Live Stream : All About 7.5 years Saturn

This is my first appearance on YouTube Live Stream. Throughout this session I plan to discuss the various aspects of 7.5 years Saturn phase popularly known as Sade Sati. I would like all of you to focus on this topic.

If you have any other question keep it for a later session. All those who are currently going through Sade Saati, should not miss the opportunity to view this live stream. I will be covering the role of 7.5 years Saturn phase, also the remedies, what to expect and more importantly what NOT to expect.

I will also speak on the misconception of Pongu Sani concept very popular in Tamil Nadu (South India). I recommend that you watch the video titled “The Top 8 facts about Saturn” which I did long time back. My friends and close clients have said that it is one of the best videos on remedies related to Saturn. Please note my office email id: and my personal email id is
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