Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti


Out of the many articles I published on wordpress, the maximum response I got was from this one. Emails flooded my inbox every time I checked them out and the subject matter was mostly Rahu-Sani. I was not surprised. After all this is the period that made me think about Astrology from a different perspective. Many people requested me to keep their questions confidential but kept repeatedly asking me for more information about their life '.....now that I am going through this bad Rahu Dasha and Sani Bhukti.....'.

What is Rahu Dasha?

The records show that I published this article on wordpress.com on November 2, 2012, the following paragraph is what I updated on March 31, 2013.

Out of the many articles I published on wordpress, the maximum response I got was from this one. Emails flooded my inbox every time I checked them out and the subject matter was mostly Rahu-Sani. I was not surprised. After all this is the period that made me think about Astrology from a different perspective. Many people requested me to keep their questions confidential but kept repeatedly asking me for more information about their life ‘…..now that I am going through this bad Rahu Dasha and Sani Bhukti…..’. People found my mobile number and kept contacting me using all the modern tools and techniques calling me from different numbers, they used SMS, Facebook, land line of my office, caught me outside of office for a free consultation. It is obvious that there was no way I could actually do justice to all of them. Of course those who reached out to me professionally got the answers they were looking for. Probably this all the work of fate. In modern times, money is an important aspect of life. For everything there is a price.

The tremendous response I got for this article proved once again the power of Vedic Astrology and also proves that RAHU Dasha and SANI bhukti is perhaps the most challenging period in a person’s life. I almost have concluded that it does not matter where these two planets where in the horoscope. In a few cases however nothing noteworthy happened. They according to me must have done great punya (merits of the past life). That usually happens for certain types of horoscope where Rahu and Saturn are both friendly to the person and is also occupying a good house and they are placed well between themselves. That is just about may be 5% of the entire population.

When I went through this period during 1990-92, I did not know what was coming up, even though I had commenced the study of Vedic Astrology from year 1988. I consoled myself by saying that “my Rahu is in the 7th house and the Saturn is the Ascendant lord”.

When we do a self study we try to become our own soothsayers, meaning we like to go smooth with our findings, consoling and soothing ourselves all the time. But as I went through the period, due to the difficulties, I lost several kgs, (I was a weightlifter then and physically very strong) because I did fasting on all Saturdays (though today I do not recommend fasting to my clients).

I looked weak and tensed all the time due to financial crisis. I remember that on every 8th, 17th and 26th of all the months, the local financiers who lent me the money used to come to my office reminding me it was payback time (perhaps payback debts carried forward from past lives), and I used to convince them and send them back with 1/10th of what was due along with a promise money will come soon. I pledged all the gold I had one after the other. Gold is something that both Saturn and Rahu hate. I never redeemed the pledged gold. Because I was kind to all the people in my life (except on rare occasions) these financiers did not abuse me. I was lucky with that. A customer of mine got me into trouble and I had issues with the police though later on they found out that I was innocent. My bank went to court and I was summoned.

During thosee days, I did a lot of charity beyond my means, I gave a banana to every beggar who entered my office in Pondy Bazar, a busy place in Chennai, South India. Soon about 200 beggars used to come to my office on all Saturdays. They knew that here was a man who gave only on Saturdays. The shopkeepers in front of my office and in the vicinity used to make fun of me, they even called me “The richest man on earth” because they knew I was going through a financial crisis and according to them such donations were the height of stupidity. I prayed to Lord Hanuman all the time and especially on 8th, 17th and 26th of every month. I fed the crows, birds, dogs and human beings living on the streets.

Then when Rahu Dasha – Sani bhukti got over, things became better. As I entered the 2nd part of RAHU-BUDHA a miracle happened on 26th July (the same date that used to trouble me a lot) and I got out of my debts. I have shared this information with my readers only to prove that remedies work but the results come only during appropriate times. One has to endure the manifestations of Karma – something that we created in our past life during the bad times of our life.

Now let us get on with RAHU Dasha and SANI Bhukti

This is the period that is ruled by Rahu and Saturn together. The duration of Rahu Dasha is 18 years. Like all other dashas this one is also further divided into 9 sub periods called Bhukti. The dasha of Rahu has more fate than freewill to offer. Usually things do not happen as you plan. It happens. Good or Bad depending on where Rahu is in your bhava chart. For example if Rahu is in 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th, Rahu has more good to offer. If Rahu occupies the 8th or 12th house there is always unhappiness and stress around the person.

There are 9 sub periods or sub divisions within the 18 years long Rahu Dasha. The 1st sub period or 1st bhukti belongs to Rahu. I wish to inform you that the 1st sub period is always the same as the planet ruling the dasha. So in Rahu Dasha the 1st sub period is always ruled by Rahu. In Jupiter Dasha the 1st sub period is always ruled by Jupiter.

The 2nd Sub period in Rahu Dasha is always ruled by Jupiter. So after Rahu-Rahu comes Rahu-Guru.The 3rd Bhukti in Rahu is Satun (Sani) Bhukti.

What is so special about Rahu-Saturn period?

Do you recall the bad days of the hero Will Smith in the movie “In pursuit of happiness“? Forget the real Will Smith who is a very rich man. Think of the character in the movie. Watch how he struggles during his bad days. Everything goes wrong. He tries to sell something and it does not work. Hiswife leaves him. His son does not know that he is suffering. He gets kicked out of home. He looks for space and food. He goes for an interview when the dress he wears is dirty making things worse. This is Will Smith in the movie. Most of this happens to a person going through a bad Rahu-Saturn period.

Rahu Dasha Saturn Bhukti is usually the most unforgettable period in Rahu Dasha. Most of the times (almost 95%) it is a very tough and challenging phase. During this period the poison in Rahu the snake comes out in full. You dream of success but it become elusive and illusive. You tend to make mistakes that cannot be undone that easily. It has a lasting effect on your life in more than one way.

During this period even a disbeliever in fate will wonder “……may be there is something called Fate, something called God, or maybe Astrology is true. There is surely something that is beyond me“. These are the thoughts of a person undergoing this period.

People who never have been to an Astrologer before, start searching for one during Rahu-Sani. Such is the power of Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti.

During Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti you may notice that you are highly stressed on certain days and it happens in a very predictable manner. I found that the time you are greatly affected is during S.D.T.

What is S.D.T.?

Click on the following link. After the video continue reading the article or finish this article first and then go for the video.

Why does this combination give so much more problems?

Why is this period, RAHU-SANI such a problematic period? Saturn is a restrictive planet, tightens like a python. Saturn is slow but steady. When it turns negative it can be nagging. You simply cannot wriggle out as you did in other periods. Rahu and Saturn are similar. Rahu is they say half Saturn. Saturn in numerology is 8 and Rahu is 4 (half of 8).

Rahu represents falsehood, cheating, being cheated, deception, poison, smoke, fog, misunderstanding, wrong things, misleading, disguise etc.

When these two planets Rahu and Saturn rule you it is double trouble. It is more than the sum of these 2 planets. The effects multiply. You get into situations that offers you no solution. Even if you find one, you cannot execute the plan because of such and such reason.

Scandal through women is one of the most important thing the person should watch out for. In case the you are reading the horoscope of a lady, then the scandal may be through a woman or a man.

What is the duration of Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti?

Wait. Are you going to look up a book to know this answer? Or search it again on Google? No need. You can find out easily.

But before you get to the method you need to remember that Rahu Dasha (Rahu Main Period) is for 18 years and that of Saturn is 19 years. Remember that the total number of years for all the 9 dasha periods is 120 years.

So the time share of Saturn is 19 years out of 120 years. In other words it is 19/120. So the time share of Saturn Bhukti in any dasha will be 0.15 part of the concerned period. Saturn always gets a 15% share in any period. So in Rahu Dasha which is for 18 years the time share will be 0.15 parts of 18 years. This is 2.84 year which you get by multiplying 18 years x 0.15. If you want to know what is 2.84 years it is 2 years and 0.84 x 365.25 = 310.46 days which is 10 months and some fractions. So it is 2 years 10 months and some fractions. So difficult to do if you are not good at maths.

But the ancient Masters of Astrology had a better idea. They said just multiply 18 x 19 and you get 342. The brilliant Sages said look closely at the number 342 and take the last digit. You have 2. Multiply it by 3 and you get 6. This is 6 days. The first 2 digits 34 is 34 months. Which is 2 years and 10 months and 6 days. What an idea. When I showed this method to a mathematics professor he almost fainted.

So the challenging phase of Rahu-Saturn period isfor 2 years 10 months and 6 days

Then why did I take you through the calculator method?

Simple. Only then you will take the Sages seriously. Let us admit it. We think that because of the British education that we in India received we think that the Sages were weak in mathematics. They knew more trigonometry than most of us know today. How else do you think they located the planetary positions exactly?

Rahu-Saturn comes after Rahu-Guru!

To understand about any period we need to look at what comes before it and then what comes after it. The past will show how much bad Rahu-Saturn will turn out to be. So Rahu-Saturn comes only after a Rahu-Guru is over.

This is like saying 3 comes after 2 or 7 comes after 6. I am not meaning that. I recommend you focus on Rahu-Guru first before trying to figure out what is expected in Rahu-Sani. Why? The mistake that one does in Rahu-Guru lands most people into problems. So if you are having a great Rahu-Guru period then slow down a bit as it comes to an end. During the last 6 months do not make fresh investments into anything. Do not make a fresh business commitment or relationship. The trap is usually set at the end of Rahu-Guru.

That is because Guru always likes to expand. To grow. To reach out. But with Rahu ruling you from above Guru, the thoughts are not always right. They are clouded by Rahu. You hallucinate a lot under the influence of Rahu. Expansion is prone to risks. With the restrictive Saturn ahead such expansion will meet with failure. However you will positively expand and it is good during the first 2 parts of Jupiter but in the 3rd part you not bask in your glory.

The reason is whatever happens to you today is somehow linked to the past. The past may be within this birth, or it may be a past life. Either way the key to the future is the past. If you ignore the past, there is no way you can guess what is going to happen in the future. Because if someone has succeeded or failed there is a reason that in the past he or she did something to make it happen. This is a simple fact but ignored. If you refuse to accept this then life is a game of chance according to you and there are no good reason for any event in your life. All you can say is that it just happens.

Is Rahu-Saturn always bad?

From the question you may have guessed that Rahu-Saturn cannot be always very challenging. How to find that out? If you are born at a time when the Lagna was Mesha (Aries), or Karkataka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Vrischika (Scorpio), Dhanus (Sagittarius), or Meena (Pisces) then Rahu-Saturn period can never be good. For Makara Lagna (Capricorn) people it will have bad effects if either Satun or Rahu occupy the 2nd house or 7th house.

The other lagnas have chances for a better Rahu-Saturn effect. The clue is if Saturn is friendly to you which can happen only if you were born in Vrishabha Lagna, Thula Lagna and Kumbha Lagna then Saturn is friendly to you and so is Rahu.

When does Rahu-Saturn do good

If Rahu is in Kendra and well connected to a Trikona Lord or Vice Versa then Rahu becomes the yogakaraka. Then during RAHU-SANI period there is no need to worry about how bad it is going to be.

If Rahu is in exaltation sign which means Rahu is in Vrishabha then you should expect good events in Rahu Dasha.

You need to focus more on Saturn. If Saturn is the lord of 2nd house or the lord of the 7th house then you should get done the famous Mrityunjaya Japa Pooja (Havan) and then brace yourself for a rough ride – a roller coaster ride.

If Saturn is in Lagna and Saturn is in own house then what you get is a Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga which make Saturn very auspicous. So if Rahu is well placed and if Rahu is not in bad angle with Saturn then Rahu-Sani period will be very good.

If Rahu and Saturn are in 6/8 axis from each other or is Saturn is in the 12th house from Rahu then expect double trouble in Rahu-Saturn. So it means that if Rahu and Saturn are in angles to each other or trinal to each other then it gives you less trouble.

How to classify Rahu as Good or Bad?

If Rahu is in the 8th house or the 12th house then Rahu dasha is highly challenging most of the time. Within such a Rahu, Saturn bhukti may get tougher.

If Rahu is the lord of 2nd or 7th house then also Rahu is expected to give more challenges.

If Rahu is in the 2nd house or the 7th house then it may get bad.

If Rahu is in NeechaSthana ie Debilitation. Ithappensif Rahu is in Vrischika.

If Rahu is malefics like Saturn, Sun or Mars the problems will increase.

Remedies and Solutions in Rahu-Saturn

Pray a lot and especially during Rahu Kaalam and on all Saturdays.

Increase your charity.

Do some social service activities on all Saturdays.

Skip a meal on all Saturdays.

Avoid alcohol, non veg food and smoking etc on all Saturdays. If possible avoid it on all days in Rahu-Saturn period. Of course it is good if you can give up all these permanently.

In a strained marriage things get worse during Rahu-Saturn period.

You like to do what is forbidden. Resist the desire.

Patience is the key. Wait for this period to be over.

90% of the people who had a tough time in Rahu-Saturn made a comeback after the period. Be confident that you will be one.

Regularattendanceat your place of worship on all Saturdays.

Control your anger. Excessive anger is noted in this period.

Feed the crows. During this period bird droppings fall on your body so often.

A sample of a Rahu Dasha from a computer output

Vimsottari Dasa:

Rahu Dasha: 1984-04-24 – 2002-04-25

Antardasas in Rahu MahaDasha:

Rah: 1984-04-24 – 1987-01-07

Jup: 1987-01-07 – 1989-06-01

Sat: 1989-06-01 – 1992-04-06

Merc: 1992-04-06 – 1994-10-28

Ket: 1994-10-28 – 1995-11-15

Ven: 1995-11-15 – 1998-11-15

Sun: 1998-11-15 – 1999-10-10

Moon: 1999-10-10 – 2001-04-06

Mars: 2001-04-06 – 2002-04-25

Effects of Rahu-Saturn period

Suddenly the world looks different. Only the bad in the world is visible to a person going through Rahu-Saturn period.

A person strong and muscular starts losing his muscles and tends to look weak. People around him feels he is suffering from some disease.

Daily trouble with no sign of relief. Things get worse as the days go by.

Very high financial difficulties. You feel you are caught in a debt trap. Loss of money due to high rate of interests. Payments go pending forever. You may not be able to pay or others will not pay you what is due to you.

Your parents get annoyed with you because you are making grave mistakes. Suddenly everyone at home stop seeing eye to eye with you.You feel like leaving home and many people actually do it.

You get angry and stop abusing parents and family member, in turn they do the same thing to you. You do not know who started this.

Untimely meals.

You develop dandruff.

On 8 days like 8th, 17th and 26th and on all Saturdays you may feel like crying or you may get very upset.

You may be have to go to court or you may have the police troubling you. Banks may trouble you a lot.

You become physically weak.

You feel that you will never be able to solve your problems.

Scandal due to a lady (or due to sexual relationship)

Insult by those against whom you really cannot retaliate. It may be from a person like you mother or father or brother and you feel that you cannot even react properly due to other consideration.

A great tip for Rahu-Saturn

Give lots of importance to Rahu Kaalam and Yamagandakalam. These occur every day for about 1.5 hours each.

During Satudays, the Rahu Kaalam is to be given lot more importance. You should pray as much as possible during this time. Never start on a journey during Rahu kalam during a Rahu Mahadasha – Saturn Bhukti period. Donate money, food, clothes on all Saturdays. Go to places of worship on all Saturdays.


  1. I don’t know who wrote this.. But trust me, this is very informative. More important, it has been paraphrased. The way this has been explained is just awesome. I resonated with every single word. The person who wrote this is very kind and soft-hearted by nature. Thanks. GOD BLESS YOU.

  2. I’m in the same period and each and every line the great guy written above is happening to me on daily basis, I need to bare this till 2022 🙁


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