Driving carefully on New Years Eve shouldn’t be a problem with orderly Virgo Moon keeping us in line. Try not to get too caught up in the little things that prevent you from seeing the big picture. Look before you leap holds especially true now while Mars squares accident prone Uranus. Be wary of head or eye injury. Drive aggressively and watch out for the other drivers. January 1st proves to be a quieter New Years Day then most with no major aspects occurring. It will feel as if January 2nd is more like the real holiday when Moon enters the sociable sign of Libra. Group interactions much more appealing than they were last night .You can meet with friends and relatives using a much more diplomatic approach. The guilt ridden, fault-finding ways of yesterdays’ Virgo Moon are now a thing of the past. You’ll find a much more liberal and appealing attitude. Make your amends and apologize for any excesses you may have demonstrated over the last few days because on January 3rd you’re going to experience a whole new change in relationships as well with Venus joining Pluto. You’ll start by uncovering some of your most intriguing and possibly fearful secrets that may push some to the brink. On the 4th Mercury joins Pluto for more intense communications. Both Venus and Mercury quincunx Saturn on the 5th, destroy any ongoing hopes of making amends. Delays and distractions just seem to keep getting in the way. Best to wait until another more appropriate time to resume communications.On January 19th the Sun enters fixed air sign of Aquarius. We take a broader look at our approach to life in comparison with others. Use your highly skilled mental abilities to connect with others. A recent discovery has you exploring new worlds . Others opinions can be highly valued now while Saturn quincunx Pluto effects you for several weeks to come. Feeling bogged down with work and other major issues you allow unconscious fears to effect your judgment. It’s not likely you’ll succeed at removing the obstacle by using your normal approach. Force will not be effective with Pluto you must succeed by using more subtle ways or perhaps avoid the confrontation altogether. Mars sextile Jupiter on the 21st brings soaring energy levels. A wish to explore unknown options is expressed. On the 22nd Mercury squares visionary Jupiter for some real unusual ways of dealing with people. Express your wildest ideas and inventions while Mercury is semisquare Uranus. The eccentric will seem more like the norm. Expect unusual conversations to take place and all in time for the Full Moon in dramatic Leo on the 25th ‘This is the party Full Moon where you celebrate past accomplishments with bling. No one can out do the antics of Leo when it comes to having a good time and making a dramatic spectacle as well. Decorations and dress expected to exceed expectation there is no reason to restrain yourself now. You’ll need to expand your sense of reality if you want more intense interactions. Mars joins Pluto and quickens the pulse a little. Tempers fly and words are exchanged that may leave you quite stunned. It makes us realize that things must change.

Aries January 2018 horoscope

It could be hard getting back in to the swing of things after the holiday weekend when Moon visits your opposite sign of Libra on the 3rdand 4th. Ruling planet Mars forms a wonderful trine with your Sun providing some of the energy you’ll need to pursue a long time goal. A perfect travel opportunity exists that will be very tempting and irresistible. If it weren’t for your fears thanks to Pluto aligned with Mars you’d already have been on the plane with tickets in hand. Work through it and try to face those phobias and you’ll find a whole New World opens up for you. An educational benefit is also a part of the scheme.With 4 luminaries and asteroid Chiron residing in your professional house your ambitions cause you to neglect duties at home. Set limits so that you have equal time for both without feeling as if they have become just another burden to your already over extended days and list of things to do. Deal with obligations and responsibilities first then have some fun. Doing this in equal portions may become increasing difficult to arrange but well worth it for your psyche. There may be a delicate situation that exists at work involving a professional associate. Stay out of it and keep your nose out of job politics. Avoid conflict or involvement in a dead end discussion. Remain alert to signs that this is becoming too much of a problem to be involved in. Others want to drag you in as their personal allies. This may jeopardize your own position. The New Moon on January 10th sheds light into past injustice or error that may have cost you a previous position. Perhaps it was the friends you associate with that caused the misunderstanding.Falsified information or destructive behavior of an associate could get you into big trouble now so choose your alliances wisely. Dreams have an unusual bent now bringing you futuristic views of how things ought to be. Don’t deny yourself the possibilities that exist for you now but put them aside for later use. Your partner is extremely lucky now and sudden fame and fortune from a past effort can come along making this a wonderful joyous time. January 15th ’18th are your personal days where you can feel reenergized and ready to deal with the world again. You present an attractive and sometimes foreboding image that makes others take notice and listen to what you have to say. This is a good time to present a winning argument or ask for a raise. Wear your favorite color red and set the standard that tells others exactly how you feel about things and what you expect from them in return. The Full Moon in Leo is a wonderful time to celebrate some of your most recent accomplishments. Let others know just how successful you have been in achieving your goals. The dramatic and creative energies this Full Moon provides can be felt near and far. In many ways your fifth house is your most fertile area for both ideas and procreation.

Taurus January 2018 horoscope

The Capricorn Sun trines your Sun making a wonderful aspect between the two earth signs. You find yourself more than attractive now and others notice the difference. Take time off on January 5th ‘6th when the Moon visits your opposite sign. Give in to partners requests and take a place in the background letting them have center stage. This may be to your advantage later this month when you are amply rewarded. Health issues still surround you and your need to over indulge in sweets or alcohol may need to be dealt with. This proves to be a problem in the future when you realize your waist expanding thanks to the big gaseous planet Jupiter settling into your health sector for the next year. Don’t fall back on old bad habits that are destructive to your image or your health as the South Node pulls you in that direction making it irresistible.On January 10th you can expect more of the same but with even happier circumstances as both Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Capricorn. This could be the beginning of a travel expedition or educational pursuit that can increase your chances for success. Your writing and speaking abilities come to the forefront when you’re asked to teach others how you do what you do, so well. Relationships become much more settled now and you find yourself using a more disciplined approach to your communications. January 18-19th are your days to shine and ask for just about anything. Moon returns to your sign bringing a renewed enthusiasm that can physically be sensed by other. You’re magnetically attractive now and this can be brought on by your new zest for life.Give others what they want whole heartily for it will only return to you triplefold. The Full Moon in Leo would be a perfect time for an all out celebration in your home. Invite others to participate in the party of the year. You’ll find yourself all decked out for it both mind, body and spirit. Your home doesn’t look so bad now either as you put out the bling. Keep your entertainment lively and introduce a bit of extravagance if possible even if you have to rent it. Even your wildest imagination is taken beyond its limits tonight. With Sun entering your professional house on the 21st new job opportunities open up. There’s a question of deception though as the Sun encroaches on Neptune. Make sure all promises come in the form of a written contract. Movie and entertainment fields hold special interest for you. You could be asked to star in a special TV show or film documentary .The 27-29th are days when you can display your talents. You analyze and depict the part to perfection and it would be difficult to overlook your efforts.

Gemini January 2018 horoscope

Expect to enjoy your New Year’s at home cooking up some healthy meals and keeping resolutions to maintain healthier practices. Uranus at the top of you chart brings some quirky and unusual opportunities for success. Your freedom and love of adventure characterizes your choice of profession. Experiment with many new kinds of jobs or technology. On January 10th the New Moon visits you 8th house and joins the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Chiron for some fun. Dreams or premonitions from spirit are common now. You can speak with loved ones in dreams or through a mediums’ assistance. Consult accountant or tax attorney to discuss wills, inheritance and other important issues that involve other people’s money. Review stocks and investment opportunities as well as your broker now. Insurance policy may also be up for a change that saves money and time later. January 20-21st are days you’ll not soon forget. Moon rejoins your Sun and the Sun enters companion air sign Aquarius. You grasp new theory or spiritual enlightenment that you could not easily conceive of before. There is a possibility you may begin study of astrology or enroll in art or acting lessons. Computer technology may be another choice but you will find a way to educate yourself now even if it does require some unusual ways to do so. On January 25th a Full Moon enhances your communications skills especially with sibling or neighbor. You may find yourself solving problems of debts owed to you and come out of it amicably. Attend educational seminar or enroll in classes of a different sort now. Money returns to you from unexpected source. Ignore a mate’s trait to control you and you may just be ahead of the game. Your need for freedom can not be undermined now and it would be best if you did everything in your powers to express this.

Cancer January 2018 horoscope

You may have recently been the object of an animals attraction. Stray kitten or other familiar shows up at your doorstep at a very important turning point in your life. Their kindness can help you through difficult times as well as good ones. Health and working conditions are also going through a transformation now making you subject of possible lawsuits or other legal binding contract later this month. The New Moon on January 10th brings a legal matter to your attention. Allow your companion to make suggestion and listen to their advice. You may just need to adjust your values a little to be more consistent with others. Let others take the lead now while you sharpen your people skills. January 22-25th are days you can apply new tricks to a perplexing problem and come out ahead. These are your personal days that let you shine and get noticed by all.Take advantage of the days the Moon returns to your Sun sign. It’s a very useful tool for success and can be used to your advantage. Interesting ways to make money turn up at this Full Moon. You are always at your best at the Full Moon and this one will be no different. Lucid dreams remind you of people from your past. Your emotional involvement with things of value is important now and will need to be discussed this Full moon. It’s a message directly from the heart that needs to be expressed. Nothing superficial going on now. The finances of another involves you significantly now. You may be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel in this long battle over control of a monetary situation. Keep in mind that there will be many opportunities to increase your income now. A sudden opportunity arises that allows you to travel by water or Oceanside village. Travel by air is likely and can provide you with the opportunity to make yourself known as successful. Mars joined with transformer Pluto in your health sector reminds you to continue with the miraculous recovery you’ve made. It will be hard not to share your joy with friends and family on January 30-31st when Moon joins Jupiter in your home sector. Invite them all for champagne brunch or a tailgate party. And don’t forget to invite those from your past that remind you of earlier times you can laugh about. Embrace them and share your enthusiasm for more opportunistic times.

Leo January 2018 horoscope

Powerful attractions and or habits may push you over the edge. Its time to transform things that directly effect your health before they transform you. The New Moon places emphasis on your health this month providing another opportunity to start over. Keep promises regarding diet and exercise and don’t let past misunderstanding cause you to sway from goals. It becomes very apparent how stress and employment conditions effect your psyche and physical health. Finish up with any creative projects you may have entertained over the past several weeks and move on to bigger and better things. You may find yourself in a new work environment with new and interesting associates offering their assistance. January 11th-12th may be particularly trying days where you much prefer to take time off if possible. Moon in your opposite sign may rob you of your stamina and make every step you take an effort. But that’s about to change now with the Full Moon in your sign on the 25th. You’ll find things falling into place and going your way once again. It’s easier to determine what is best for you now. Sway away from taking unnecessary risks. Especially when using someone else’s advice despite the fact that they mean well. They are sadly mistaken. Use this Full Moon energy to recharge your battery and come forward again with a new approach. You are about to begin the upward journey again as you head toward your birth month 6 month from now. It’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey until now. The light at the end of the tunnel is now shining brightly. Keep your faith in tact.

Virgo January 2018 horoscope

2018 begins with the Moon in your sign making you feel right at home. It’s as if it’s your own personal day. You feel recharged and energized ready to start many new projects. Home and family affairs are in for a bit of stirring up while Mars visits your 4th house and joins Pluto in Sagittarius. Home issues need to be addressed again. A change of residence is possible by month’s end. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 10th is the beginning of happier times to come. Venus, Mercury Sun Moon and Chiron all visit your 5th house. Children can bring an enormous source of pleasure now. You may decide to start a family of your own now. Don’t be mistaken that this will keep your significant other from displaying his independent streak because you’d be sadly mistaken. Quirky Uranus in your relationship sector makes it touch and go with partners. Relationships start off as quickly as others come to an end. But by all means use this creative period to get ahead and sell your ideas to others. Investment opportunities will be profitable now and if you don’t watch out your wallet and stock portfolio won’t be the only thing that expands. Your sense of values and what you need to accomplish in life suddenly becomes perfectly clear providing you with a new focus. On January 25th a Full Moon visits your 12th house of secrets. Feeling a bit under the weather or withdrawn you may prefer to visit old haunts over the new. Dreams quite prophetic now it would be wise to try to analyze them for later use. Health takes on a special boost with the Sun visiting this sector of your chart. You may be required to express your authority at work. This may be difficult with more ethereal types who need more written instruction to be activated. Provide others with the strength and forethought they need to overcome obstacles and forge ahead with assuredness. You feel especially good on January 27-30th when Moon returns to your sign for the second time this month. Take a chance and ask for something you’ve always wanted. You may be pleasantly surprised. You make it difficult for others to refuse you and can make real progress with any plans you might have on your min

Libra January 2018 horoscope

Real estate transactions finally take place but not without some grief from others that try to interfere with your progress. This can include sibling or neighbor. Create the comfortable home environment you’ve always dreamed of. Working from a home office may be a better alternative then past choices. Choosing between family life and professional ambitions can string you along all month. You’ll be working hard to balance the two. But realize as early as the first of next month you’ll be able to take some time off for love and leisure, so keep up the good work in the mean time. Moon visits your sign twice this month giving you ample opportunity to get noticed and make a good impression on others. You get many things accomplished now. January 3rd-5th and January 30th ’31st are your personal days where things generally go your way. You look and feel your best and others take you seriously. . Make it an opportunity to go out sociably and make new contacts. On January 10th the New Moon in your 4th house could have you enjoying the comforts of your new home.Invite others to join you there to celebrate your new beginnings. Make a statement about what you value most in life. Let others know exactly how you feel. On January 21st Sun enters fellow air sign Aquarius bringing a wonderful aspect from your 5ths house. Love affairs that have an ethereal quality can begin now. The meeting of a true soul mate can occur making the dark dreary days of winter much more enjoyable. especially toward the end of the month. The Full Moon in Leo places emphasis on your friends and inspirations. Dramatic or emotional displays can make things difficult but if you know your friends you’ll know what they are trying to convey. It’s an appeal to be noticed or remembered for what they are. Seeing that your spending all your time and attention on your new love they have been missing your attention. Don’t forget the old friends that got you this far. Invite them to party along with you and your new friend. You may be surprised at the turn of events.

Scorpio January 2018 horoscope

2018 starts with Mars and Pluto in your money sector. Thoughts are on financial planning. Be versatile and creative in applying your job skills and watch earning abilities improve. January 5th and 6th are your personal days to shine. The Moon returns to your sign invigorating you and sending wonderful healing benefits along with it. On January 10th the mood begins to shift when a playful sextile occurs between Capricorn planets in your 3rd house and your Sun. Wry subtle humor is your best approach now. You’ll be known for your clever repertoire. Send original greeting card or email to friends and enemies. If work is getting to you break up projects into smaller segments so they won’t seem so over powering. Being involved in several projects at once alleviates your boredom and keeps the mind sharp and receptive. Although that may not be the case on January 18-19th when Moon in your opposite sign insists that partners take the lead. Sit back and follow their directive for a change. On January 25th there is a very important Full Moon that emphasizes career and home environment. You may come to the conclusion that one or the other must change if you are to be happy with them both. This Full Moon sheds light on your work environment and what needs to be done to get you the recognition you deserve. You feel that subtle changes that you have been witnessing are about to unfold and this may be your first clue as to what that is. Your presence in the work force is greatly admired and appreciated now and you can be certain others take notice. A reward or recognition can come to you now making you very proud. Short distance journeys increase and communication with siblings improve. Just letting things go may be the answer to avoid unnecessary conflict. Learn from a past mistake and go on to improve future relationships. You’re making steady gain on your education and writing projects now in preparation for an exciting New Year to unfold.

Sagittarius January 2018 horoscope

With Mars joining Pluto in your sign this month your bound to be more fired up then usual. There’s a New Moon and several other luminaries in your 2nd house of finances that can significantly improve your bank account. Friends come to your rescue and set you straight about future plans. Home environment still subject to some quirky upsets but nothing so major that it can’t be fixed. Saturn still has an iron fist on lending options so you may need to resort to your own sources for income to provide coverage of your needs. Keep tempers in check and start a good exercise program where you can release some of that pent up energy or anger. You can accomplish a great deal now but don’t push yourself or others too hard or overreact. January 7-8th are your personal days this month. Use the energy it supplies you to find yourself new and exciting ways of expressing yourself without becoming argumentative. Have patience and don’t display willfulness when dealing with others especially siblings. Try to go with the flow and not be so rigid in your thoughts and ideas that others view you as stubborn. On January 10th a New Moon in your money house improves finances and allows you to buy a long anticipated purchase. Take a short trip around the time of the Full Moon on January 25ths. Visits to sibling or neighbor can be quite satisfying now. You may find yourself completing a writing project that provides you with additional income. Fiction or occult subject matter take the lead bringing an answer to your financial problems. Keep writing.

Capricorn January 2018 horoscope

A New Moon in your sign on January 10th is like a personal birthday. Four luminaries align with your Sun and lend structure and meaning to your day. Jupiter at the top of your chart places emphasis on your social status. It’s all about interactions with others and of what value that may provide to improve your current status. Improve your people skills and maintain a healthy balance between personal and professional life. Being well rounded will greatly improve your efforts at achieving your goals. Keep dark foreboding thoughts at bay and don’t even think revenge without recalling the rule of thumb. What goes out returns triplefold. Send positive thoughts to others less fortunate and be receptive to the positive energy that returns. Still under a rather deceptive or unclear picture about finances you remain steadfast in your approach. The sudden meeting of someone from your past can improve your chances of success. Uranus brings the return of an old acquaintance. Neighbor or siblings come to your rescue. Relationships provide the kind of stable environment you need to pursue goals. With the Full Moon in your money house your bound to get some clear-cut answers about finances now. A bright new opportunity exists and you should receive word of it on or around the Full Moon. Keep to a written contract because promises can suddenly fade and be elusive to the fact. Partners hold steadfast and support you in your endeav

Aquarius January 2018 horoscope

Several transits in your 12th house have you deeply appreciative of your role in nature and your interest in wild life. Observe birds, raccoons and other animals in the wild to get a better perspective of your place on earth. On January 10th the New Moon asks that you say prayer or perform ritual to protect and communicate with the animals in your neighborhood. This can be very effective if you’ve been having trouble with any of your pets. Use this time to tune in to their thoughts and feelings. Saturn remains in your health sector making you sensitive to temperature extremes. Always carry a scarf or shawl to protect you from cold. Your area of faith and spiritual awakening is activated with Jupiter now in Libra. Visit unfamiliar places of worship where you can get a better understanding of the practices of others. You have a subtle link or attraction to the Far East and the mystical traditions of Tibet, China and Japan. Uranus in your money sector is still playing havoc with finances. With the ongoing trine to Saturn in Cancer the outcome will be favorable due to its mutual reception with Neptune in your sign. There will be many unexpected opportunities to add to your income. On January 21st the Sun returns to your sign and you have promise of revitalization and renewal. Your general health and psyche improves and you must admit your feeling much better than ever before. Tune into your dreams for answers now. They may add just the spark you need to pursue future projects. Analyze and write down thoughts as soon as they occur. Partnerships become very important now with the Full Moon in your relationship sector. Let them have their way for fear of having temper tantrum ruin your day. Their loving adoration is greatly appreciated but needs to be given in supportive ways or trouble ensues. Show them they’re king or queen of the household and all will be fine. Adorn them with presents and beautiful things if necessary and it will make their day and your life easier.

Pisces January 2018 horoscope

With five planets in mutable signs things could get a little hectic now. Get organized in preparation for 2018 by releasing stress. Try dance or exercise therapy for relief. With Mercury joining Pluto on your midheaven there may be talks of change of status. A question of credibility may arise. Try not to be too impatient or argumentative when this occurs. The New Moon can bring helpful group support when 11th house is effected by Capricorn transits. Late January promises to be a great time to form goals and determine what you desire most out of life. Crystal gazing can bring insight. A renewed stability comforts you as February approaches. Neptune your ruling planet in opposition to your 6th house of health emphasizes the importance of being in tune with your self. Analyze what foods and life style and exercise programs are appropriate. New friends and contacts come your way with the New Moon on January 10th. They can assist you in formulating some new goals you have for the future. You may decide to meditate more on that around the time of the Full Moon on January 25th. A visit to hospital or other institute can reinforce your previous notions about what is important in life. Try to remain upbeat and optimistic when surrounded by an otherwise grim situation. Neptune lifts you above all that to help you better understand things that are ethereal and not of this world. The ability to talk to spirit is enhanced and you may find yourself having vivid dreams and recollections of these episodes. Be mindful of taking care of your own dear heart when the Full Moon sheds light on this area. Improve circulation by taking long walks. Talk to your significant other and improve the bonds that hold you. A healthy relationship is more powerful in improving your health than any other thing right now..

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