Combustion of Planets – The effects and remedies


Any graha (planet) that comes close to the Sun in the Zodiac is said to overpowered by the mighty SUN. This is called Combustion of Planets. Read this article and know more about combustion.
Combustion – What does that mean?
When a planet (graha) gets too close to the SUN in any horoscope, then that planet (graha) is said to be combust.

If you are alone on stage you grab all the attention is it not? Just at that moment a world famous celebrity, a No.1 person comes and stands next to you. What happens to you? Suddenly you seem to be non-existing. This is the state of a planet that is close to the mighty SUN.

Sun is the strongest planet of all. Then comes Saturn. Then comes Mars and so on.

Can you see anything that is close to the SUN? You can see only if there is a Solar eclipse when the SUN is weak.

During the daytime, all the stars are up there in the sky but you never get to see anyone there except the SUN. The Sun is so bright that all other objects in the sky are not visible. However the objects in the sky do not disappear.

So a planet that is combust does not disappear, but it is not seen. Not seen means that the hard work you put in is not visible to others. Someone else takes away the credit.

Sun may represent your EGO. For some people EGO will be blinding their intellect or the mind. The mind does not work well when SUPER EGO is close to it. In case you have EGO problems you will have to do something about it.

In most cases Mercury (Buddhi – intellect) the planet for logic and intellect is combust. The reason for this is that Sun and Mercury never get away more than 28 degrees from each other. So all the horoscopes you will see the Sun along with Mercury, or Mercury is at least in the next sign. So at least 25% of the people in the world will have a combust Mercury.

This actually means that the power of their intellect is overpowered by a false ego.

If Venus is combust then it means that a lot of time, money and resources are being wasted on sexual matters or matters pertaining to relationships, love and romance and entertainment like cinema an games, sports. The ego is working in this area. That is the meaning of Venus combust.

If Saturn is combust then it means that due to EGO, the person is not really working hard, takes a lot of rest and likes to procrastinate, thinking that they are capable of finishing off just in time even if they start late.

If Mars is combust super ego makes them more physical. They feel that they can beat anyone in this world either in a real duel or a war of words.

If Jupiter is combust then it means that EGO makes the person think that he/she knows everything and there is no need for a guide, GOD, Guru or teacher. Some people whose Jupiter is combust become an atheist. They usually have no belief in remedies. They feel that they can find all the answers by themselves without seeking outside help. They feel that they can guide themselves.

When is a planet combust?
First of all in the Solar system no planets get too close to the SUN. So combustion happens only in a horoscope. As seen from the earth, the SUN may get too close to another planet (Graha). That is combustion. How close?

Note the degree in which SUN sits in your horoscope. If any graha (except Rahu and Ketu) are close to SUN within 8 degrees then such a graha is said to be very badly affected by the defect of combustion.

The actual degree varies from planets to planets. From the lowest to the highest is given below.

If Venus is within 8 Degrees. This means if the gap between Sun and Venus is 0 degrees to 8 degrees it is said to be combust.

If Jupiter is within 11 Degrees

Mercury within 12 Degrees while retrograde and 14 degrees while in normal motion.

Saturn within 15 Degrees

Mars within 17 Degrees

The above information is not strictly followed by all Astrologers. The reason is that there are some difference of opinion about the actual range. However everyone agrees that is a planet is within 8 degrees then the combustion surely works 100%. The effects of combustion does not cross beyond 17 degrees.

Some say if the planets are within 10 degrees only then there is combustion.

Instead of arguing about the exact degrees we should spend more time on what is combustion and what to infer from it.

For example Venus and Jupiter are combust within 8 degrees and 11 degrees. The reason is that these 2 planets are natural benefics. When they are close to the SUN, they get combusted. If they move away beyond 11 degrees then they being natural benefics escape the effect of combustion.

Saturn and Mars are combust if within 15 degrees and 17 degrees respectively. Why? The reason is that Saturn and Mars are natural malefics. Sun is already a malefic. Apart from the heat of the Sun, Saturn is and Mars get further afflicted by being close to another natural malefic. So the degrees are maximum.

The lowest degree is 8 degrees. So at least you can remember that all grahas are combust within 8 degrees and no graha is combust if beyond 17 degrees.

Do not ignore combustion!
In most cases, combustion is ignored. However what you get in return for this is a wrong reading or wrong prediction. Some of the beginners and experts in Astrology simply ignore combustion.

The dasha or bhukti of a graha that is combust will not give the expected results. The combust planet is said to be in a state of fear.

If you play a game with an ordinary person you are calm and composed and your skills are exhibited due to confidence that the outcome is going to victory. In case your opponent is a strong player, the No.1 in the tournament, you feel frightened, and you make more mistakes.

During the planetary period of a combust planet there is fear and mistakes due to low self-esteem. If the 5th house lord is combust there will be loss in games and sports just because of low confidence and fear of the opponents. Such people will find it difficult to reach the top in any sport or game.

To know the exact results of a combust planet the entire horoscope should be understood instead of just focusing on the combust planet. More important is to check out when the combust planet rules the person either as Dasha Lord or Bhukti Lord (Planetary periods).

The problem with Combust planets
Apart from combustion, there is another problem when the Sun comes close to any graha. Sun is a powerful malefic planet. Any natural malefic planet whenever they come close to another graha tends to afflict that graha. So if Mercury is with Mars a natural malefic then Mercury is afflicted. So apart from the problem of combustion we have another problem that is caused by the Sun as a natural malefic.

The cause of combustion is the SUN. Sun is hot and fiery by nature. It is equated to the 3rd eye of Lord Shiva. So pouring milk, water, rose water etc on Shiva Linga helps on a lot.

You may pray to SUN GOD directly by looking at Him during the Sunrise time.

If you have health problems arising out of the combustion then you can do SURYA NAMASKAR.

If you are Hindu then you can chant mantras that will reduce the malefic nature of SUN.

Sun may represent your EGO. For some people EGO will be blinding their intellect or the mind. The mind does not work well when SUPER EGO is close to it.

Meditation helps a lot. Not the one that you learn from internet or books. You need to go to a GURU and learn it in the traditional way with due respects to the ancient art of meditation.

Surya Namaskar is recommended if the combustion is causing physical health problems.

Mental health problems caused by combustion can be solved by reciting mantras related to Sun.

Pitta pacifiers are recommended (refer Ayurveda) because the SUN represents the PITTA in us. Due to excessive PITTA there will be many health problems. So consume Pitta pacifiers during mid day when the SUN is up and most harmful. Do not skip the meal at noon time.

In case you want to see me talking on the same topic but from a different angle then you may view the following YOUTUBE video:


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