Amitabh Bachchan : A lesson in Astrology

Amithab Bachchan is a puzzle when it comes to his horoscope. With a group of grahas (planets) in the 8th house it is surprising that he has become a legend in his own life time. Does the horoscope indicate the luck that made him a superstar in the world of cinema? The 5th house lord Mercury (connected to cinema) is in the 8th house. The near fatal accident that happened during the filming of the movie “Coolie” which happened on a 26th changed his life forever. Is this indicated in his horoscope? What is his time of birth? Considering that fact that on the internet different Astrologers have used different time of birth. Is there a way to correct his time of birth? All such questions are answered in this video. And do not forget to type out your comments. Join the research in Jothishya (Indian Astrology).

Click on the following link to watch this video.


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