Career & Vedic Astrology Series – Saturn


Career & Vedic Astrology Series - Saturn


Career & Vedic Astrology Series – Saturn

Those days in the ancient world when Astrology began each planet was associated with fewer career options – today in the 21st century each planet rules 100s of careers. Is Astrology outdated? Is there a way to find out among the 100s of career option which one suits the most for each person? The answer is Yes. Watch this video to find out how to do this….

If Saturn is the most dominant planet with regard to career/profession then this article will help you find what are the various options you have with regard to your career.

Saturn is slow. So all products that takes a long time to form is related to Saturn.

Saturn is cold. So Saturn rules the ice cream, ice and ice related things.

Saturn rules the bone and joint, teeth etc.

Saturn rules petroleum.

To know more about Saturn watch the following video now…


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