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Jupiter the cause of recession 2009?



Is there any astrological reason for the current economic crisis? This is the question that is there in the minds of most of the Indians who have the habit of looking up at the sky to know the answers when there is none on earth. If people on earth knew what triggers a recession then they can prevent one from happening again. But recession has been happening now and then.

The word recession is now a household (officehold) name in India as much as it is in the rest of the world. Some people use it as an excuse to stay longer in bed or play more golf or snooker while some remain in a perpetual state of fear and uncertainty. Many who use the term do not know what it means. Astrologers who write about it sometimes may not know which planet is actually to be watched with regard to recession.

It is easy to find out which planet is related to economic issues. Who else but the dhanakaraka (the constant indicator of wealth)?  Jupiter is called the dhanakaraka the planet permanently related to wealth (and auspiciousness).

 The economist may ask “what is the proof that Jupiter is the planet controlling our finances?”  Those in the field know that an economy which grows over a period of time tends to slow down the growth as a part of the normal economic cycle. An economy typically expands for 6-10 years and tends to go into a recession for about six months to 2 years. So we are roughly talking about a cycle that covers a maximum of 12 years. Jupiter takes close to about 12 years (approximately) to go around the zodiac. Since no other planet has a 12 years cycle it is easily understood that Jupiter is the planet that is related to money matters and economy.

The current recession may easily be related to Transit Jupiter in the debilitation sign (Capricorn) while transit Saturn is already afflicted because of being in the fire sign Leo.

In the Chart shown below (please go to the end of the article) you can see the sign that is marked debilitation. The word debilitation means weakest or powerless. Jupiter the planet connected to money occupies this place for most part of the year 2009. So the money aspect of us is weak. Is this the only reason for the current crisis?

Saturn is placed in Leo the sign ruled by Sun the bitter enemy of Saturn. So Saturn here is in no good mood because he does not like to be here. The Sign of Sun is a hot place and Saturn is a cold planet. Whenever Saturn is badly placed like this, Jupiter is the one who saves the situation. If Jupiter also turns helpless then the challenges indicated by Saturn may reach a great high.

So the problem of recession is likely to be solved in 2 stages. The 1st most important transit that may change the current situation with regard to recession is that of Saturn when Saturn moves out of Leo thereby bringing down the heating effect on Saturn and that happens on September 10th. The 2nd most important transit is that of Jupiter when he finally moves out of debilitation on December 19th of 2009.

Leo means the Lion or the King. In the world of economy USA is the Leo. So when Saturn is in Leo it means USA is weakened. Jupiter is in the 6th from Saturn which indicates that the sign Leo is surely afflicted. So Saturn is currently dominating USA. Saturn’s number is 8 and the USA President is the 44th President which adds up to 8.

So those who were born under Leo (Simha) are also most likely to be affected. If such people were holding a post like that of a King (Lion) then they might have a tougher time. This may affect CEOs or VPs born under Leo for example.

Since Leo is the sign that is afflicted the fear of a recession looms over the United States and whenever the US sneezes, the world catches a cold. This is evident from the way the Indian markets have crashed just speculating on a probable recession in the US and a global economic slowdown. It may be real or unreal but yet it is working because most people have put the thought of recession into their minds.

A recession normally takes place when consumers lose confidence in the growth of the economy and spend less. This leads to a decreased demand for goods and services, which in turn leads to a decrease in production, lay-offs and a sharp rise in unemployment.Investors spend less as they fear stocks values will fall and thus stock markets fall on negative sentiment.

Losing confidence happens whenever Jupiter the planet representing confidence is weakened. A Jupiter dominated person is usually not only full of optimism but also spreads optimism around. A person with a weak Jupiter is full of pessimism and always suffers from loss of confidence.

Instead of worrying about recession we should get back the confidence. In India most people in the villages have not known this word nor do they find any truth in the word. They go on with their work. In the cities people are scared and that has made things worse.

Jupiter rules banks, law, publishing, ministers, consultancy, software related to internet, accountancy, temples, religious places and schools and colleges. Though there are many other aspects of work that is ruled by Jupiter we have given the most important one. So people working in the above fields are likely to find the going tough in year 2009.

A badly placed Jupiter may affect the banks as that’s the place where the money is usually kept. Most bankers are ruled by Jupiter. If the top man in the bank is either a Leo or born under Capricorn then such banks may be the worst hit.

 Recommended Solution:

  1. Forget the word recession and get more optimistic. Accept the current planetary situation but work harder to find a way out. If you are looking for results (fruits) expect it only after Jupiter moves out of Capricorn. Meanwhile do not spread the panic message and make things worse.
  1. Liberally donate to the physically handicapped people. Donate money to the poor on all Saturdays. When the economic conditions of the downtrodden and the oppressed people get better then the world will quickly come out of this problem. When money shifts to one side leaving less for others, Saturn and Jupiter join together to bring back the scales to equilibrium. Saturn is therefore called the leveler and that is why Saturn is considered at his best (Exalted) in the sign of Libra the symbol of Justice or the weighing balance.
  1. In God we Trust. Whoever says he is the greatest then he must also remember that pride goes before a fall. Donations to the poor and helpless are to be considered as tax paid because you are very rich.  Pay the tax and enjoy life. So when Saturn comes around next time you need not worry. That is why many rich people who liberally donate to various organizations rarely get into trouble.
 Aries  (Mesha)  Taurus


(May 1st to July 30th)

Jupiter (2009)

(debilitation) Capricorn (Makara Rasi)


(2009) Leo (Simha Rasi)


(Sept 10th, 2009)

By E K Dhilip Kumar



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