How to Prove there is only 1 God?


There are many religions in the world. That automatically implies there are many Gods.



There are many religions in the world. That implies there are many Gods. Though everyone says there is only 1 God the problem is that they say their own GOD is the one and only GOD and the Gods of other religions are Non-Gods, Non-existent or is Satan or an illusion or anything else but God.

Is there 1 God or several Gods?

Whether there is a GOD or not is not that important to the world  as much as the question whether there is only 1 God or there are more than one. Does each religion have a separate God?

The argument whether there is God or not rarely leads to hatred and violence because the true atheist has no time left to spend on God  and those who believe in God rarely fight with those who don’t. Those who believe in their God somehow get the feeling that the true God is their own God. The God of other religion simply does not exist.

Religion though created to bring about peace, goodwill and friendship amongst fellow human beings have almost failed in their mission due to more than one reason. First of all the failure within one religion is proven by the fact that a large religion splits into smaller groups each having a different set of views and approach. So even amongst the Hindus, Christians and Muslims we find smaller groups and often you hear of violence and hatred amongst themselves though they belong to the same religion. The 2nd reason is that people belonging to one religion can never tolerate the views of another. For example many Christians have often called the Hindu Gods as Devils or Satan worship.

So religion today contrary to the original thought of its founder has more hatred to offer than love, more violence than peace and more enmity instead of friendship. The original purpose is almost lost. The atheist seems to be in peace with the world because they are not divided.

There are many religions in this world. The major ones as we all know is Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. The following statistics on religion is not accurate but I am referring to it for the purpose of using a method to prove there is only 1 God.

The reason why the above statistics may be incorrect is because even though a person may belong to a particular faith he or she may not be a true Hindu for example. The Hindu in the example may not even know anything about Hinduism or even follow certain practices that is considered as the mark of a Hindu. Similarly you may come across a Christian  who does even go to a church but call himself a Christian. So it is very difficult to understand what we mean when we say that a person is is a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim. Mostly it may be because the person is born in to a family belonging to that religion. We may also wrongly conclude that a person belongs to a particular religion by the dress code.

Spend some time with the above pie chart that I prepared. Each person who belongs to any of the above religion will say that God exists. But that person is also sure to tell you that  HIS GOD is the true GOD and other Gods are not. Ask a Hindu as to who is the creator and if he knows the facts, he is sure to say BRAHMA is the creator. Vishnu the Protector and Shiva is the destroyer. The Vaishnavites will hold Maha Vishnu as God and the Shivites will say that Shiva is the supreme God.

Which God created the Christians? Ask this question to a Christian and you will hear “GOD created the human beings on the 7th day and he continues to create all human beings”. The Christian God is referred as simply God and not by other special names.The Christian God is understood by Trinitarians  as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; a single infinite being who is both within and beyond nature. Because the persons of the Trinity represent a personal relation even on the level of God to himself, he is represented by all Christian denominations to be personal both in his immanence (in his personal relation toward us) and in his transcendence (in his personal relation toward himself).

Nontrinitarians hold that God, the Father, is supreme; that Jesus, although still divine Lord and Savior, is the Son of God; and that the Holy Spirit is a phenomenon akin to God’s will on Earth. The holy three are separate, yet the Son and the Holy Spirit are still seen as originating from the one, true, and eternal God.

Allah is the creator of all the Muslims in the world. This is the answer you will get from a Muslim friend. Everyone has given a name to GOD.So all the religions believe in God.  Which God?

To the atheist all the 3 people are contradicting each other because they have heard 3 different versions of GOD from the people belonging to the 3 major religions.

See the following pie charts. There are 3 of them.

The Christian will say that their GOD created them. That is only 33% of the world. Who created the rest of the human beings of the world? The Christian GOD or ANTI-GOD or NO-GOD?The Author: Who created the 67% of the world of Non-Christians?

Christian A: The God of Christians. This God wants them to be converted into the Christian religion. Those non-christians have been given the free will to choose which is the right religion and they should choose for themselves.

Christian B: They were created by Satan or Anti-God.

Christian C: They were created by their parents and we the 33% are created  by our GOD the true God.

Christian D: After our death we will attain salvation and reach heaven and they will suffer on earth.

The Muslims will say that ALLAH created them. That is only 21% of the world. Who created the rest of the human beings of the world? ALLAH  or ANTI-GOD or NO-GOD?

The Hindu will say that Maha Vishnu created them. That is only 14% of the world. Who created the rest of the human beings of the world? Maha Vishnu or ANTI-GOD or NO-GOD?

Your religion is a Minority religion

By now you may have noted that in each of the pie chart the share of each religion is small when compared to the rest of the religions of the world.

I have shown these 3 charts to many of my friends from different religious background. I showed the above chart to a Hindu and asked who created the rest of the human beings in the world (other than Hindus). Some of them kept quite and some said all the human beings are created by Brahma. I asked them “even the Christians and the Muslims”?. Reluctantly some of them continued with an yes while others told me “I will come back with the answer” and quietly left the place.

To whatever religion you may belong you will realize by looking at the pie charts that you are outnumbered when you take on the rest of the world. Your religion versus the rest of the people of the world. They are not with you and your ideas.

Dwell on the question which is the true GOD and you will know that it is the same ONE GOD. If you do not accept this you only have way out and that is there is no God.

I asked a Christian girl the same question and she said, “God made the Hindus and the Muslims too, but he has given them the freewill to choose the right religion”. She was talking about the need to convert using the freewill and reasoning power that God has given us. I asked her “Why should GOD put you into another (the wrong) religion in the 1st place”. And she like a parrot kept repeating the same line, “that is because GOD wants them to find the truth and get converted”.

I asked the same question to a Muslim friend and he also had a similar answer.  He said their Holy book has all the information that enables one to reach Allah the supreme. According to him the other scriptures in the world is not capable of giving such information.

The atheist wonders when a natural disaster happens which GOD is responsible for it? In the movie Dasavatharam, Tamil Film Actor Kamal Hasan says “I wish there was a GOD” when he points at the wreckage caused by the Tsunami of December 26, 2004. He expected GOD to stop the Tsunami.

When an atheist asks such a question who will come forward and answer the question.  Which God is responsible for mass destruction?.  The Christian God, The Muslim God, The Hindu God? Which God should save us?

With reference to which is the correct form of God, whenever we see great suffering in the world I request you to spend time in the thought which GOD is allowing it? One way you may answer this question is by saying “God is not interfering with all this” or “He is not involved”.

But if you belong to that group who is actively canvassing for God about His kind nature and all powerful personality capable of saving all people then you need to give an answer.

When a Handicapped Child is born which GOD is responsible?

The Christian GOD, The Muslim GOD or the Hindu GOD? Answer this question before you come  to known which religion this child belongs to.

Then answer the same question after saying the child is a Hindu, the child is a Christian and the child is a Muslim.

These arguments are simply discussed to prove that we are running our own karma and God is not responsible for our failures. We need to take care of human beings and the peace on this great world.

Let us be united at all times. Whenever trouble comes we unite like how we did when the Tsunami took us by surprise. People from all religions came together to help mankind. Is that not proof that God wants us to fight our own  battle?

When we are happy and enjoying life we fight in the name of the religion. We also fight against each other because of mis-communication or ignorance. When we are hungry or thirsty we all rush into hotels and places where food is being served. At such times of anxiety and worry we do not care if we are sitting along with a person of another faith.

When the stomach if full and we are having nothing else to worry about we look around and see the difference amongst ourselves.

Do you think that GOD gives us trouble only to bring us together. Do we need the earthquakes, tsunamis and catastrophes to bring us together.

Let us understand that we are calling the same thing by different names and words though they mean the same. I request the reader of this knol to add to the comments so that I learn from your opinion. I will correct my views based on what you have to say.

Look at the above chart. If we do not join together and say that there is only 1 GOD, the Non Religious section of the world will start increasing. At least they don’t fight amongst themselves. The Non religious section may include atheists and those who don’t take religion seriously or those who belong to other lesser known religions of the world.

Believe it or Not! Today we all belong to a Minority Religion when compared to the rest of the world.

Just imagine, if we start believing in the 1 GOD concept we are a big group of 87%. A great Majortiy victory for all of us. Imagine the peace and happiness that comes if we stop fighting in the name of religion.


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