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We are told repeatedly that Earth will not last forever. It is easy to infer that there is an end to our bright Sun and to all that we see here on this wonderful blue planet. After years of evolution is the story of earth a tragedy? Is there a purpose in the evolution that we see on earth? At the end of this article you will surely know that purpose. Guaranteed.

The Purpose of Evolution of Life – The Greatest

Believing as I do that man in the distant future will be a far more perfect creature than he now is, it is an

intolerable thought that he and all other sentient beings are doomed to complete annihilation after such long-continued slow progress. (Charles Darwin).

In scientific investigations, it is permitted to invent any hypothesis and, if it explains various large and independent classes of facts, it rises to the rank of a well-grounded theory. (Charles Darwin).

Foreword to Escape Theory – The Grand Finale of Evolution

Do you think that Earth is the only place that supports life? In the vast and endless universe comprising of uncountable planets do you sincerely think that Earth is the only place for life? Is Earth the Odd-Planet out?

If you think “Yes”, then look at it this way. According to you the probability of life on earth is 1 out of a possible trillion or zillion chances and therefore when our bright  Sun loses power and all life on earth disappears then never again will life happen in this Universe. Because you just now said that Earth is the only place that supports life. After the end of our world according to you from then on only the non living things in this boundless universe will exist endlessly. So before life happened on our Earth there was no life in the universe and after the life ends on earth there will never be life again.

If you think “No” then there is a 50-50 chance that you may approve my theory that life is never created but co-exists with matter all the time.

On each of the many planets that supports life in this universe how did life happen? There are only 2 possibilities:

1. Life came from outside the planet.
2. Life happened naturally on each of the planet because the environment was conducive to life forms.


To put forth the view that life has no beginning or an end. Life continues from a pre-existing form of life. The life energy is distinct from matter though life uses matter. Life cannot be confined to just this earth on which we live. It is spread all over the universe. Wherever the environment is right for life, life happens. Once the seed of life is planted on a fertile planet, life blooms and evolution starts. It is never manufactured or created out of matter. Life simply migrates from one planet to another.

Earth is not the only place that supports life.

Just imagine a big universe with only one place called earth supporting life. Only a mind that refuses to openly examine facts can believe that. The 118 elements found on earth cannot be confined only to earth. The elements are common. They are found all over the universe. From this point of view Earth cannot be the only place because Earth is not a rare thing to happen when the elements that make the Earth is common to the Universe. When there is so much in common between Earth and  the rest of the universe why should  Earth be singled out?

Life occupies the right kind of planet and evolves gradually over a period of billions of years. But every planet like our earth cannot exist forever and it will perish as soon as the Star (like our Sun) around which the planet revolves collapses. So life that exists on such planets will have to move on to another suitable place in the universe.

In order to gain the capacity to move from one solar system to another the living organisms will have to evolve and reach a final stage of super intelligence so that the super intelligent  beings are able to carry life from out of  the collapsing solar system. Man is that final form that is qualified do this job on earth. However as of now mankind has not yet reached the superhuman status. This is the climax of the scientific revolution happening on earth.

  1. Matter can neither be created nor be destroyed. This is considered a scientific fact.
  2. Life too like matter can neither be created nor be destroyed. This is not yet considered as a scientific fact.
  3. Speaking of life on earth, we all know that Earth came first and then came the life on earth. In this article I wish to put forth my opinion on why and how life must  have come from another place in the universe.
  4. The current belief is that life was manufactured by lightning when it hit some molecules that became RNAs and DNAs. If such a view of creation of life is to be accepted why are we unable to manufacture life by providing similar situations.
  5. Wherever life is we see evolution. Evolution happens everywhere even in the case of cars and machines. Is evolution happening only on Earth? Without any doubt it is happening on countless planets of other solar systems.
  6. The purpose of evolution is continuation of life. Evolution of intelligence is happening to ensure life does not end when our solar system collapses.
  7. Scientists have stated that our solar system will finally collapse and with the final collapse the evolution will come to an end.
  8. If that is the way it is going to end, then the entire process of evolution should be considered a  waste of time. If that happens the fittest after all will not survive in the end. To prevent this the last species that survive towards the end will possess super intelligence to continue evolution or recycle evolution in another solar system.
  9. The purpose of evolution on earth like in any other planet supporting life forms is to ensure that evolution finally leads to super intelligent  beings armed with great technology to transport life from out of  the collapsing solar system.
  10. This is “The Greatest Escape”. The final exodus. The grand finale. A tribute to evolution on earth. That is the purpose of evolution.

In this article whenever I speak on Evolution from the point of view of escape from out of earth then I am speaking about intellectual evolution which we see in human beings of the 21st century.  It looks like other types of evolution has slowed down considerably.

The desire to live on Earth or anywhere else in the Universe

There are only 2 things in existence. It is either matter or the spirit of life. Just imagine a whole universe without anyone to talk about it! Of what use is so much matter without life accompanying matter.

When a person dies and leaves behind the body we say the person has passed away. For the next few days we wonder about life, existence and the universe. Why did such a person exist? Only for fun or is it a game or a drama played by someone else? If we must end in death, did we exist without a purpose or goal? Here we are talking about individual man to discuss the futility of birth if death is the end.

Similarly when our solar system collapses destroying everything we achieved then of what use was the entire process of evolution that happened on earth? Here we are taking the whole of creation on earth into consideration and trying to discuss the futility of birth and evolution of all the creatures that happens if death for all life forms on earth happens in the end.

Of countless desires we have, none can deny that the desire to live forever is the greatest one.  We would do anything to continue living. We not only want to live forever but also have the great desire to leave behind the next generation so that life continues. Even though each one of us know that we are going to die one by one, we wish that somehow the human race continue to exist along with other animals and plants.We have the great desire to continue and always improve. We not only want the current generation to be strong, fast and great but also want the next generation to be stronger, faster and more intelligent than we areWe want our children to be better than us. There seems to be a long range plan. What is that plan?

Remember when you were a child you made your first attempt to walk and then to run. You always wanted to explore the world though that meant leaving behind your parents and going into dangerous zones or leaving the secured area. Going to another place and the sense of exploration is an inborn desire even amongst the lower form of animals. We all enjoy going to new places. We are eager to leave our place and go to an unexplored place.

This desire to move to another place is actually a rehearsal just in case something goes wrong to the place that we live because we always anticipate danger in the place that we live. This is usually because we have seen or heard of natural disasters and death around the place that we live. We are eternally eager to ensure safety to our existence. A smaller  part or several parts of the human race may die but we will never allow total annihilation. This has been seen in world wars. When we build a skyscraper  the first thing we are concerned about is the fire escape and we need to know which way to run in case of a disaster.

Scientists and even the common man by way of religion know that our world will finally cease to exist. Where is the fire escape? Have we resigned to the fact that there is no escape from earth in case of a final disaster than could destroy our dear earth? Or are we sure that there is a great escape somewhere in the future?


The saints, yogis,  spiritualist and sages spoke of heaven and salvation. They refer to something called the spirit that would survive death which has the capacity to go away from earth. They all speak about going to another place because according to them there is always a better place other than earth.

In India this is exit from earth is known as Moksha (Salvation). For the religious people the desire has been to reach God or heaven. So the heavens were always up in the skies somewhere amongst the stars. This way the religious people have also indirectly accepted that earth is not our permanent abode and thus implying our escape.


The materialist know the importance of money if they desire to go to another place. They always speak and think about money. Money helps technology. With technology we are now able to produce better, faster machines and vehicles. People need faster cars, airplanes and faster computers. We love speed. Why?This speed is what will finally allow life to escape from earth. Millions of dollars are spent in space research. It requires a great deal of wealth to escape into another world. To ensure that we have the technology and power to go outside of earth, most of us have this burning desire for money.

Why do we seek sex all the time?

Sexual activity is a must if life should go on. This desire keeps the process of evolution going. Nature has sown this desire for sexual union in almost all the evolved beings so that we do this great job of evolution that has been entrusted to each one of us. In return man and woman get a few seconds of pleasure. The desire for sex is hardwired into our system so without training we along with so many other animals know how to go about in sex and procreate. The most complicated job of replicating life is child’s play for us. Try making Robots replicate themselves. Then we will understand the power of sexual desire from the viewpoint of sustaining life.


This is also based on the need to survive. We will not allow ourselves to become extinct. We do not want to be killed. So we tell others that killing is bad. We do not want to be robbed of our wealth and so we tell others that stealing is bad. All the rules and regulations are advocated to ensure that we all continue living.

A war means that we are going against the natural process of  evolution. So no good person promotes war. War may be considered good if that happens in defense to protect the human race from a dictator like Hitler. The wise and the good people preach all the time about peace and being compassionate. We need to do that so that we do not kill ourselves and end the great process called evolution. A process that has been happening for millions of years should not be allowed to go waste.

The 3 popular theories on the origin of life on earth.

1.  God created everything as we see it.

According to his viewpoint whatever living and non living things that  is seen today have been created by God. God made all this possible either by a single word or with one swift action or within a week. This is a popular view because most people in the world believe in God. So according to such people human beings are not descendant of the monkeys. This theory was very popular during the ancient times. The theory of evolution is not accepted by people who strongly believe in God as the creator.


According to this view life began when certain elements along with lightning came together at an appropriate time somewhere a few billions years ago. It started from a single cell organism. Thereafter it continuously evolved into more complex forms. The evolution was made possible because of  what is known as the “survival of the fittest” as stated by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. If you accept this theory you indirectly accept that the human race has descended from the monkeys. This view is mostly accepted by atheists. A staunch believer in God as the Creator will see evolution as an impossibility.

3. God created the first forms and then evolution followed:

If you are religious and also scientific you will find yourself saying that God perhaps gave the 1st push only. The 1st push is the creation of the universe at a primitive level, but after that He does not interfere with nature or the earth and the universe. Rather nature found its own way to improve upon what was created by God.
So this is a God + Evolution theory.This is the view of those who are religious and also those who are educated in science. So today the majority of people have accepted this view though not openly but think of this approach as very logical.

Who made you?

In evolution, we always note that the earlier forms have been more basic and primitive. This was followed by more complex beings that evolved from the basic forms.  Evolution has always been from algae to tall trees and from protozoa to human beings.
However believers of God as the supreme being suggests that God made the first Man straight away. Even those who believed that God created the first Man find it hard to believe that He also created other beings like frogs, insects, virus and bacterias.They consider other beings evolved automatically. We may ask why did God delay the process of creation until that fine morning. If it happens as soon as He wants it why is it that he has delayed it until the day of creation. Was He waiting for the right environment? Or is it because He himself was not capable of that earlier but later on had supernatural powers to create life?

On the other hand, we are all aware that whatever that is living today existed only from previous organisms that resembled their parents. So there was always a preexisting form of life similar to that organism. This fact is undeniable.  For example you and I were not created by some other agent except by a father and mother. Similarly my father was not created by another agent except by his father and mother. At least you and I were not created by GOD.If I say that I existed from a pre-existing form of life then science accepts it. But if I say that this process was eternal and has no starting point at all then such an idea is rejected. Science does not allow this type of reasoning.

The scientific mind dismisses such arguments under the term “Infinite regression” whereas the same scientist find it easy to understand that in the beginning nothing existed and then the universe was created out of nothing. They easily believe that in the beginning life did not exist and then all of a sudden it came into existence one fine morning.


Did life come out of nothing? Or was life hiding all the time? Is it not easier to infer that the rabbit was hidden inside the hat rather than believe that it was created by the Magician? Pre-existence of something is more acceptable than creation. In fact that is the truth in a magic show. However the magicians and the modern scientist make us believe that what we see is due to creation. 

So speaking of creation is a waste of time because something always existed before creation. There can be nothing more illogical than thinking that there was a time when nothing existed. Just as a magician successfully fools the audience into believing that he has created something out of nothing, so too we have been fooled into thinking that everything around us has been created.If scientists see infinite regression as an impossibility, then creation should also be viewed in the same way. ‘Creation out of nothing’ is to be dismissed off as impossible and very unscientific.

If I ask you the question did life exist yesterday you will say yes. What about the day before yesterday. You will say yes. If I ask you this question for all the previous days that happened on earth up to a few billion years ago you will say yes. But If I tell you that life existed always then you will say that is impossible. It is easy to say that life existed for billions of years but impossible for the scientist to say that life always existed.

One part of the universe may collapse but somewhere like the birth of a living creature another part of the universe may appear. Neither can you make the entire universe disappear into nothingness nor  can you create the entire universe out of nothing. We need so much space to hide the entire universe. Can you hide the universe? Can you pack the whole universe into a nothingness and then one fine morning it just pops out.

Neo Noah’s Ark model:

We as human beings may have landed on Earth from another planet on a high speed vehicle. May be a superior being dropped of the first man and woman here and went away knowing that from now on these two people are enough to bring out an entire race. That superior being may be what we refer to as God if God is considered as the one who began the process of life on Earth. This God may have also carried in His vehicle a few other single celled organism or a few eggs and scattered it over a few place from which other forms eventually evolved. This type of Noah’s Ark may additionally have carried a few seeds and organisms, few birds, some animals, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Thereafter evolution may have happened as stated by Charles Darwin and his supporters.


Life may have been transported to Earth accidentally by any non living body that came in contact with earth. A large meteorite may have brought living organisms from another solar system to earth. However it is less likley that complex organisms were brought here on a meteorite or other floating objects that accidentally came this way. Maybe simpler seeds of life may have come this way.

A comet that crashed into our earth may have done that but that is less likely because the comet must have the right kind of environment to support life. Moreover comets are a part of our own solar system. An intelligent superhuman being may have transported life from one place to another using a superior transporting technology.
To transport life intact from one place to another over a long distance like 100 light years, we need the help of a superior being capable of all this complex task. This may have happened because that superior being had to look out for greener pastures in the universe after knowing their own world was crumbling or was headed for disaster. So life may have been transported to earth by a superior being, intelligent and having the desire to spread life like a farmer who sows the seeds.
It is difficult for conventional scientists to comprehend that life always existed because each one of the scientists had a beginning and also certainly have will have an end. We are used to the concept of birth and death all the time. Hence we always ask  how did the universe begin or how did God or life begin. It is therefore difficult for us to imagine that we are without a beginning.We think that the universe should be like all of us who have a date of birth and date of death. So we think that life began once upon a time and before that there was no life. We think that what we see is like us. It has a beginning and an end.
If scientists do manage to find about the 1st life in the universe, we will still be left with the question of “when did that happen” or “how much time that took after the universe came into existence” or “what was the universe doing without any life until then”. If we can accept that matter alone existed always and that matter was never created nor can it be destroyed then using the same logic it should be easy for us to accept that life also was never created nor can it be destroyed. That is because light and darkness will be there all the time. The opposites will co-exist. Heat and Cold. Man and Woman. Life and Matter. How can one exist without another. Where light ends darkness begins and where darkness ends light begins.

If we accept the fact that life moved from one planet to another across stars then we should imagine that the  entire long list of organisms need to be moved on a Noah’s Ark model. We need to put all the millions of species into one large space ship and move about. We need a great technology for achieving this great feat. Even if all the organisms cannot get a boarding pass a few are enough from where life can mutate and evolve on a different planet.

The imaginary space ship need not always be the Noah’s Ark type having a male and female of all the species on earth. It may just have on board a few single cell organisms which when planted on a planet may start on another cycle of evolution similar to the one that our earth has witnessed.

Most of us readily accept the theory of Charles Darwin and others who have said that all that what we see today is the result of evolution. Logic and experience proves that there is the survival of the fittest and there is the eternal evolution. We see students evolving, we see it in Olympics, we see machines evolving and we see evolution everywhere. From ignorance to knowledge and from darkness to light we see everything moving to the positive state.

However all this great evolution involving you, me and everyone that lived from time immemorial is going to be a waste of time for earth and us, if all of us are going to end as our Sun collapses. Of what use would the great evolution that has been happening for billions of years be if we are all going to have an end coming up eventually with nothing left of us on earth. We need to find out why we are evolving and why should be evolve if there is a final day for earth somewhere in the future.


We do not allow a particular animal to become extinct. If man is so much concerned what about nature? Do you think that nature would allow all the creatures on earth to become extinct when our Sun collapses and is no longer able to sustain life on earth?

Look at the following great painting of Michelangelo. Do you see something that  you often see in a relay race. The baton of life should be passed on. We do not know how it was passed. But it must have been passed on. Life cannot stop anywhere.

We will soon evolve to such a state so that we can prevent our own extinction. We need to somehow transport life from here to another place before the earth can no longer support life and us. That is the purpose of our intelligence. Intelligence is part of nature.

So the intellectual evolution that happens on every planet that has supported life anywhere in this limitless universe is basically for the purpose of transporting life from one solar system to another. The distance between the stars do not matter at all if we have the right kind of technology. To do that we have to become more intelligent and evolve in every way so that we have the technology to push life to another region before life disappears on earth. So nature keeps correcting itself to do that. When it found that dinosaurs were a wrong thing that happened nature destroyed them as being useless. Only the fittest can survive.

We like and love the people who are intelligent. We appreciate them. We like scientific inventions because that is the purpose of evolution. We need to finally escape from this planet as it collapses.This process should be happening all over the universe.

You will have say that God always existed and there is no beginning for Him. If that is true the evolution theory is wrong because everything evolves from the lowest to the highest form. In case of God, the highest form existed first before anything else. Then God creates lower forms. In many religious books it is stated that God created Man in his form.  On earth most scientists like Charles Darwin seem to be suggesting that the lowest came first and then the highest followed which at present is the human race. Perhaps our GOD may be the super intelligent being possessing great powers who transported life to earth from another place. So this God is the God for all of us on earth. This GOD may have transported life to more than 1 planet.

In order that we do this transportation of life we need to be more focused on our real objective. Though we do pollute earth because of the scientific advancements, we have to take the risk because the earth will anyway be wasted away finally. However we should be careful that the earth is habitable for all of us until the day of exodus.

We need to advance into the super space age without killing ourselves. So most of us are naturally worried about pollution and global warming, the threat of nuclear wars etc. We need to be here on earth long enough. So we hate those who can stop us from achieving this status. There is the eternal war between the Good and the Bad, the wise and the fools. All this is to ensure that we will finally do what we are expected to do. We are certain of our death as individuals but being part of nature, we want the whole race to continue beyond our individual existence. This is the power of nature.
We need to escape from earth either spiritually (Enlightenment process) or materially (Scientific Advancements).All religious leaders were speaking of this in their own language and method. Scientists are also doing the same. The research into the space and other celestial bodies have already begun. At present moving beyond the Moon or Mars is unthinkable.But this is just the start. We are subconsciously working towards this Great Escape. After landing on the Moon we are constantly trying to reach other places in the solar system. We haven’t solved our problems on earth but we have this great desire to do more research in space travel. We know the problems on earth is not as much important as space travel is. We need to do the great escape.

For a long time right from ancient civilizations we have gazed at the stars hoping that one day we will make that great escape. Not alone but with as many life forms taken from earth to another place. That explains why we are so much worried about extinction of animals and plants.

The Special Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein has given us sufficient knowledge on the future of space travel. Space travel to another Star (another Sun) is considered a great possibility due to time dilation wherein you age very slowly when you move closer to speed of light. There is therefore sufficient scientific reason to say travel to another star is a possible.

To keep going life has planted in us the extraordinary desire to reproduce, populate and then move over to other places.Similarly anything or anyone who kills indiscriminately is resisted because that would take us all to the end of the evolution. So we have the desire to protect everything. The bad actions of the intelligent being i.e. Man is punished either by law or Karma.Those who hunt wildlife are hunted down and thrown into the jail. People are talking about how to save the earth. As individuals we all know that we are going to die, then where is the need to take care of earth on a long term basis?


The answer is that we all know subconsciously the “Great Escape” that we need to do in the end. The last act is moving life from the earth to another place when the Earth will no more support life. Until that golden hour, we need to survive. All knowledge, intelligence and evolution is only meant for that purpose.

If that does not happen, on the day when the Earth collapses we will have to wonder why we had great people like Albert Einstein or other great scientists, men of wisdom, noble prize, oscars, great work of art, world and Olympic records and all these achievements and everything else that we have considered as great on earth. We will have to say all that was a mere waste of time if the world ends just like that.

Evolution is happening all over the universe. On each planet there is the same type of evolution that is happening on earth. All success stories have one thing is common. It is the survival of the fittest. How can we expect and accept a total destruction of all of us? Is evolution after all without a purpose? When for billions of years the fittest survived, how can there be a total destruction of the fittest of them all? I am talking about human beings.


All through this article, I wish to say that the biological evolution and later on intellectual evolution has a purpose. The intellectual evolution of Man is to bring about super intelligent beings on earth that is capable of transporting life from earth to another place when the world ends as our Sun collapses. I cannot accept that evolution has no purpose on earth.

I also am sure (even though there is no proof at this point in time) that whatever is happening on earth will also happen in other places in this vast universe.


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