Religious conversion – Do the planets indicate conversion?


For many years I have been thinking about this. What really is the cause of religious conversion. Is it fated to happen or is it a matter of choice (freewill)?

I always thought that GOD or KARMA or a superior power places you in a particular situation including religion based on your past lives. This made perfect sense to me because I know that there is only ONE God. I also know that, that one GOD created Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and all other religions of the world.

These were created by HIM depending upon the need of the hour and the place or situation. He needed human beings to do that for HIM and these special people were called messengers of GOD etc.

Everything went well until people started moving out to other places. When they started mixing upwrittne down with people of another religion a feeling of confusion dawned upon them regarding who is right and who is wrong. Each one of them thought that their GOD was the real GOD and the rest belonged to the DEVIL.

When a person lost trust in his/her own religion people of other religions invite them to join them. There is nothing wrong in this.

In the ancient time when Vedic Astrology began Christianity or Islam did not exist. So there were no rules written down that said such a person will convert into another religion.

So it is not possible to tell from a horoscope whether a person will convert from one religion to another.

However there are clues provided in all the classical text books that may be used to discover or invent a rule that indicates the possibility of religious conversions.

Religious conversion is an abnormality because not many people do it. It is unconventional and it is usually forbidden or considered as an act of rebellion.

RAHU seems to be the planet that is intimately connected to all such things that we described.

So we need to look at the position of RAHU.

I have collected many horoscopes of people who have converted to another religion. I will come up with a research finding very soon as my study is almost done.

In the meantime I need your help.

Request to all readers.

Please look around and see if you know someone who has converted from one religion to another. Try to get their date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Share that information in the comment section below this article or send my an email to
If there is any doubt in the birth details please do not take it up for research because it can mislead all of us.

After about 3 months I will complete this research and publish this on
My findings based on reasoning!

Sage Bhrigu says that a person will be irreligious if:

Mars is in the 9th house

Saturn is in the 9th house

Rahu is in the 9th house

It is clear that the 9th house is connected to this problem.

To change from one’s own religion to another means the person is irreligious. So conversion must be related to this planetary position and influence.

The 9th house is the house of father, religion and guru.

All religions were created by Guru’s or Teachers or Prophets or Messengers of God.

So the 9th house is the most important house with regard to conversion.

An experience in the year 1994:

In 1994, I was running a business connected to computers and I have started printing out computer horoscopes from my business centre in Pondy Bazar, Chennai.

During that time, a young brahmin boy used to come to my office. He casually told me that he was going to convert from Hinduism to Christianity the next week. I told him, “if you don’t mind let me tell you something.”

I told him of the my research in Vedic Astrology and he listened with rapt attention on what I was telling him about the theory of Karma, religion, God’s plan and so on.

I told him, “you must be having bad planets in the 9th house”. He asked me what that meant. I told him “bad planets are planets like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Sun, and Ketu”.

Then he told me, “I have no idea of how to read a horoscope”. Then I told him what is meant by 1st house, then about counting houses and reaching the 9th house by showing him several examples. He was impressed with what I told him.

He came back to me the next day with his horoscope. As he entered by office, he told me, “Sir, you are absolutely right”.

I asked, “is Mars in the 9th house”?

The boy told me, “not only Mars, Rahu and Saturn is also there in the 9th house.

I do not remember his exact date of birth but I recall that he was born in year 1968 in the month of March and Cancer was rising on his chart.

So I told him to go back to his own religion and thereby strengthen his 9th house. I told him to go to temples regularly on all Saturdays. He told me that he had stopped going to temples for a very long time.

I met him a few years later and found that he remained a Hindu.

Best Advice in this matter:

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa told that if a person is digging for water he has to dig in the same place and soon he will find water, On the contrary if a person digs for 10 feet here, stops and goes to another place and digs 20 feet there then also there is a chance that he may not find water. Had he dug in the same place he would have dug up 30 feet now and he may have found water.

So changing religion is not a good idea at least according to me.

God places you in a religion because your Karma required that. Following your own dharma is better than following the dharma of another person.


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