Justin Bieber – Understanding Rahu effect

Justin Bieber is going through a Rahu Dasha which is coming to an end very shortly. Why did he become famous all of a sudden? Why is he addicted to drugs? Why is he so original and erratic? Why is he unpredictable?

Watch the following video not for understanding Justin Bieber but Vedic Astrology principles like the role of Rahu in our lives. By watching this video you will understand how to read Dasha and Bhukti results.

This video will teach you many things that you have not understood so far or it will prove that what you have understood so far in vedic Astrology.

Click on the following link to watch this video:

Please do not forget to you add your comments in the comments section. If you know something of him and how it is related to the planetary positions then please type them out in the comments section so the whole world can see.

Let us share and learn more on how life plays itself out based on the birth horoscope!


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