Most of us know Karma as much as we know Astrology. Those who believe in Karma may not believe in Astrology and sometimes those who believe in Astrology may not believe in Karma. Karma and Astrology are inseparable.

Astrology has its basis in the theory of Karma. Without Karma we cannot explain the reason why certain planets (Grahas) are in certain houses in the horoscope. Is there a way to find the relationship between Karma, Astrology, Effort and Freewill?

In this video by using an experience from my school days I have tried to give you an explanation. It is just about 10 minutes. It may change the way you view a horoscope.

Please watch this video and participate in the question answer in the Video.

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  1. Nice video – particularly helpful to the ordinary students of the day, not just from the perspective
    of astrology( which I believe in) but also from the perspective that one cannot expect miracles
    without efforts.


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