Aquarius – Zodiac Compatibility with Air and Fire, but rarely Mutable Signs

Aquarius - Pisces Compatibility

In the Aquarius and Pisces match we have a lot of love compatibility to pass around. Although at first glance the Aquarius and Pisces match may have too many differences to count, both of the signs have a lot to offer each other. Here we have the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius joining forces with the dreamy Mutable Waters of Pisces. Both of the zodiac signs in this match have a greater vision of humanity, and as such, are able to appreciate kindness and unconditional love in each other. Their paces are different, and so too will their approaches be in love. But with harmony as the focus, this is a match that will be able to overcome almost anything.

Aquarius - Aquarius Compatibility

When Aquarius and Aquarius combine in the game of love compatibility, there is a lot of harmony to spread all around. This is a match with two zodiac signs that bring very similar perspectives and energies to the table. There is a lot of chemistry between Aquarius and Aquarius, and a foundation that starts with a great friendship. As a dual Air Sign match, they also have the same energy levels, and will appreciate this in each other. Where this match may experience trouble is the lack of emotional overtures, but if both of the Aquarians in this match are committed, they will make up for that in spades with their combined rational approaches to making love work

Aquarius - Capricorn Compatibility

Aquarius and Capricorn are undoubtedly two different people that bring two very different sets of strengths to their love compatibility match, but if they both want it to work, it will. And that is one thing that Aquarius and Capricorn do have in common with each other and that is their shared vision of a long and happy life together. We have two different energy levels coming together in this union. So both Aquarius and Capricorn are going to need to work to keep up with each other. This won’t be a problem if they can introduce the art of compromise to this union.

Aquarius - Sagittarius Compatibility

With the Aquarius and Sagittarius match we have an exciting pair giving love compatibility a whirl. Here we have the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius paired with the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius. The sexual chemistry between these two zodiac signs is palpable, they can’t keep their hands off each other! This is a dynamic and exciting relationship with a lot of energy, and a lot of movement. They will spend a lot of time exploring wonderful new things together. Where this couple may differ will be in their long term goals, but if they fall in love, this match will create sparks for a long and exciting time together.

Aquarius - Scorpio Compatibility

 There are two very different people coming together in the Aquarius and Scorpio love compatibility match. As such, many astrologers will say this match doesn’t stand a chance. We say however that both Aquarius and Scorpio are very determined individuals in their own way. And if they both want this match to work, then it will! Here we have two rigid thinkers with Fixed Signs in both Aquarius and Scorpio. So the bending of wills will be a difficult task, but they both want love to last, so we still say this one has a shot!

Aquarius - Libra Compatibility

 The Aquarius and Libra match is a very harmonious match and high in love compatibility. Here we have two signs that just seem to “get” each other, and this creates a strong foundation from which to build a lasting relationship. This is the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius combining forces with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. This pair meets at first on an intellectual level, from which they build a romantic experience that will be based on love and harmony. Both of these signs want a long term love, and are able and willing to provide it to each other, so long as they can keep their strong wills at bay.

Aquarius - Virgo Compatibility

When Aquarius and Virgo make a go at love compatibility, it will be a match that is slow to start, with some obvious differences. Both of these zodiac signs enter love with two very different paces in mind, and this could cause some problems. But they both also offer each other a perspective and approach that they will come to appreciate over time, if they give each other this chance. One good thing fueling this match is they both want a long term love, but both Aquarius and Virgo will need to work equally to make it happen in this match.

Aquarius - Leo Compatibility

 An Aquarius and Leo match is one that ranks very high on the love compatibility scale. Not only do we have an Air Sign and Fire Sign match which in itself is a good start, but both of these signs are Fixed Signs which means they both offer each other all of the devotion the other needs to feel satisfied in love. As an Air and Fire Sign match, this is one with a lot of energy. As such both Aquarius and Leo will always be on a new adventure together, and enjoying an abundance of chemistry together to enjoy them with.

Aquarius - Cancer Compatibility

 There are two very different perspectives coming into play in the Aquarius and Cancer love compatibility match. But both Aquarius and Cancer are committed to a long term love, and have this shared vision working for them towards a common goal. Cancer is very open emotionally, and has a psychic side to them that Aquarius finds very intriguing. Aquarius on the other hand offers an off beat and intellectual approach that Cancer is equally intrigued by. Aquarius is the social butterfly here, but Cancer is the domestic center. Although very different in style, both want the same long term love and happy family, and will work together to ensure they achieve just that.

Aquarius - Gemini Compatibility

When Aquarius and Gemini combine forces in love compatibility, the result is an energetic and happy connection. This is a highly compatible match, as this is a dual Air Sign match that both are very happy in. A lot of similarities, particularly on the intellectual front are coming into play in this union. These similarities will breathe air into a fun sexual chemistry as well. This is a match that will be stimulating each other for a long and happy union if they are both committed to it.

Aquarius - Taurus Compatibility

 The Aquarius and Taurus match is one that looks at first glance to have too many differences to surmount. But when it comes to love compatibility, they both have some shared goals and visions that when aligned, can jump tall buildings in a single bound. This is a match that will do well when their strengths are coordinated, and when their goals and their visions are aligned. There are some very stubborn energies coming into this union, from both sides, so both will need to work on flexibility and compromise if they want this union to last through marriage and a happy family.

Aquarius - Aries Compatibility

When an Aquarius and Aries come together there is a high love compatibility that fuels life into this union. This is a very compatible match between the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius and the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. As two very energetic signs, this is an energetic relationship that is always in motion. Aries will love the out of the box ideas that Aquarius brings to the table. Aquarius loves how Aries goes after things, and the creative and passionate approach that Aries brings to the table. This is a match with excellent sexual chemistry as well, and these two will keep each other going in love for as long as the stars allow.

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