Ayrton Senna da Silva – The ultimate hero of Formular 1 Racing


Ajith Kumar, Kollywood’s Ultimate Star, an Indian Film actor who has won several Filmfare awards and millions of fans, is himself a talented race driver and still passionate about it. Ajith Kumar always remembers his teenage hero Ayrton Senna. He says “Ayrton had an extraordinary will to win even under difficult and hostile situations and won important races even when driving inferior cars. He was charismatic, a warrior when it came to racing, but soft at heart and a philanthropist”.

Ultimate Star No.1 of Formula 1
By E K Dhilip Kumar

Ayrton Senna Da Silva

He is regarded by many as the fastest driver that has ever been involved in Formula One Motor Racing and was also rated as the No.1 by a 2006 F1 magazine. In 2000, he was posthumously inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame. We are talking about Ayrton Senna da Silva a Brazilian who became three-time Formula One world champion. In this research article we are trying to understand why Senna was such a remarkable driver: particularly his qualifying skill that yielded 65 pole positions in 162 races, and his well known wet-weather ability.

Mars signifies daring deeds and high risk sports. Note Mars is exalted in his horoscope and also is the planet that rules his profession. His unusual desire to win at all cost came from the position of Jupiter in the 6th house as the 6th lord. In the bhava chart, Saturn and Moon which represent mass attraction and fame occupy the 7th house making him well known in his chosen sport.

With the sign of cancer rising, Moon the ascendant lord is in the 7th house which means the road or way according to Maharshi Parasara. Moon also means travel or driving. Senna entered karting competition at the age of 13 during his Moon dasha which marked the beginning of his career. Moon also represents water and this explains his driving skills on wet conditions. Combine this with the high energy of Mars that signifies daredevilry along with the vipareetha raja yoga offered by Jupiter as the 6th lord in the 6th and you get a world champion car racer.

The 4th house lord Venus in the 8th house and the 9th house lord in the 6th and the Saturn-Moon conjunction gave him learning difficulties while at school, yet Mars energy allowed him to do well in gymnastics and chemistry. The 7th lord in the 7th bhava according to Maharshi Parasara indicates nerve related disorders and he had suffered from facial paralysis.

He was known for his moods and was intensely introspective because of the close Saturn-Moon conjunction. He had gone through depressions and solitude. Unhappy marriage and relationships were due to Saturn-Moon conjunction happening in the 7th bhava which deals with marriage. He used driving as a means of self-discovery and an outlet, and racing as a metaphor for life: “It’s lonely driving a Grand Prix car, but very absorbing” is what he once said. Many famous saints who isolated themselves from the rest of the world were born with Saturn-Moon connection in their horoscopes. Ayrton had spoken about his strange psychic experiences and living in altered consciousness even when driving.

The 18 years Rahu dasha began in Jan 1983 and a year later Ayrton won his first major race which was the 1984 Brazilian Grand Prix. Rahu occupies the special 3rd house which is very good for those who seek victory in competitions. Within this Rahu dasha from 1984 to 1994 he won several important races across the world

Sadly Rahu occupies the 3rd house as the 8th house lord and is in the star of the 2nd lord Sun (maraka) that rules over death. So while Rahu allowed him to become a world champion, the other side of Rahu was indicating great danger. The 4th house lord Venus in the 8th house indicates great danger in vehicles. Venus occupies the house of Saturn who is a powerful maraka planet. Mars in the 8th house indicates violent death or reduced life span especially because Mars occupies the sign of Saturn and is without the influence of benefic planets.

He died a little later after his blue (Saturn) car hit a concrete wall while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola in Italy.

The date was May 1, 1994 and time 2:17 pm and he was in Rahu Dasha, Ketu Bhukti and Saturn Antara. On the ill-fated day Transit Saturn was in his 8th house along with Venus (Vehicle) in Aquarius a sign owned by Saturn and Rahu.

For Karkataka (Cancer Ascendant) lagna, Saturn is the Marakadipati (the lord of death) and Rahu co-rules the 8th house along with Saturn. So Saturn and Rahu are functional enemies.

Saturn Antara was from April 26, 1994 and the lord of the 22nd drekkana is Saturn. Strangely from April 26th to April 30th, 2 serious accidents had upset Aryton and he had openly expressed his concern about the safety standards and wanted to set things right. Maybe he must have sensed that something wrong was to happen soon.

He died racing on his Janma Nakshatra day (Uttarashada). The muhurta books recommend that we avoid travel on Janma Nakshatra days.

Those born in Uttarashada are graceful and helpful by nature whenever they see suffering. In 1992 at Belgium during practice Érik Comas crashed his Ligier-Renault. Others drove past the wreckage at high speed, but Senna sprinted back down the track to the wrecked car to assist the Frenchman, who was unconscious.

Whenever the 2nd house (wealth) lord is in the 9th house (dharma), the wealth earned is used for good purposes. After Senna’s death it was discovered that he had donated his personal fortune which was about $400 million at the time of his death to children’s charities.

Perhaps he had wanted to renounce and enter the spiritual world because the 1st lord in the 7th indicates withdrawal from worldly life. His foundation in Brazil, Instituto Ayrton Senna, has invested nearly US$ 80 million over the last twelve years in social programs.

Ayrton lived like a hero and remains a hero.Formula 1 fans miss him a lot.

Special Thanks to Ajith Kumar for giving me the birth details of this great hero.


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