Rahu – Moon Period : Attacked by Spirits & Tigers

Rahu – Moon Period : Attacked by Spirits & Tigers

The YouTube channel shows many videos of people getting attacked by wild animals, chief among them being Tiger, Leopard, Lion etc. Recently in a Bangalore school, a Tiger entered the campus and attacked many people.

Do you think that such incidents have nothing to do with the horoscope of the person inured? Or do you think there must be something in their horoscopes that allowed such incidents to take place?

Maharshi Parasara the author of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra very clearly states that in the Dasha of Rahu and AntarDasha of the Moon there is the possibility of being attacked by ferocious animals.

I decided to do this video because I thought those who have the specific planetary combinations may become aware of this and stay away from ferocious animals.

Our first advice is do not go near dangerous animals, especially the Tiger, Lion and Leopard during a Rahu – Moon period ie Rahu Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha (Rahu Dasa – Chandra Bhukti). Do we have to be worried about this throughout the period.

As usual we have the conditions apply. Do know more about the conditions apply please kindly watch the video till the end. In the end I have given you the best of remedies.

In case you do not have the patience then let me tell you now. BE KIND TO ANIMALS. Feed them from a safe distance. Never forget to be kind to the pets at home, never keep the dog tied all the time. Now and then let it enjoy its freedom. Do not torture animals. If you do that in another life you may be seriously hurt by an animal. These are the remedies.

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