Sani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti


Saturn Dasha - Rahu Bhukti - what to watch out for? Is it the same as Rahu Dasha and Sani Bhukti? No! They are different. How?
Sani Dasha – Rahu Bhukti
Sani Dasha – Rahu bhukti is not that same as Rahu Dasha – Sani Bhukti. Many beginners in Astrology and some Astrologers too wrongly conclude that 2 planets give the same result when both these planets rule together at a given point in time. For example, Guru Dasha – Sukra Bhukti will be give the same result as Sukra Dasha – Guru Bhukti. However that is not true.

The reason for thinking that they will give the same result in your life is because these planets occupy the same house (bhava) in the bhava chart. So it appears that they will give the same result which is not true. Let us do another example to help you understand the problem.

Let’s say Saturn (Sani) is in the 12th house and Rahu occupies the 8th house. Since both these planets will remain in the same house throughout the life of a person, we expect identical results in Sani Dasha – Rahu bhukti and Rahu Dasha Sani Bhukti. Though logic says it must be the same, it does not give the same result. It looks like many events in life happen only once.

Maharshi Parasara (who lived 5000 years ago), the father of vedic astrology has given different results for Sani-Rahu and Rahu-Sani periods. This proves our point.

One reason is that we have to count the position of the planet ruling the sub period from the planet ruling the main period. You count planet B (Bhukti) from planet D (Dasha). Say it is in the 12th house. However from Planet D is in the 2nd from Planet B. So the result will be different.

Another reason is that while you are going through RAHU – SANI the transit of planets are different. For example you may be under the influence of Sade-Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase). When you are going through SANI-RAHU you may be in a good time based on transit position of the major planets Saturn and Jupiter.

What is strange about Sani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti?

In Volume 2 of BPHS Book, in the chapters dealing with Dasha-Bhukti effects we find that the Maharshi follows a particular format, a method while explaining the effects of Dasha-Bhukti.

Under every sub period, in the first paragraph he speaks about the good things that are to be expected in case the planet ruling the bhukti (sub period) is well placed from the Lagna (Ascendant). For each period he gives different good results and details of what to expect during that period. Sometimes using our knowledge about planets we can understand why he expects those results he mentions and sometimes we cannot co-relate. However, I have found that he is right though it may defy our logic.

In the 2nd paragraph (sloka) he reveals to you the bad things that are to be expected in case the bhukti planet is badly placed from the Lagna.

In the next sloka he tells you the good things to expect in case the lord of the sub period is in a good position from the lord of the Dasha (main period).

In the next sloka he speaks on the bad things that are to be expected in case the lord of the sub period is in a bad position from the dasha lord.

In the last sloka he deals with the possibility of death or death like suffering in case the said planet is the lord of the 2nd or the 7th or if the planets are related to maraka houses. Being compassionate, he also suggests various remedies for preventing the problem or decrease the intensity of the suffering.

This is the usual format.

However for Sani Dasha – Rahu Bhukti he deviates from the regular fashion or method of explaining the results. He starts by first dealing with the negative impact of Sani Dasha – Rahu Bhukti.

This shows that Sani Dasha – Rahu Bhukti is likely to be always challenging even if these planets occupy good houses. This is reconfirmed by the way he explains in subsequent slokas wherein he speaks on the good positions of Rahu from Lagna and also from Sani (Saturn).

However even if RAHU is well place he says only the 1st 1/3 rd will be good. The middle part will be bad and the last part there will be more problems.

What needs to be checked out is whether the next bhukti will pull the person out of trouble. The next bhukti belongs to GURU (Jupiter) and this is the last bhukti in Sani Dasha. If is well placed one should say “Thank God, the trouble will soon be over.

What to expect in Saturn Dasha – Rahu Bhukti


  • quarrels, (kalaha)
  • mental agony, (manovya)
  • physical distress, (dehapeeda)
  • mental agony, (manasthapah)
  • antagonism with the sons, (putradvesho)
  • danger from diseases, (rujobhayam)
  • unnecessary expenditure, (arthavyayoh)
  • discord with close relations,(Swajanadhi virodham)
  • danger from the King, (Rajabhayam) – today King = Politician, Boss, people in Power, CEOs
  • foreign journeys, (Videshagamanam)
  • loss of house and agricultural lands, (grihashraythradhinashanam)

The above results are to be expected regarless of wherever Rahu is in the horoscope.

After speaking about the negative results he now dwells upon some good too provided Rahu occupies a good place at that too applicable only during the first half of the sub period.

During the 1st half of the sub period of Rahu …
if Rahu is associated with Lagna (Ascendant)’s Lord, or if RAHU is a Yog Karak Grah, or, if Rahu is in his exaltation, or in his own Rashi, or, if Rahu is in a Kendra, or Labha from Lagna (Ascendant), or from the Lord of the Dasha……

you may expect one or more of the following:

  • gains of wealth,
  • increase in agricultural production,
  • devotion to deities and Brahmins,
  • pilgrimage to holy places,
  • increase in cattle wealth,
  • well-being in the family

During the 2nd half of this period, their will be fear of the King, opposition from children and friends.

Note: The end is always bad in Sani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti.

Then Maharshi Parasara gives more specific results. Lucky are those who have Rahu in Mesha, Kanya, Karkataka, Vrishabha, Meena or Dhanus…. for he tells that

if Rahu is in Mesha, Kanya, Karkataka, Vrishabha, Meena or Dhanus.

– you may expect the following (either one or more)

  • acquisition of elephants (expensive 4 wheelers),
  • opulence and glory,
  • cordial relations with the king,
  • gains of valuable clothes,

When we read this we should forget that all good things are to be expected only during the 1st half of this period.

There will be physical distress, if Rahu is associated with Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or the 7th house Lord or if Rahu is in the 2nd house or the 7th house.

Mrityunjaya Japa and

giving a Goat in charity.

Whenever you experience physical and mental stress of a very high level (unmanageablelevel) you can do Mrityunjaya Japa. If you do not have faith in mantras at least you can donate a goat.

Those who believe more in the bhakti route, may either pray to Goddess Durga or to Lord Shiva.

If your Lagna is Mesha, Vrishabha, Karkataka, Simha, Vrischika, Dhanus or Meena you may pray to Goddess Durga during the period of a troublesome Rahu.

All others may pray to powerful Gurus likes Shirdi Sai Baba of Shirdi, Lord Shiva as Guru or Guru Raghavendra or go to a temple where there is a big rush on all Thursdays.

If Rahu is indicating trouble in your life, never wear a GOMED (Hessonite Garnet). It will make things worse for you.


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