Jupiter Transit 2015 : Dhanus (Sagittarius) Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit 2015 : Dhanus (Sagittarius) Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit happens on July 14, 2015. Jupiter moves from Cancer (Karakataka) to Leo (Simha) Rasi. What are the expected effects of this transit on Dhanus Rasi Person (Sagittarius Moon Sign) person? Get the answers to this question and more by watching this video. In case you do not have the Jupiter Ashtakavarga chart with you it is time you get your’s done by using a software or reaching out to your Astrologer.

Good News! There is light at the end of the Tunnel during this Sade-Sati thanks to Jupiter advantage ….. for 1 year starting from July 14, 2015.

Please type your comments directly on YouTube. I have requested my students and professional Astrologers to help me answer your questions on YouTube.


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