How to ask an Astrologer – The do’s and dont’s


There is a method, a way to ask your questions. In this article I have tried to list out a few ideas that will help both, you and the Astrologer.
How to Ask an Astrologer
Always give your birth details first.
Your name, your gender, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is the FIR – First information report that any Astrologer needs. Avoid telling your Astrologer the planetary positions and other details which he will know eventually. It is his field anyway. Mostly Astrologers now-a-days have their own software and in less than a minute they will have all the charts needed for consultation. Without the computer, an Astrologer will have to work for a month to produce all the various charts and outputs that a computer can do in less than a minute.

Ask 1 question in each consultation
I went to a doctor the other day. I told the doctor, “…I have some eye problems, a shivering near my eye”. As he began examining me, I told him “….also I have some knee pain”. When he started examining my knee, i told him that now and then I have a chest pain. Then I informed him that I have diabetes. Then I asked him to examine my lower back as there was pain. I now and then get headaches, I asked him the cause of headaches. I told him that if I consume ice cream I also get a sore throat. I request him to examine my throat. I told him, “…. moreover my mom is not keeping well, and my father has high blood pressure”.

I said, “…doctor, I went to so many doctors and none of them cured me. I have wasted a lot of money on the stupid doctors. Is Ayurveda good or homeopathy good? Does Acupuncture work or not?”.

This is how most people ask questions to an Astrologer. They think that the Astrologer knows all the answers and that the Astrologer is a genius and therefore you think that he will remember what all you asked him and also he knows everything about you.

No. Most Astrologers are slow thinkers. Because Astrology is so complicated and deep only a patient Astrologer can find out the hidden things in a horoscope. Moreover Astrology has its own limitations and scope.

The best thing that you can do for yourself during a consultation is stay focused on 1 question and get the maximum attention on it. That way the chances are you are going to get the correct answer.

Even the best shooter will miss now and then. Even the best snooker player will not pot all the balls on the table despite spending a life time training on the green board. The balls are physical objects while astrology deals with human beings which is the most complicated thing in the world.

So if you have booked a shorter session with the Astrologer then asking 1 question is the best thing you can do.

It is better to discuss only 1 horoscope per session. Discussing the horoscope of the entire family is not a good idea unless you have a important decision to make with regard to a common matter for example “Property Partition”.

Go with a list of questions if you have booked a long session
If you have booked a long session with your Astrologer probably the entire day you wish to spend with him or her then you can go with a long list of questions. However keep the more important ones at the top and less significant ones at the tail end of the session.

Do not influence the Astrologer
Many people in the world fear astrology because Astrologers are known to influence a client. I feel that it can happen the other way too. Many clients especially the celebrities,politicians, billionaires I consulted always managed to influence me by making me tell what they wish to hear despite my resisting it.

Once it happened that a client immediately after sitting down told me, “…..I know how to control the planets”… and he said, “that actually the planets listen to me and do what I dictate…”. Throughout the consultation, he spoke most of the time. I had little chance to speak. He told me the effects of transit and the dasha effects and gave me many reasons why his current times are very good”. Actually that was one of my lucky days. He paid me in full the consultation fees before he came into my room (that is my practice to collect fees first) but he did the talking though I was supposed to do that. I just said, “yes”, “yes”, and “yes”, I don’t remember how many times. He came, he spoke, he conquered and he went.

Do not tell your Astrologer that you know Astrology very well.
With regard to this, I always remember one of my Gurus in Astrology. When I was an amateur astrologer practicing for free, I took a VIP client to him for a consultation. As soon as the VIP sat down, he told my Guru, “I know a great deal of Astrology….”. Immediately, my Guru closed the book and asked, “First tell me how much you know…..and that will help me to decide whether I know more than you or you know more than me… if I know less than you then there is no point consulting”. The VIP retracted, he said, “Sorry Sir, please continue….”, but my Guru stood his ground and refused to continue until the VIP revealed what all he knew in Astrology. My Guru is a famous person, is an expert in Sanskrit, Ayurveda and Astrology. On the other hand the VIP was someone who sold liquor on a large scale but a filthy rich person. When he came out, he told me, “your Guru has ego problems…”. I kept quiet.

You don’t go to a doctor and tell him that “I know medicine a great deal” or you don’t go to a lawyer and tell him that “I know law”. Astrology is the only place where this can happen. In the modern world due to the rise in intelligence and internet, we all know something of everything. You cannot read your own horoscope because you will be subjective and you will tend to ignore the bad things indicated by either transit or planetary period. You need someone else to point out that.

The point is that if you know Astrology then why do you have to go to an Astrologer at all. You can do it yourself. Obviously you go and meet an Astrologer only if you feel that your knowledge of Astrology is less and insufficient to make a conclusion. So leave it to the Astrologer.

Avoid Chandrashtama Days
Whenever you consult that day should not be a Chandrashtama day for you. Chandrashtama day means the transit Moon is in the 8th house from Natal Moon in your horoscope.

Also it should not be your Janma Nakshatra.

Whenever you have marriage related issues to be discussed avoid Tuesdays because on such days you are likely to hear only negative statements from the Astrologer with regard to marriage matters.

Avoid going in a group
On a particular day in the morning session for discussion of a horoscope totally 11 people came. The room was filled with people and some of them were talking to each other. One man was making fun of Astrological concepts; he maintained a sinister smile all through the consultation. There was a person who very frequently moved in and out of the room whenever he got a phone call. The phones were on silent mode but not the people.

If you go in a group, certain confidential matters cannot be discussed. For example if a love affair is to be predicted, the relatives in the group will also come to know of it.

To do a reading the Astrologer should be allowed to concentrate a lot. It is like trying to find the best possible move in a chess game. Even world champions blunder frequently in blitz games when they are under time pressure. Given time even a fool will be in a better position to make a good move. Just imagine if you give more time to an intelligent person. Astrologers are usually very intelligent because if they are professionals in their field then their Mercury and Jupiter are sure to be in a good position in their horoscope. More people means more confusion and distractions.

So keep the number low. 2 people at one time is okay. For best results go alone unless you are afraid of the Astrologer in which case you can take along a security guard (just a joke).

If you have to discuss about a teenage son or daughter it is better to avoid taking him/her along with you. Father and Mother can visit the Astrologer and get all the information. The reason is once I told in front of a son, that he is likely to get into the habit of drinking and smoking because Rahu was in a particular position in the horoscope. After 2 years the son did exactly that and when questioned he said that “….. as per my horoscope the planets are forcing me to drink and smoke, so how can I prevent it”?

Always note it down
Whatever the Astrologer says note it down and when the consultation is over, recheck with the Astrologer what all has been said. That will make the consultation very professional. Also whenever possible, ask the Astrologer, the reason for a particular statement. If an Astrologer says, “your 7th house is weak”, try to get the information on what are the planetary combinations that are causing the weakness of the 7th house. That way the reading will be more authentic. If an Astrologer refuses to let you know the reason then he is probably doing mind reading or guessing.


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