Moon in the 6th house : Case study of a famous person Part 1


Out of the many things that are considered as the effect of Moon being in the 6th one is clear that such a person will have serious complaints with the stomach ranging from simple every day problems to the more difficult situations concerning the esophagus.

You may be interested to know who is the person. However more important is the fact that Astrology gets to be proven again, time after time with each case study.

Click on the following link to clear your doubts on the various effects of Moon being in the 6th house.

In case you like part 1 of this video then search for part 2 of this video which is even more interesting. I had to split the file into 2 parts because the original file was too long.

In case you were unable to spot the part 2 on YouTube then here is the link:

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