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For a long time I have been thinking that most part of Astrology in us works through the genetic system. What is the logic? Please read this article that I delayed writing for about 10 years.
My Knowledge of Astrology and Genetics
First I studied genetics right from my school and into my college until I completed my Masters in Science from Madras University. Then I took up Vedic Astrology and have spent about 25 years trying to figure out if both these sciences are interlinked. During the last few years my ideas crystallized into a better understanding which I want to share with my readers.

Genetics and Vedic Astrology is an attempt to modify the future. Both have a great scope and its limitations too. In this article I will try to cover these points to the best of my abilities. In case you have suggestions please add your comment at the end of the article.

When I say Astrology, please note that I mean the more serious form of Astrology like Vedic Indian Astrology and not the misleading aspect of astrology like Sun Sign Astrology or other types of Astrology that is for fun. Sun sign astrology according to me is the weed in Astrology. It should be removed if we have to make progress in the field of Astrology.

Genetics is common to all living organisms. Every living organisms has a coding system within that determines what the living organism will do or is capable of doing. Each species has a distinct genetic system. If you alter some of the coding you get a different organism. To put it simply think of the English alphabets. Though you have only 26 letters there are millions of words possible – assuming all possible permutations and combinations. By altering a few letters you get a new word.

In a way your genetic system is like a program. You are programmed to get certain diseases at certain times. These are called inherited diseases. The doctors say you have no choice is in this. It is predictable. Yet there is a future possibility that all diseases that are inherited can by done away with. However as of now, there are no clear methods on how to do that.

Genetics is similar to Astrology in that there is a possibility of a prediction coming true over and over again. For example the planetary combination that indicates blindness has worked again and again over the centuries despite. In the same way, an inherited disease will do the same damage that it has done to others having the same combination of genetic coding.

There are 4 things that you need to know in genetics. They are A – Adenine, C = Cytosine, G= Guanine and T = Thymine. So there are the ACGT in all of us in different sequences. In computers it is just 0 and 1 and everyting is just a combination of 0 and 1. In Astrology there is the permutation and combination of 9 planets and an Ascendant that causes so much of difference between all of us.

You also need to know that one half of whatever genes you have came from your father and the other half came from your mother. Yet your brother and sister will not have the same set set of genes that you have. The reason for that is the same part of your father does not go to each of your brother and sister and in the same way the same part of your mother will not go to each of your brother and sister.

So when my brother inherited diabetes from my father and mother, I did not. When I inherited the blood pressure from my father and mother by brother did not. The Karma of mine is different from that of my brother so we are very different from each other.

Genetically modified organisms are created by scientists. Such techniques shows that genetics works. Nature has been doing it on a selective basis across the centuries. Now man is able to alter many things at the genetic level.Plants have been modified for insect protection, resistance to herbicides, virus resistance, enhanced nutrition, tolerance to environmental pressures and the production of vaccines.
The Agents of Karma – The Mind and the Body
Karma is strong. Even science with all its capabilities is nothing when compared to the power of Karma. I know a doctor who treated 1000s of patients suffering from gangrene but he died of gangrene. A topper in MBA from a top college made a blunder in a business deal and is now bankrupt. Without discussing Karma there is no way any sane person can give a good reason for such experience. Why does the best Ship – the unsinkable Titanic sink on its maiden trip? The easiest answer is “coincidence”. But somewhere in us, we are not satisfied with this simple escapists answer.

There must be a method through which Karma works. It works through 2 Agents the mind and the body. The mind works through our thoughts. Thoughts become habits. Habits are formed over several births and takes many more future births to rectify unless there is a great desire to change it immediately or because a great soul intervenes out of compassion. For example a man consumes alcohol for several years and then one fine day gives it up. The Buddha transformed Angulimaal in one moment of truth.

That part of the Karma that works through the body uses the genetic system to fulfill itself out. For example if a person is proud of his height and makes fun of those who are not tall enough he or she is reborn as a dwarf – an inherited problem.

Karma can be modified by genetic manipulation to some extent. It can also be modified by correcting the mind, thoughts and habits.
Does this Snake God form remind you of the DNA? Yes. Praying to the Snake GODs can actually help modify your Genes positively using the mind as the tool. Today Scientists are working on the DNA to achieve the same results. Worship is subtle and Science works at the gross levels. That is the only difference.

This DNA – worshiped by the Scientists
However genetic engineering cannot make you happy, cannot prevent you from losing a job, or prevent a divorce due to incompatibility of 2 minds.

The difference between Genetics and Astrology

There is a big difference between genetics and astrology. The first one is that genetics applies to all living organisms and astrology works only where Karma works and that means only in the world of higher beings like human beings and beings higher than human beings – the demi gods.

Moreover genetics can to a great level explain diseases and certain traits in certain people but it cannot explain why in Ketu Dasha ending the CEOs lose their job or why during Sukra Dasha and Sani bhukti something very bad happens in a relationship matter. So genetics will help you in certain ways. The events in life like happiness and sorrow at certain predictable times cannot be foreseen using genetics. This is the second difference.

How does your Genetic system match certain Astrological conditions?

If your genetic system shows that you are going to have an inherited heart condition then your horoscope will also show the same thing. How is that made possible?

A certain type of man and woman come together and produce a child that is of a certain predictable type. Once the genetic system is fixed when the sperm and ovum meet – fertilization happens the appropriate soul that has a particular karma that matches the genetic system enters it.

How? How did you get into a college? First you are a student who has certain qualifications which is comparable to your Karma with its merits and demerits. With that set of qualifications you seek a college. If they match you get an entry. Bright students get seats in top colleges and the dull ones get the seats in lowest ranked colleges.

Similarly if as per Karma one is supposed to get diabetes and suffer with it, Karma will force that soul to enter a zygote that is already programmed to get diabetes. So the horoscope shows diabetes too and the genetic system will also show diabetes.

Is this not wonderful?

The geneticists will say that astrology has nothing to do with it because according to him his science explains why the person gets diabetes. The Astrologer will say that it has nothing to do with genetics because according to him Karma works and that’s it.

If a person has knowledge of both Astrology and Genetics then they can understand this quite easily.

The journey of the Soul



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