Jupiter in the 1st house


Guru in the 1st house. Wow! That is a great advantage for anyone. And if that Jupiter is strong then what else do you want!
Jupiter in the 1st house.
Jupiter is the planet that is closely associated with guidance and good and is often related to divinity, God and His blessings. If that planet is rising on the eastern horizon when you are born and that can happen if Jupiter is in your Lagna or 1st house what more do you want in life.

Planets in the 1st house have a greater influence on you than planets placed in other houses because the planet in the 1st house is rising. Rising is auspicious . It is like getting up from sleep. Before the rising, the planet is below the eastern horizon and is therefore invisible.

Jupiter is theEnglishword for GURU – the word GURU needs no further elaboration in India. Most of the Indians are used to the mantra:

Gurur Brahmaa, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwarah, Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma, Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah
The meaning of the mantra is as follows:

Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheshwara (Shiva), Guru is Supreme Brahman Himself, Prostration unto that Guru
If one has Jupiter in the Lagna it means Guru is ready to help the person at all times.

If Jupiter is afflicted by Rahu either by aspect or by conjunction and if the same Jupiter is in 1st house then there will be considerable problems due to Rahu. Such a person may have to visit temples very often to get rid of the Rahu effect. This planetary combination gives high ego and self praising habits. The person may boast of knowledge without actually possessing it and may not like to appreciate the talents of others.

If Jupiter is a functional benefic and then Jupiter is in the 1st house then we may fully rely upon the positive effects of Jupiter in the 1st house.

If Jupiter is neecha (debilitated) in Rasi Chart and if the same Jupiter is in exalted Navamsa then Jupiter is to be considered strong. The neecha state gets cancelled.

Jupiter is friendly to those who are born in:
Mesha Lagna

  1. Karkataka Lagna
  2. Simha Lagna
  3. Vrischika Lagna
  4. Dhanus Lagna
  5. Meena Lagna

For all the above people if Jupiter is in Lagna then you should consider such people as very lucky. They will be saved at least in the last minute each time they are pushed to the corner. They will be close to edge of a cliff and then all of a sudden a helping hand in the form of someone or something will arrive and they will be saved.

Those who have Jupiter in the 1st house will be naturally inclined to Astrology because such a combination helps them guide others. If Jupiter is in Lagna and you are already into Astrology then I request you to spend more time in Vedic Astrology so that you may guide more people.

Hamsa Yoga:
Hamsa Yoga (a Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga) is caused by Jupiter being in own house (Dhanus or Meena) or in exaltation (Karkataka) andsimultaneously occupying one of the 4 houses – the 1st, 4th, 7th or 1oth house. Such a person will rise above others and have unique qualities.

The effects of Jupiter being in the 1st house: (Bhrigu Sutra)

  • If Jupiter is in his own sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) in the 1st house (ascendant) the person will be a good speaker and well-versed in Shastras. (now-a-days that means a great scholar). He will have full knowledge of three Vedas good number of children and will be happy, long lived and learned. (Vedas = Knowledge).
  • If Jupiter is in his sign of exaltation (Cancer) all the above results will be fully realized and in his 16th year will enjoy the effects of Maharaja yoga so caused by Jupiter.
  • If Jupiter is in the house of his enemy, or in the house of a malefic, or is associated with a malefic or in his sign of debilitation (Capricorn) the person may indulge in sinful deeds, he will have an unstable mind and a medium span of life. He may be childless, ungrateful, full of false vanity, will forsake his near relations and well-wishers, he may like travels, will be inimical towards others and be miserable.


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