How to use DIPA Astro Diary


If you possess a DIPA Astro Diary you feel like there is an Astrologer always with you.

DIPA Astro Diary

Come December, our minds go to New Year gifts. Here is a suggestion for a great New Year gift for your friends, associates and relatives.

Today, despite the electronic revolution, the printed diaries remain the favorite way of noting down events or appointments by both the householder and the businessperson. On the other hand, Astrology is now-a-days more often used than not, across all the sections of the society.

DIPA Astro Diary has combined the regular diary with interesting Astrological details. This unique product has attracted many clients across the country.

Every one is in a mood to buy or get a diary as the New Year approaches. If they get a value added diary like DIPA Astro Diary they will be very happy. DIPA Astro Diary is the ideal product because the gift is special considering the interest in Astrology.

This Astrology Diary is for everyone and anyone living in India. This diary uses IST (Indian Standard Time). If you want to use it outside of India you will have to do a bit of your own calculation. You need to know the time difference between India and the place you live in.

If you know Tamil you can watch the following video on DIPA Astro Diary

Who makes DIPA Astro Diary?

It is made by Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar and his wife. The contents are planned out by Astro Gemologist Kalpana Dhilipkumar (wife of E K Dhilip Kumar) who is also the Managing Director of DIPA Diaries and Calendars Pvt. Ltd.

Who can use DIPA Astro Diary?

If you know your Janma Nakshatra and Janma Rasi then you will be in a position to use DIPA Diary to the maximum. If not you will have to find out your Nakshatra and Rasi by contacting your Astrologer or using a computer software for finding the same.

Is it one type or many?

There are 3 models. They are called Executive DIPA Astro Diary, Standard DIPA Astro Diary and Economy DIPA Astro Diary

Why do many companies gift DIPA Astro Diary?

Though a gift is given with good intentions, depending upon the value of the gift, the receiver decides to retain it or not/use it or not. True, the company spends a lot of money on New Year Gifts and other gifts. The person in the company may decide on a particular gift based on his/her own liking. He has to look into the fact whether the receiver is really going to make use of the gift, flash it in front of others, use it daily etc. Only then the advertisement is effective.

The dairy wrapper is customized according to the desire of the company placing the order if the number of diaries is more than 5000 numbers. Color pages may be added in the front which gives information about the company. Such customization is not that easy with other products.

The diary has lots of interesting matter in it. Moreover the date will be used throughout the year. So the shelf value of the advertisement is 365 days instead of 1 day in a newspaper.

What are the contents of DIPA Astro Diary?

In the year 2013 how does DIPA Astro Diary look like?

Executive Diaries comes in 2 colors

     Fig. 1: DIPA Astro Diary 2013 – Executive Blue

Fig. 2: DIPA Astro Diary 2013 – Executive Maroon

Fig. 3: DIPA Astro Diary 2013 – Standard Blue

Fig. 4: DIPA Astro Diary 2013 – Standard Maroon

Fig. 5: DIPA Astro Diary 2013 – Economy Blue

How much does it cost?

Executive Diaries costs Rs. 360

Standard Diaries costs Rs.250
Economy Diaries costs Rs.160
Where is DIPA Astro Diary Sold?

It is sold at DIPA Diaries and Calendars Pvt Ltd., Chennai, India

Full address: No.55 (old no.22/a), 4th Main Road, CIT Nagar, Nandanam, Chennai – 600035.

Route: From T Nagar Bus Terminus take the South Usman Road which leads to Mount Road. Take the last left turn which is a one way. Locate the 5th building on the right side. The office is located opposite the 2nd main road, cit nagar.

Phone: +91 44 24350336, 24330764

Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar – Mobile: 9841041713 send an SMS first before you call. The text message can be “Want DIPA Astro Diary”.

If you make a cheque or demand draft make it in favor of DIPA Diaries and Calendars Pvt Ltd.

Whose idea was it anyway?

An MD of a very big firm, also MD of about 25 companies used to consult the Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar very often for Muhurta dates (auspicious dates and timings). Whenever the Astrologer was consulting a horoscope of a client, he was unable to take the call when she wanted a Muhurta. So she gave the Astrologer a new diary and requested him to write out all the good dates along with timings that were applicable to her Nakshatra and Rasi. The Astrologer did that and got a huge sum of money as a reward for the work.

Then the Astrologer realized that the diary that she got is also applicable to lakhs of people born in that same star as she. So the Astrologer thought he can make separate diaries for each of the 27 stars. But when he contacted the local printer he found that each diary is going to cost around Rs.1000 because every diary is different.

Kalpana Dhilipkumar suggested why not put all of them in one book. Why not put the auspicious dates and timings for all the stars in one diary and request people to refer to a page. From the page they can find out what was their lucky date and timings and then go to that page. So one diary may be used by all the family members. That made more sense. The entire family is going to benefit from one diary. Usually a diary is personal and will be used only by 1 person. But DIPA Astro Diary may be used by all.


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