Bhrigu Sutram : Sun in 9th house

The 9th house is the house of Dharma, Fortune, Father and God. Sun is the visible God on earth. Without the Sun there is no life. So what does the SUN do to the 9th house. Sun is the Father. The 9th house deals with father. Sun in the 9th also indicates the person will be a devotee of Sun God and God’s related to SUN. If the Sun is exalted or in his own sign then good results are to be expected. If the Sun is debilitated or in a malefic sign one should expect bad results. With regard to lifespan of father, there are both the short life and long life combinations. Watch this video to know in detail the effect of Sun if it happens to be in the 9th bhava (Bhava Chart).

Click here to watch the video:


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