Jupiter Transit – May 31, 2013


GURU TRANSIT MAY 2013....Do you know that Jupiter (Guru) moves out from Vrishabha and enters Mithuna to stay there close to an year?

Wrong Panchangs say that Guru Peyarchi or Jupiter Transit is on May 28, 2013.The correct date of transit is May 31, 2013.

The above picture shows the movement of Jupiter the planetary deity from Vrishabha (Taurus) to Mithuna (Gemini). You see tick marks and x marks. What do they mean?

It means that for that particular Rasi people the transit is good if you see a tick mark. Beneath you also get to know into which house Jupiter is entering on the date of transit. If you see a “X” mark, do not get worried. It is just a warning system, because every problem has a solution.

Jupiter is the blessing planet because He holds with Him all that which we consider as blessing in the form of guidance. To be guided is to be blessed. Jupiter is the Guru, equal to God, always Good, guiding people through His agents.

Jupiter is the indicator of wealth and hence called the Dhanakaraka. Jupiter is the bank filled with money. Jupiter represents auspicious ceremonies in your life or the life of your family members. If Jupiter is well placed you can expect his blessing with regard to auspicious ceremonies at home and the best one of all – marriage if you are unmarried and eagerly waiting for it. So Dhanus Rasi people and Vrishabha Rasi people will be specially blessed among those for whom this Jupiter transit is good because Transit Saturn is already in a good spot.

Jupiter is the significator of (karaka) children and hence called Putrakaraka. The happiness one gets when a new child is born is unlimited especially for those who have been childless for a long time after marriage. Some of the Kumbha Rasi people wherever applicable are likely to be blessed with a child.

Jupiter rules over Gold, the best of all metals. Possessing Gold and buying Gold happens when Jupiter is in a blessing mood. Do not buy when Gold when Jupiter is not in a blessing mood because Saturn may take it away from you if Saturn is not well placed. Pledging Gold usually happens when Jupiter is not well placed.

Jupiter is the indicator of bigger vehicle – Jupiter is related to elephants and so we assume that Jupiter in modern times may mean bigger cars or those cars that are considered royal. If Jupiter is not currently in a blessing mood it only means you may have to wait for the next Jupiter transit. Every one gets his chance. The planetary cycles ensure that everyone soon gets what he deserves.
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If you have any doubts regarding what is your Sun Sign or Moon Sign and Ascendant then see the following video first before you continue. This article is based on your Moon Sign. What is your Moon Sign?

What happens on May 31, 2013?
Jupiter the most auspicious planet among the 9 we use in a horoscope moves from Vrishabha Rasi (Taurus) into the next sign Mithuna (Gemini). Jupiter is not friendly to the sign Mithuna, however it is a lot better when compared to Vrishabha where it stays until May 31, 2013. Vrishaba is owned by Venus and Jupiter does not move well with Venus. Reason: Jupiter is the preceptor of Devas while Venus the teacher of Demons. So Jupiter is more comfortable being in Mithuna Rasi than in Vrishabha Rasi.

Let us understand what are the matters Jupiter is related to….

Is it as simple as that?
No! There are many other facts you should be aware of before coming to a conclusion. One face you need to remember is that the good things and bad things do not last forever. So even within a transit effect, we need to find where is the break either in the good or the bad. Other planets are also involved.

Think of a Chess board. If you play chess you will understand what I am telling you. My queen is on D4 (a centre square where the queen controls most number of squares. So do you think I am having a strong position. Those who know chess will tell you where are the other pieces. The mighty queen can be captured by a pawn the weakest piece on the chess board.

So too the mighty Jupiter can be blocked. It may happens because you are in the dasha (major period) or bhukti (minor period) of 2 planets that are doing something else contrary to what Jupiter is indicating. For the good or bad.

So before you draw your conclusions consider from several angles. That makes Astrology very complex.

When Jupiter moves into a sign it enters a particular house from your Moon Sign. It may be any house from 1st to 12th. If it happens to be 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th house then you are blessed by the transit of Jupiter. In the other houses he is not in a mood to bless you. But you can alter the bad conditions by ardent prayers and right kind of charity through which you may receive the blessings of God.

The next diagram gives you the information on blocking houses with regard to Transit Jupiter.

In the table you may have noticed the words “Blocking house”. This is astrologically known as Vedha house.

From the following table you will notice under 2 there is a number 12. What does that mean? Jupiter transiting the 2nd house will give you favourable results but when any planet moves in the 12th house the GOOD will be blocked. Remember it will not produce BAD.

When you hear Astrologers speak about a dosha (blemish) in your horoscope do not forget to ask your Astrologer “is Jupiter glancing at the planet causing the dosha” because if it does you will be saved from the problems that arise out of the said dosha. Such is the power of Jupiter. All doshas are believed to be canceled or decreased to the bare minimum as soon as Jupiter looks at the troublesome planet. This logic works not only on your natal horoscope but it also works very well with regard to Transit of Planets.

If you are experiencing the difficulties in life that arise because you are currently going through 7 and 1/2 years Saturn (Sade Sati) do not jump to conclusion that everything is over for you. Jupiter may be well placed. If Jupiter is well placed then in Transit then imagine that you have a bullet proof shield in front of you wherever you go. The effect of a bad Saturn phase will not affect you as much as for those Jupiter is not well placed.

From your Moon Sign count houses :2, 5, 7, 9 and 11as positive and beneficial for Jupiter to move in. If Transit Jupiter is in the following house then sit back, relax and say Thank God.

How to make use of the above information
Take the 1st column in the above picture. It says blessing house is 2 and blocking house is 12. It means Jupiter in the 2nd house is in a mood to bless. Throughout the year of Jupiter the blessing is available. Yes. With a small correction. Whenever a planet moves in the 12th house the blessing will be blocked by the blocking planet. Many fast planets that move around the 12 signs within a year will surely at least once come into the 12th house house from the Moon sign.

The planet that blocks will give the clue on what or who is going to block you in your life. For example if Mars blocks the good results of Jupiter you need to know what Mars signifies. Mars signifies brother. So your brother (wherever applicable) will cause some problems to you during that time. If Sun is the blocking planet then your father may block you during that month. The prediction depends on the intelligence of the Astrologer is synthesizing all the information.

For Kumbha Rasi people during this Jupiter transit for most part of the year Jupiter is in a blessing mood except when a planet in transit moves in the 4th sign, in this case when a planet moves in Vrishabha Rasi. This is because when Jupiter is in the 5th house, then blocking house is the 4th house as shown in the above table.

Hope this clarifies your doubts on the above table.
And the TOP winners are….
Vrishabha Rasi
The stars of this sign are: Krittika (2,3,4), Rohini and Mrigasira (1,2)

Vrishabha Rasi people have been waiting for this Jupiter transit of May 2013. Why? Because Transit Saturn was there on the favorable 6th but Jupiter was not helpful as Transit Jupiter has been on your Moon sign for almost a year, causing the notorious Janma Guru. Remember that Lord Sri Rama went to the forest in Janma Guru. Now that Jupiter is going to move over into the 2nd house, they should expect a lot of positive things to happen.

The 2nd house means wealth, possession, assets and family. Most of you will get into a new house. So make the plan and select an auspicious date for moving in. Some of you may get a promotion. In many cases someone in your family is going to give birth to a child, if you have been waiting for it, then you too may be that person. Many of you who are awaiting the wedding day will hear the good news. If you are in business you will make lot more profits, so start charting out the business plans to capitalize on the wind.

Simha Rasi
Stars in this Rasi are: Makha, Poorvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni 1st pada

Simha Rasi people have been having Saturn moving in the 3rd house which is a very good place but they have been having Jupiter in the 10th house prior to this transit that happens on May 31, 2013. Many of those who are employed may have had job transfers to places that they really did not like much so whatever has been your wish so far most of it is going to happen.

Good news with regarding your children is also indicated because Jupiter is looking at the 5th house. In case of tensions that have been already prevailing in the area of children you will find a sea change in situations.

If you are in the creativity field you will find that you are bubbling with creative talents. So this transit will bring about more success for those in the cinema, tv, music, graphics, advertsisment, entertainment, sports and games activity.

Dhanus Rasi
Stars of this sign are: Moola, Poorvashada and Uttarashada 1st Pada

Dhanus Rasi people have been having transit Saturn in a very good place namely the 11th house. However Jupiter has been in the 6th house has been very obstructive for their growth until May 31st, 2013 and thereafter Jupiter will transit into the 7th house from Moon Sign.

The 7th house is the house of marriage and partnership. So new partnerships are likely to be forged. The eagerly awaited marriage is likely to happen whenever Jupiter is in the 7th house from the Moon. In other words it in an auspicious time to get married. If you were alreadycontemplatingon a partnership you can do it now, provided your basic horoscope shows gain throughpartnership.

During the next Jupiter year, you will have many long distance travels and that may include foreign journeys too.

In case you are looking for overseas projects then send out more emails and try contacting a few more people and you will surely come up with something dazzling. New employees will join your business and they will work enthusiastically. So make hay when the sun shines. So make the best use of the period May 2013 to May 2014.

After November 2014, Transit Saturn will move over into your 12th house. That is the beginning of 7.5 years Saturn phase. So your good time is now. Do not waste time going to resorts and holidays. Now is the time to work.

2nd level winner is:
Kumbha Rasi:
For Kumbha Rasi the transit of Jupiter on May 31, 2013 is to be considered as a great blessing. With transit Saturn not that well placed everything rests upon the placement of Jupiter.

The 5th house is primarily the house of children. So those who are awaiting birth of a child should look towards this. Those in the field of creativity, TV, Movies, Art, Music and Dance will be specially favored during this period.

If you are looking for an exciting love life then in the next 1 year you may find a person who will give you his/her love. Check out your dasha and bhukti to know if you can consider it serious. There will be many occasion for parties and fun. If you are in college, you may have to limit the entertainment in your life as it may affect your education because Transit Saturn is afflicting the house of college education.

By repeatedly going to places of worship you can reduce the impact of Transit Saturn in the 9th house, your prayers will work now that Jupiter the divine connection planet is going to be in the 5th house from May 31st, 2013 onwards.

Who should know about the current Jupiter Transit?
Whenever Saturn afflicts, then Jupiter is the solution. So all those who are afflicted by the transit of Saturn, should be aware of when Jupiter in transit is protecting them. That is a great relief time.

Guru means relief, solutions and luck. We look for these when we are in a bad luck phase or when we are in troubled times. So those who are going through 7 1/2 years Sani (Sade Sati) and those who are going through Ashtama Sani (8th house transit of Saturn) should check out to see if there is any relief from the relentless challenges of Saturn.

Those who are afflicted by Transit Saturn:

  1. Kanya Rasi (7.5 years Sani)
  2. Thula Rasi (7.5 years Sani)
  3. Vrischika Rasi (7.5 years Sani)
  4. Meena Rasi (Ashtama Sani)

It does not mean that for others Jupiter Transit has no significance. Even for them it is important. People look for doctors only when they are sick. At that time the doctor is everything for them. Similarly when Saturn is afflicting a person then the transit of Jupiter is very important.

Kanya Rasi people:
The stars in this zone are: Uttaraphalguni 2,3,4, Hasta and Chitra 1,2 pada.

For these people, there will me more pressure on the job front if they are employed. There may be threats for job transfer and much depends on their dasha and bhukti which will confirm whether there is a job transfer.

If they are in business then people who owe them money may not pay up. So they should be careful while giving credit. Try to cut out credit business as much as possible.

Pressure at home may be due to work pressure or financial pressure. Speak gently to your spouse and be patient.

Promotion may get postponed due to unavoidable reasons.

Those in the government job may be transferred. IAS officers, IPS officers etc are likely to be be shifted around during this transit.

The next transit of Jupiter is going to be very good for you. Click the following link:

Thula Rasi people: – Great relief
The stars is this zone are: Chitra (3, 4), Swati, and Vishaka (1,2,3) pada.

For these people, there will be considerable relief. Before this transit, Jupiter has been in the 8th house and with 7.5 years Saturn on your head, this is perhaps the most challenging period until May 31, 2013.

After the transit as Jupiter moves out you will start noticing solutions for your day to day problems coming to you through banks, lawyers, your Astrologer. Each time you walk out of a temple, you will get some good news. Try it out and see for yourself. If you were generous in giving to the poor and needy, now you will start getting grants and gifts. The good things that you have done will now start paying the dividends. You will feel more comfortable. Work pressure will continue but many positive things will happen.

You will feel that that you have kept down a burden you have been carrying 0n your head for over a year and you feel that you are relieved from May 31, 2013. Is that not a good enough reason to celebrate?

Try to go to a temple (or any place of worship) on all Saturdays, 8th, 17th and 26th of every month and whenever the star on that day is Pushyami, Anuradha or Uttarabhadra star. Before you enter the temple donate money to the poor and hungry outside the temple. If a handicapped person meets you outside the temple asking for help do not miss the chance to give him a full meal along with water.

Of all the temples for a Hindu, Lord Venkateshwara (Tirupati Balaji) is the best temple to go on Saturdays. Saturn shows scarcity and Lord Venkateshwara is just the opposite. Remember that Tirupati is the richest temple in the world. If you are not a Hindu then donate to the handicapped people on all Saturdays and visit your place of worship on Saturdays.
Vrischika Rasi people:
The Stars covered in this sign are: Vishaka (4), Anuradha (Anusham/Anizham) and Jyeshta (Kettai/Thriketa)

During this transit Jupiter will be in the 8th house.

These people should do all the remedies that I have suggested under Sade-Sati articles. Please go through them.Do not forget to feed the crows if you see them around your place, feed them before you have your breakfast. After dinner try to feed street dogs if they are seen around the place you live in. Try to go to your Kula Devata Temple and light lamps, give oil for lamps in such places. If you are studying, you will notice that the professors and teachers may not be with you, in fact they may be against your interests. If you are in business you should be very careful. Do not launch new products as you may burn your fingers.

While traveling abroad, choose auspicious dates and avoid beginning a long distance journey in Rahu Kaalam.

If possible visit your Astrologer and check out your dasha and bhukti. You really need a consultation. If you expect any problem do not postpone seeing your lawyer, doctor, astrologer, your Guru and all the good people who are known as a good guide.

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Meena Rasi People:
Your mother may fall sick. She may be one of the concerns in your life. Sometimes it may be more than that. So try to be with her or keep checking on her in case she is old. Give her lot of love and care. She gave all that to you when you needed it. Avoid buying a new vehicle as it may have some problems. Avoid investments in land and properties. Back home you will feel that you are under pressure. You may want to stay outside of home and may come back home late every night. You may not feel comfortable returning home.

The next transit of Jupiter is going to be very good for you. Click the following link:

Tough times ahead!

Mesha Rasi people:
Mesha Rasi people may be under heavy stress after May 31, 2013. Transit Jupiter in the 3rd house. Several short distance journey may tire you out. You may have a change in place, a change in residence or office. Within the office you may be put into a new environment that is going to add to your stress. Health problems may arise frequently. It may be cough, cold, throat infections. You should drive carefully. You maybe injured on your right hand (hand in general). So those who drive 2 wheeler should be extra careful. If you drive cars, speed belts are compulsory.

With Saturn in the 7th house and Jupiter in the 3rd, you should give a lot of importance to health case, high stress. If you are a blood pressure patient, monitor your blood pressure on a daily basis at home. While exercising in gym should be very careful not to hurt your neck region. Spondylosis patients to be extra careful. Those having varicose veins problems should check it out with their doctor.

You may get into anxious situations in your love life or relationship matters.

Karkataka Rasi:
Jupiter will be in the 12th house after May 31, 2013. The 12th house is the house of loss. So be very careful if you are into business (business owner), consult experts before you make a decision. There may be reduction of profits. Banks may give you additional problems. Avoid investing in gold. You may lose through gold. So keep your valuables safe, loss through theft while travelling is also indicated. Make it a point to go to the closest SHIRDI SAI BABA temple and offer money in the donation box (His Gurudakshina) this will reduce the possibilities of loss of wealth.

Some of you may have a shift in your residence and you may not like the shift. You feel that something less has been given to you. You may complain a lot in this matter.

If you are student, you will complain that your teachers and professors are not kind towards you. It may not be the truth. However it will appear to you as though they are bad.

Best remedy is to donate money in temples of Guru 0r any place of worship wherever a donation box is kept. By fulfilling the condition for expenses by this method, other unwanted and wasteful expenses will get reduced.

Makara Rasi:
Jupiter will move into the unfavourable 6th house after May 31, 2013. If you are employed you will have a change with regard to the place you occupy in the office.

If you are into business, then problems through loans, financiers and banks are likely to trouble you.

If you are aged, then you may fall ill frequently.

Reduce your alcohol intake, or if possible give it up for a year because during this transit, alcoholics may face the worst problem. Liver may be affected for some of you, so go in for a liver check up.

Work pressure is likely to increase, and you may be subjected to office politics. Enmity with your boss is indicated. Do not speak against your boss unless you want to quit.

You may get into minor incidents while driving – so be extra alert and do not over speed, wear safety devices at all times.

Avoid coke and junk foods as much as possible.

Don’t worry. The next transit of Jupiter will be very good for you. Just 1 more year to go. So keep that in mind as you go through the challenges of this Jupiter year.

The next transit of Jupiter is going to be very good for you. Click the following link:

Mithuna Rasi people:
People who were born in Mrigasira (3, 4), Arudra (Thiruvadirai), and Punarvasu (1,2,3) belong to this Rasi.

Jupiter moves into the 1st house from the 12th house. Jupiter transiting the 1st house usually means change of place and change of lifestyle. A new experience. This transit is called Janma Guru something most people are afraid of simply because of the statement, “Lord Sri Rama went to the forest during his Janma Guru”.

However what is not that much known is that Lord Sri Rama was going through Sade-Sati at the same time when it was Janma Guru. So you don’t have to imagine things that are not really going to happen.

Depending upon their Dasha and Bhukti, the result will vary.

Those employed may be transferred to a place which is not liked at all, a place that is most hated perhaps.

There may be separation from your kith and kin because you have to travel out of country.

You may feel stressed and often complain of headache. Those who are already suffering from migraine may have to be extra careful.

Those who are used to very high ego levels may have additional problems. So lose your super ego nature to combat the effect of Janma Guru. Do not be overconfident. Do not underestimate what others around you are capable of. You need to get the right kind of knowledge.

False knowledge, confusion and often searching for lost things may happen for most part of this Jupiter year.

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Remedies – In case Jupiter is not favorably placed
If loans trouble you remember to pay back a part of your loan on all TUESDAYS. Soon your loan will be wiped off.

For all those who are troubled by loans – Payback part of your loan on every Tuesday – this works like magic.

Worship your favorite GURU form on all THURSDAYS. From Lord Shiva down to the latest SadhGURU.

Most people in India go to Shirdi Sai Baba Temples on all Thursdays.

Avoid alcohol or any type of intoxication – Guru means knowledge – intoxication works opposite Guru.

Meet wherever required – frequently a good teacher, professor, lawyer, astrologer, doctor after worship of Lord Shiva or your favorite SadhGuru only then their help will come to you unhindered, otherwise there will be blocks if Transit Jupiter is not favorably placed.

Points to Remember:

Fig. 1: The Road is not in our hands. It is already pre-fixed and lies ahead. However how we drive is totally in our hands. The driving experience is therefore 50% prefixed and 50% freewill. The day and night on the road is comparable to good transit and bad transit. But when it is dark just SWITCH on the lights – Light means prayers, remedies and charities.

Transit of planets does no doubt have a great impact on us. It is like the changing environment as we drive on the road. As we move from daylight to darkness and from darkness to daylight all of us have noticed the effects on the driver and the driving experience.

But a good driver (a good person as per Karma) can handle the night time as well. He must not be drunk (by Maya). So continue to do good to others and you will not be that much affected by the planetary influence (it is actually not the planets it is your own Karma that is either giving you the daylight or the night time) so an attitude change is all that is needed – a change from the bad to the good, from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light and from mortality to the eternal.

Also your current Dasha and Bhukti and the placement of the planet ruling the Dasha and Bhukti has a greater effect on your life much more than the current Transit. This is comparable to the road, the quality of the road, is it bending, is it narrow or wide? all such things should be known.

Moreover, your basic structure of the horoscope matters a lot. The vehicle in which we are travelling is like the basic horoscope structure. That will decide our entire driving experience. If you are driving a high quality car for example the driving experience will be different from that person who is driving say a TATA NANO. A Tata Nano may be a lot better than a 2 wheeler.

So there are 3 factors. The vehicle that you are driving. Which part of the road are you in. What is the environment?

So get your horoscope examined by a good Astrologer in your locality. Visit a professional Astrologer because they will have more experience and commitment. Avoid free consultations with your Astrologer. GURU Dakshina is very important whenever you seek knowledge from others.

Do it yourself: Jupiter Transit

It is always better to know how to do the Jupiter Transit by yourself. At least you should know the basic rule. I have made it easy for you.

The above video will teach you the basis of Jupiter Transit within 10 minutes. Then you will be able to educate all your family members. There is nothing like knowing the basis than being dependent on others to give you the information about something that is not as complicated like other sections of Vedic Astrology.


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