How was 26th April 2014? Contribute to research – Part 2

Why this research?

Proving the power of Saturn in the horoscope. 26th relates to Saturn.

On this date Saturn influenced 3 times, the highest possible is 4 times. It was a Saturday. The date 26 adds up to 8. The star on that day was the 26th star Uttarabhadra.

I am of the opinion that all those who are under Saturn influence get affected mostly on these dates. I expected this date to be very eventful and important – I want to confirm such opinion based on research.

Who can participate?

All those who are going through Sade-Sati (Kanya Rasi, Thula Rasi and Vrischika Rasi) as on 26th April 2014 please participate in this research. All those who are going through Ashtama Sani period (Meena Rasi) please participate in this research.

All those who are going through Saturn Dasha or Saturn Bhukti?

All those who are going through Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti or Saturn Dasha and Rahu Bhukti?

What may have happened?

On that day one or more of the following may have happened to all those who are currently under Saturn influence. Read the next paragraph to know who it may have affected.

Fight – all types leading to great problems and separation, police station

Police problem.

Alcohol or drug related problem – bcoz Saturn hates enjoyment because so many people are suffering in this world.

Knee or foot injury

Bird dropping falling on you, crow pecking you or trouble through crows

Hitting stones while walking or driving, stone related problem

Fracture or slipping

serious health problem

You got into EXTRAORDINARY trouble

How to participate?

Publishingyour feedbackdirectly in this article as comments will let people know the power of Saturn so that we may all engage in social service activities and save the world.

You can give feedback like: a) Very Very Bad, b) Very Bad, c) Bad 4) Good5) Very Good 6) Nothing worth noting down

You may also give an account of what happened if you want right here as it may benefit others.

The results will be published in the same article.

If you want all others in the world to know what happened please give your feedback and experience in the comments section.

If what happened to is so bad you cannot publish it then send an email to with subject matter “How was 26th April 2014 – confidential” Send email only if you feed that the result should be confidential.

Things to remember:

Never enjoy during Saturn dominated time intervals. Instead GIVE ENJOYMENT TO OTHERS who DO NOT SEE ENJOYMENT.

Pray on all SATURDAYS without fail

Avoid NON VEG food and ALCOHOL at all costs. Spend the money that you may have spent on alcohol and enjoyment on that day on SOCIAL SERVICE and see the miracles that happen in your life very soon.


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