rs.70 lakhs  in a medical college why not spend a few thousands to just know whether the planets indicate the possibility of becoming a good doctor.

In this knol we discuss the astrological rules that make the best amongst doctors.

The planetary backdrop:

Sun rules medicine. Apollo is the western name for Sun God. Sun is anti-fungus and anti-disease. When there is no light disease is likely to thrive. The Sun is the source of life on earth. Sunlight leads to photosynthesis and that starts the food chain – Sun brings out the life energy on this planet Earth. Sun is central. A good doctor gets the same attention that the Sun gets in the solar system. Respectable and the center of attractions. The title Dr. sounds great. Is there a doctor around? Help! Help! we need a doctor here. Doctor please save my life? Thank God! there was a doctor nearby! These statements make it look like a Doctor is a special person on earth. So Doctors are not made. They are born to save lives at appropriate moments in time.

Rahu is the supporting planet for medicine since it deals with poison. Mild poison is a  medicine. You need a thorn like thing to get out the thorn stuck in the flesh. So you need the energy of Rahu to get out the poison. Rahu is the snake. 7000 years ago the Indian Masters of Astrology said that Rahu is intimately connected with the medical profession.  Do you accept this? Well if you do not you will have to give me an explanation on why the following symbol was chosen internationally to represent “Doctors”?

If you look closely the symbol also resembles the DNA model as seen by scientists Watson and Crick.

The Snake or Rahu may also mean the end of poison or disease. The end of disease, ignorance and fear. So the doctor by this symbol may be trying to tell their patients that they know how to control the snake (poison) in their body.

From ancient times in India, whenever the poison element was to be tamed or subdued, the worship of snake gods or goddesses or Nag-worship was recommended. So the placement of Rahu is certain houses or the influence of Rahu on certain houses or planets involving profession or purpose of life (Karma) indicated that the person had greater luck in the field of medicine.

Look at the snake god(dess) on the right side. Do they resemble something?

Sun should be strong not just by placement in a particular sign (rasi) but should be really strong in Shadbala. It should be well related to the 10th house, which deals with your profession. It should be related to at least the 6th house or the 2nd house of income.

When planets ruling the 10th house (profession) occupies the 6th house (Disease) it may indicate a profession that is linked to disease control. Even the lord of the 6th house in the 10th house may indicate the same thing.  But your karma cannot be  deciphered just by one planetary combinations. You should study the horoscope from several angles which is why finding the right profession using Astrology is best left to the experts in Astrology.

In the Dasamsa Chart, which is primarily used for knowing more about profession, Sun should occupy either the Lagna or the 10th house or at least the 4th house from where Sun aspects the 10th house of profession.

The presence of the 2nd lord in the 7th house makes an excellent physician as per Maharshi Parasara (3200 BC).  The other side of this combination is that such doctors are usually inclined to frequent sexual relationships. That is okay considering the fact that they save a lot of human life.

It has been found that the most famous doctors had most of these planetary combinations existing in their horoscopes. Of course there are more rules that would help find if the person is going to be the “Lucky Hand  Doctor” a term often used in India.

The rules:

The Doctor would do well in Surgery if he has a strong Mars well related to the houses concerning livelihood because Mars is related to blood, injuries, knife etc. I know a doctor who became a great cardiologist but will faint when he sees blood. He got a doctorate on heart surgery or something at a very young age. When I asked him to speak in the Rotary Club that I belong to, he said he was scared of seeing a large group of people staring at him. He was a good bookworm and was a topper in his batch.

*If Mars is not strong then the person would be afraid of seeing blood or perform surgical operations or may have bad luck with surgery. If the Jupiter is strong they should just consult and advise but not use the tools that cut (Mars).

*If the Moon is strong while the conditions for becoming a doctor are satisfied in the horoscope, then the person would become a good gynaecologist since Moon is related to childbirth.

*If Jupiter is well-related then the person would become a very good child specialist since Jupiter deals with children. Or simply a doctor doing the desk job of simply dispensing with medicine and advise – telling the patients the dos and don’t s.

*If Venus is well related under these conditions then the doctor can get into Cosmetic Surgery or any branch of medicine, which enhances skin quality or beauty in general. Or may be a sexologist, a urologist or anything related to sex organs as Venus rules the sex organs.

*If Saturn is strongly related then the person would become a good dentist since Saturn rules the teeth. Saturn rules the bones so he may be good as a bone and joint specialist.

*If Mercury is strong then the doctor can specialise in kidney related studies, or anything to do with transporting systems of the body. He may also be a neurologist. Mercury is the electronics planet. In the human body Mercury connects to all signal system like nerves through which signals are carried.

*If Sun is extremely well related to all these houses then the person can become a famous cardiologist. Sun is the center of the solar system. The heart is the center of our body. The pulsating organ like the Sun pulsating with light and energy.

Note: The copyrights for the above piece are held by Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar, so please do not replicate them without his written consent.


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