Facebook and Saturn


Is there any connection between FACEBOOK and SATURN?

Facebook and Saturn
Today Facebook is almost on every phone and on everyone’s lip or computer screen. Did you facebook it? Post the photo on facebook. These are some of the common statements heard in college campus and wherever there is internet. It is banned in certain countries.

Is there something else that favored the success of Facebook? Facebook is by its name strongly associated with number 8. I stronlgy believe that this had a great effect on the success of Facebook. How do I know is what you may ask? I found this out during consultation with many clients who met me. I soon discovered that Facebook has some connections with Saturn.

Then I started doing my research on Facebook, spoke to many of my clients once again just to ensure that I was on the right track. Many students helped me in this research. Many emails I received proved that Facebook is indeed Saturn material.

If you have to understand Facebook well you will have to understand Saturn well enough. Saturn is an enigmatic planet, grossly misrepresented. It is very good for certain people and very bad for certain people based on their Karma which is actually reflected in their individual horoscope.

Saturn is related to number 8. In the solar system Saturn stands out due to its rings. So mass appeal is something that is related to Saturn. It is a unique planet in the solar system. Huge and very different. It is slow and steady wins the race type. Saturn represents networking, the web of spider that has 8 legs.

To begin with I would like to point out that Facebook starts with the letter F. In numerology F carries the value 8. 8 is the number of Saturn. Even in Vedic Asrology, Saturn stars have been assigned the following numbers, they are the 8th, 17th and 26th star. That is proof enough that Saturn is indeed related to 8.

Moreover the word Facebook has 8 letters in it.

Let us convert the word Facebook into number form using numerology.

Name under consideration : FACEBOOK(= 35 )= 8

Name converted to number : 81352772 (add all these numbers and you will get 35)

Numerology value of name :35 Number reduces finally to: 8

So FACEBOOK is a website fully ruled by Saturn. Addiction to Facebook is due to the power of 8 and its relationship with Saturn.

I have found that those who are in a negative phase relating to Saturn get into trouble when using FACEBOOK and also found that those who are having a favorable Saturn phase have a great and good time with Facebook and have also been able to expand their business and network.

Those who are in Sade-Sati or under the Dasha or Bhukti of Saturn get into trouble while using FaceBook. Such people should avoid using banned items on Facebook like porn, abusive words and words of anger, hate and revenge.

Those who are in very good Saturn phase, use Facebook for developing their business, making life more comfortable, stay connected and expand their business.

Saturn rules over networking. Networking is similar to what the Spider does. The spider has 8 legs and the net it spins is wide. It is good for the Spider and bad for the insect.

The insects are those who get into trouble using Facebook and the spider is the one who make more money through their Facebook contacts.

If you are a Karkataka Lagna or Simha Lagna person and if you are going through Saturn Dasha or Saturn Bhukti you should be very careful while using Facebook. We request the teenagers who fulfill the planetary condition to stay away from Facebook for they no not what is coming up. They will fall into multiple affairs and mess up their studies. They should be requested to do appropriate remedies.

If you are Makara Lagna person (Capricorn Lagna) and if you are going through a Saturn Dasha or Bhukti you should be very careful while using facebook.

If you are Vrishabha Lagna person or a Thula Lagna person and if Saturn is well placed you will gain a lot by using Facebook.

If you a Kumbha lagna person you will help a lot of other people as you use Facebook. Because for this Lagna, Saturn is in such a way that others benefit out of your activities.

The following is a news item:
Parbhani, (Maharashtra), Oct 24 (IANS) A teenaged college girl committed suicide after her parents restricted her use of hermobile phoneandsocial networking siteslikeFacebook, police said Thursday.

The incident occurred late Wednesday night after 17-year-old Aishwarya S. Dahiwalhad an argument with her parents over using Facebook on her computer.According to investigating officer G. H. Lemgude of Nanalpeth police station in Parbhani, around 500 km east of Mumbai, Aishwarya’s parents had objected several times to her using social networking sites and chatting long over the mobile phone.“Like all parents, their intentions were only to ensure that the girl did not go astray. They advised her to concentrate on her technical studies and stay away from long mobile chats and social networking sites,” Lemgude told IANS.After the argument Wednesday night, Aishwarya went to her room, penned a suicide note and hanged herself.In the note, Aishwarya reportedly wrote that she had been constantly prevented from using Facebook by her parents.

I request my readers who want to serve the society by posting any information you have with regard to the dangers of FACEBOOK and if possible any Astrological link to the incident in terms of Number 8 or Saturn.


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