Cancer – Zodiac Compatibility with Water and Earth, but rarely Cardinal Signs

Cancer - Pisces Compatibility

When you match a Cancer and Pisces together, those involved in this match will often feel like this is a match made in heaven. And that’s exactly what happens when you match two Water Signs together! This is a deeply spiritual, and deeply emotional connection, one that has all of the makings of a soul connection. Here we have the Cardinal Water Sign Cancer matched with the Mutable Water Sign Pisces and so this match starts off with a lot of common ground. Both are sympathetic, loving, and feel their way through the world. When both Cancer and Pisces are committed to growing from the emotional bonds they share, this is a love match that will last for many years to com

Cancer - Aquarius Compatibility

When we match Cancer and Aquarius, we have a unique situation in love compatibility as both of these zodiac signs approach life from different perspectives. One feels their way through the world, that is the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer. The other thinks their way through the big picture, and that is the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius. At face value then, this is the case of opposites attract, which many might say does not bode well for the long term love compatibility perspective. What will keep this match going for the long haul, will be both zodiac signs appreciating and embracing the different values and systems of the other. If they can manage this, the Cancer and Aquarius match is one that is destined to stand the test of time.

Cancer - Capricorn Compatibility

 The Cancer and Capricorn match ranks high for love compatibility. Here we have two Cardinal Signs going head to head in love. We also have a Water Sign and Earth Sign match and this always bodes well for a real and authentic and long lasting union. Water and Earth nurture each other into an abundant love, and so this pair has an intuitive way of knowing just what the other needs, when the other needs it. With water and earth moving around here, we don’t have a highly energetic or exciting union on paper. At the same time however, what this match does not have in energy, it has in devotion and loyalty in spades. They both want the real deal and a long term connection as well, and this is a match that is destined to last through many anniversaries as a result.

Cancer - Sagittarius Compatibility

A Cancer and Sagittarius love match is one that many astrologers will say is not the best on paper. We however look at love compatibility from a universal perspective, and believe the best about every love match. This one does not come without problems, but when both Cancer and Sagittarius are willing to put in the effort to embrace their differences, they will find each other happy for some time to come. Cardinal Water Sign Cancer is the emotional center here. While Sagittarius is the energetic Mutable Fire Sign. This relationship will always be in flux, and both are going to need to be okay with that in order to make this one stick

Cancer - Scorpio Compatibility

With a Cancer and Scorpio match, we have two Water Signs coming together. The love compatibility on this one will be very high, and both partners will even feel like they’ve found their lost soul mate. This is an emotional union, one that has deep bonds, unshaking loyalty and trust, and an intensity that creates sparks in the bedroom! Both of these signs are also very intuitive, which bodes well for the long term success of this union. They literally read each other daily, even when they aren’t expecting to or thinking about it at the time. This makes for a sexual chemistry that is very high, but also a practical chemistry that stands the test of time in long term love!

Cancer - Libra Compatibility

With a Cancer and Libra match we have a love compatibility that ranks very well. Both of these signs are Cardinal Signs, so there is a lot of leadership energy coming into this match. Both also have what the other wants and needs, so the balance and harmony in this relationship is a beautiful thing. With Cancer being Cardinal Water Sign, they come from a place of feeling their way through the world. Libra on the other hand is the Cardinal Air Sign, and thinks first and feels later. So there are two very different perspectives coming into play in this match. This bodes well for the long term if both individuals are able to keep their goals aligned in this relationship.

Cancer - Virgo Compatibility

 A Cancer and Virgo match is a very good one from a love compatibility perspective. Here we have the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer with the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo in a match that is very well balanced. Earth and Water are always well balanced in the zodiac as one element nurtures the other towards abundance and prosperity. With Cancer we have the emotionally centered partner whose cup of love always floweth over. With Virgo we have the flexible, go with the flow real one who is about as down to Earth as it gets. This is a match that may not be the most adventurous or exciting, but will keep on giving the love for many years to come.

Cancer - Leo Compatibility

 A Cancer and Leo match is one that has both heat and passion, and so this is a very compatible match. With Cardinal Water Sign Cancer we have the deep running waters of Cancer, and Leo brings the Fixed Fire Sign energy as well. Both of these signs want the same things in love, and they offer it to each other freely and openly. Both Cancer and Leo also appreciate tender love and a dedication that does not waver, so they share this common need in love as well. Additionally both are fiercely loyal, and so there are rarely if ever commitment issues in play. Where there may be wrinkles may come in the way of heated tempers on occasion, and both Cancer and Leo will need to be careful in this regard. If they are though, theirs will be a love that could last many lifetimes.

Cancer - Cancer Compatibility

 When we have a Cancer and Cancer match, the love compatibility is quite high given the many commonalities this pair shares. This is a deep emotional connection, and one that is rooted on a shared desire for all of the same things. Neither of the individuals in this pair will give up on this relationship quickly. Devoted, emotional, and nurturing are all qualities that both Cancer and Cancer will share with each other on a daily basis. They are also both highly intuitive, and this means they can instinctively meet each other’s needs on a regular basis. If they are able to keep their ever intense emotions on an even keel, this is a union that will celebrate many happy anniversaries together.

Cancer - Gemini Compatibility

A Cardinal and Mutable sign pairing is often a very good one, as these two will balance each other out more days than they will not. When Cancer and Gemini come together though, their differences will be very apparent, and almost seem a little insurmountable. When both of these parties are willing to put the work in, this will become an energetic union that is characterized by change, enthusiasm, and skilled communication. Cancer will need to open up to Gemini early on, and Gemini will need understanding that their Cancer is very different than them. When both Cancer and Gemini align their emotions and their intellect, it is a match that could stand the test of time and any challenges that come their way.

Cancer - Taurus Compatibility

 A Water and Earth Sign match always ranks high on the love compatibility meter. With Cardinal Water Sign Cancer pairing with Fixed Earth Sign Taurus, we have two partners that are very committed to nurturing each other. Earth needs water to survive and flourish, and water needs grounding in reality once in a while. So a Cancer and Taurus match is one that complements each other, and results in a lovely nurturing and long term connection. There is a lot of common ground with this match, and both will work very hard at satisfying each other’s needs. Where they differ will be in their stubborn personalities, but when committed to success Cancer and Taurus can overcome these blips easily.

Cancer - Aries Compatibility

A Cancer and Aries match is what many astrologers would call a situation of opposites attract. But where these two zodiac signs have many differences, they also have many common traits as well that bodes well for a long term match. We have the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer paired with the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. This means there is both a lot of emotion and action in this union. They are both born leaders, and both very creative and intuitive. Where they may butt heads rests in their leadership traits, they both like to be the boss! Turn taking on that front is all this match needs to be one that creates spark and love for many years to come.

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