Bhrigu Sutram : Moon in 11th house

Sage Bhrigu has given us wonderful tips on how to read a horoscope especially based on the positions of grahas (planets) in houses 1 to 12. The information is available in Bhrigu Sutram and I have gained a lot by studying the book which is a translation done by Dr G S Kapoor. I thank him for the efforts he has taken.

This is a new video series where I am going to cover Moon from house number 1 to 12. There are many interesting facts about Moon in the 11th house. Watch the Video to learn more about the Moon if it happens to be in the 11th house in any horoscope. I have provided the Sanskrit words so you can derive new meanings from the ancient text. The words are as follows :

Bahu-ShruthavanPutravaanUpakariPanch-Shad-Varshey-Putrarna-bahu-praabalya-YogahGunadhyahBhavadipay-Balaheenay-Bahu-Dhana-VyayahaBalayuthey LabhavaanLabhey-Chandrey Nikshepa LabhahaShukra-Yutheyna Nara-Vahana YogahBahu-Vidya-waanKshetra-vaanAneka-Janarakshana-Bhagyavaan

Moon in 11th

Sutras 61-69-

If the Moon is in the eleventh house,

highly learned,
will have sons and
will be helpful to others.
At the age of 50 he will be father of many sons.
He will also possess praiseworthy qualities.
If the lord of the 11th house is weak, will have to put with lot of expenditure.
If the lord of the eleventh is strong (and well disposed) will have gains of wealth.
acquire wealth without much effort.
If the Moon is in conjunction with Venus will be owner of conveyances pulled by men. He will be highly educated, will own lands, be fortunate and protector of others.

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  1. For a leo lagna, moon is in 3rd house with rahu aspected by jupiter from 9th house. Saturn is in 12th house. 3rd house dispositor is in 10th house. How will be the dasha of Saturn/Rahu? Please respond.


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