Saturn in the 5th house


Saturn in the 5th house is usually considered as a negative combination in a horoscope. Read this article and clear your doubts.


Saturn in the 5th house

First identify the 1st house. Count clockwise from the 1st house which will have the word ASC or LAGNA (LAG) in it. Count to the 5th house. If in the 5th house you have Saturn you should read this article. If after years of marriage you are not yet blessed with a child the you should read this article to reach a conclusion. Should you wait endlessly or just adopt a child. Saturn in the 5th house is a confirmation.

In case you have good children despite having Saturn in the 5th house then understand that in your horoscope other combinations of planets are protecting you from the harmful effect of Saturn in the 5th house. However to be on the safer side consider sponsoring a child in an well deserving and struggling orphanage. This is like insurance.

Saturn is a separatist planet and Saturn in the 5th house may mean separation from children too.

If Saturn is exalted then the bad effects of Saturn in the 5th house will be less experienced by you. However if there are other reasons for affliction of the 5th house matters then the exaltation may not contribute much. When in doubt always read the Saptamsa Chart.

If Saturn in the 5th house is made more beneficial by the connnection of good planets then you do not have to worry at all.

In case you have other bad planets like Rahu, Kuja, Sun, Ketu along with Saturn in the 5th house then consider that your 5th house is badly afflicted and you need to see an expert Astrologer.

This should be done prior to marriage because you may select a person who will support you with the luck of children instead of adding more problems in the area of children.

Horoscope matching should be considered seriously if you have a badly afflicted Saturn in the 5th house.

Remember that the quality of marriage and children is 50% indicated in your horoscope and the other 50% will be known only after you have selected your life partner.

What does the 5th house signify?

Above so many other things the 5th house is mainly related to children. The 5th house relates to accumulated merits of the past life which usually expresses as gifts in this life. The best gift is the gift of child.

From 5th house where does Saturn look?

Saturn in the 5th afflicts the 5th house in most cases.

Saturn looks at the 7th house (the house of marriage). It is also the house of union. Through fruitful union one is blessed with a child. Saturn looks at the 3rd house from wherever Saturn is in a chart and the 3rd house aspect of Saturn is considered very inauspicious. The purpose of marriage is children. So Saturn blocks the process of the purpose of union.

Saturn looks directly at the 11th house from the 5th house. The 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires. So if a person desires a child, Saturn tries to block that desire.

Saturn has the 10th house aspect (glance too). So Saturn in the 5th house looks at the 2nd house which is the house of family and deals with the expansion of the family.

So whenever Saturn sits in the 5th house (children), Saturn afflicts the 7th of union, the 11th house of desires and 2nd house of family.

In the above chart, you notice that the Lagna is Mesha. So that is house number 1. Count clockwise. The 5th house has Saturn. Saturn looks directly at the 7th house from the sign Saturn occupies. (All planets have this glance). Saturn has special glances (aspect) and they are house number 3 and 10. So Saturn looks at the 7th house of union by the 3rd house view or glance or aspect. Saturn looks at the 2nd house of family by the 10th house glance (aspect). At one shot, Saturn has afflicted all important houses.

So you can easily guess the harm that can come whenever Saturn occupies the 5th house.

The importance of Saptamsa Chart:

Whenever you are in doubt with what is really happening because Saturn is in the 5th house, the best way to clear your doubt is check the Saptamsa Chart.

If a malefic planet occupies the 5th house or the 9th house in the Saptamsa Chart then the affliction increases.

If the lord of lagna of the Saptamsa Chart is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house then the chances for a child decreases.

If the beeja sphuta (sperm point) or the kshetra sphuta fall in the 6th, 8th or 12th house of a saptamsa chart then the chances for a child decreases further.

Saturn in the 5th house

Whenever a house is mentioned in a reading of a horoscope remember that the house positions are to be studied only from the Bhava Chart and not from the Rasi Chart.

In case Saturn is in the 5th place both in the Rasi Chart and Bhava Chart then it is stronger in giving the results.

The main reason for giving importance to the Rasi position is for use of ARUDA Lagna and other reference points which are referred from the Rasi Chart.

However the Bhava Chart reigns supreme because it is very sensitive to time of birth. If Saturn is in the border of the 4th house and 5th house or the 5th house and the 6th house then the expected results of Saturn being in the 5th house will be weak. This is based on the principle that any planet in Bhava Sandhi (junction of 2 houses) is not strong in giving the expected result.

The 5th house is primarily the house of children and children is an important aspect of family life and all the more in countries like India. In some countries because the married couple want to enjoy life, they avoid children because they feel that children are the cause of worry. Such people will go bad regions in their next life, because they extract happiness from the society without returning back the favor. If their parents thought like them, they would not be alive to enjoy life, is it not?

So in India, children are a must from several point of view. A child continues their blood, genes or whatever you wish to call it. The property of the person will be lost to some outsider in case of childlessness. His/her child will take over the assets and in such cases there is so much happiness as much as there is sorrow if one thinks of the property going to an outsider.

Moreover in India it is believed that a childless couple will go to inferior regions in the next life. This rule does not apply to the ascetics and yogis as they have given up everything, whereas a normal householder who is childless is just enjoying the world and that is considered a sin. For such people, I normally recommend “….. please take care of an orphan child in a well deserving orphanage for a minimum period of 8 years. You should fully sponsor the child as much as the child is your own…..”. By such methods the couple will not incur the sin of being childless.

Childless couples should not only resort to poojas and prayers, they should consult experts in infertility as God works through human beings (doctors in this case).

They should use knowledge to their advantage. The right kind of knowledge is ruled by Jupiter. If Jupiter is well placed in transit and associated with house of children etc then during that year by the right kind of knowledge one can beget a child.

Bhrigu Sutras says:

  • Childless, (this is a high possibility)
  • Very poor
  • in inferior trades
  • will adopt a daughter.
  • If Saturn is in his own sign will have daughters. The own house of Saturn is Makara Rasi (Capricorn) and Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius)
  • If Saturn is aspected by Jupiter one will have two wives of whom the 1st one may be without a child and the 2nd one will give birth to daughters.
  • If Saturn is strong will have affairs with many women.

What you should check out before finally concluding:

My personal opinion is that Saturn is the hindrance planet, the block and the restriction planet. Saturn is the planet for renunciation and hence works against children.

The dignity of Saturn is very important. If Saturn is dignified and associated or aspected by benefic planet especially by Jupiter then it means that after the blocks are removed a child birth is possible. Blocks can be removed either by the use of medicine, surgery, pooja, the blessings of Saints, blessing of God due to prayers, and because the person adopted/sponsored a child in an orphanage.

If Jupiter is also afflicted, then in such cases the chances of remaining childless increases.

Check if in the Sarvashtakavarga Chart the 5th house has the lowest score or a low score. Also check the 9th house because 9th house is the house that is 5th from the 5th (Bhavat Bhavam).

Check the Saptamsa Chart.

Check the Beeja Sphuta Point (Sperm Point) and the Kshetra Sphuta (Egg Point) in the concerned charts.

Check for further afflictions on the 5th house and the 5th house lord.

The position of the 5th house lord in the 6th house or the 8th house or the 12th house may indicate sorrow through children.

Use the knowledge of Science too.

If the affliction of the 5th house is high in both the man and wife’s chart then the possibility of children is zero.

The common message:

The common message from most of the classical books of Vedic Astrology is that there is some major problem in the area of children. This is understood after reading books like Brihat Jataka, Phaladeepika, Saravali and other books.

In case the couple is childless for a long time and they have tried medical assistance, prayers and poojas and nothing else has worked, Saturn in the 5th house should be taken as the final word– “There will be no Children” and such people should adopt a child and forget the whole issue once and for all instead of going on and on with it thinking that in the next year they will beget a child.


  1. Thank you for this supportive information about Saptamsa and Saturn. Now I know definitely, that vedic astrology works, having Saturn in 5th and I am childless, because I was never interested in having own children. But, before anybody will judge me: Neither I do have an easy life, nor I wanted to transfer life difficulties which I have to my children in the future. So this decision is not just made out of “selfishness”. It is more made of “responsibility” for others. Look, I am already the only child of my parents, my father left family and I had always to struggle with job, the responsibility for my mother (who in a certain way is somehow a child, I have to care for – I have also Ketu in 4th house (Birth Chart).

    So I find it very useless to speak of childless people as being selfish and inferior. This is in my view a very orthodox belief system, which maybe had its sense only in the past. But: The outgrowing exponential increasing numbers of people all over the globe, our problems with resources and pollution of the environment – AND the high number of orphans or bad treated children throw another light of it. Because, at a certain growing number, people will lose respect for each other and treat each other worse, because then they will fight for resources and just to survive. Imagine a world with 20 billions of people, poor cities without space, a destroyed nature and very high food prices. How would this feel like?

    So, I don’t really know, if the belief, that only with procreation you will “achieve higher states”. I really don’t think so. Moreover, you should consider, that not every person is biologically able to create a child – so that in times or regions without a highly developed medicine these people remained however childless. Besides the fact, that the regular treatment with hormones can cause sincere side effects and it doesn’t feel right either.

    So, my personal opinion is, that humanity has achieved a status where children obviously are needed as before – but not at any costs and not on the expenses of their future or of nature. That means, that when for any reasons circumstances are not right or tolerable like family problems, old karmic patterns, health problems, missing partners etc. somebody can called a criminal either, if he gives birth to children, because then they have to suffer for all their life.

    See, in my experience it is better to be childless than giving birth to a human being who has to grow up either in poverty or suffer psychological damage through the chaos around him. In this case, it would be better, to give care for example for orphans or some NGO work than giving birth to a unlucky human being.

    So, people often are very judgmental when it comes to the topic of procreation. And in my experience in particular men can’t understand, when a woman choses / has to stay childless for whatever reasons. But: This is an old patriarchal pattern which goes in conflict with our modern society (which cannot set back). They are afraid to lose control over the society order, when woman become independent. But, as I said, evolution can never be set back, it goes only further to create its own balance – also considering the outgrowing numbers of people in this world. Think of the nature, animals etc. everything has to stay in balance.

    However: I highly agree with the mechanics that you have to give or to invest in something to get something back. This is a cosmic law to follow. So, it is a good advice to support or serve to society in a certain way, which is possible. And this could be indeed the care for orphans.


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