Saturn Transit on November 15, 2011


Saturn though moving at minimum speed attracts the maximum attention. Why? Saturn is the key to understanding what fate is in store for you.



The term “Saturn Transit” simply means that Saturn is moving from one zodiac sign (Rasi) to the next. This happens once in approximately 2.5 years. This time the Transit is special because Saturn enters Libra (Thula) where Saturn is exalted (happy mood). The interesting thing about Saturn is that this planet spends the longest time in each sign which is why Saturn transit makes headlines in the world of Astrology. The effect of transit varies from one moon sign to another. What is good news for one person is bad news for someone else. In a game one wins when the other person loses out. The following article lets you know whether it is good news for you or are you headed for a challenging phase of your life. More than just informing you what is more likely to come up, I have given information on what you should do to stay protected.


What is special about the Saturn Transit that happens on Nov 11, 2011?

The term “Saturn Transit” simply means that Saturn is moving from one zodiac sign (Rasi) to the next. This happens once in approximately 2.5 years. This time the Transit is special because Saturn enters Libra (Thula) where Saturn is exalted (happy mood). The interesting thing about Saturn is that this planet spends the longest time in each sign which is why Saturn transit makes headlines in the Astrology world.

Whatever is your Moon Sign (Janma Rasi) each one of you will feel the effect of this transit as the transiting planet is none other than Saturn – the planet that is connected to fate and destiny much more than any other planet in your horoscope. The effect of transit varies from person to person.  What is good news for one person is bad news for someone else. In a game one wins only if the other loses out.

This Knol lets you know whether it is good news for you or are you headed for a challenging phase of your life. More than just informing you what is more likely to come up, I have given information on what you should do to stay protected or be guided.

Saturn moves into the next sign (zodiac sign) approximately once in 2.5 years. Currently as I write this knol, Saturn is in Kanya (VIRGO). On November 15, 2011, Saturn exits Virgo (Kanya) and moves over into Libra (Thula).

Before reading any further spend some time observing the symbol of Libra which is shown above. The symbol speaks volumes of what Saturn signifies. Saturn is the planet of Justice. Saturn represents the pros and cons of life, the good and bad, the sin and virtue. Saturn in every horoscope represents the merits and demerits of the person. Saturn is not only considered very powerful in Libra (Thula Rasi) but also will be in a very happy mood. Saturn is exalted in Libra. So Saturn loves to come back to Libra after a period of 30 years.

Saturn  exalted means Saturn is at its best. Think of someone you know and let us call him X. X has moved into a place where he is not only happy but is also powerful. Let us say this X has become a Minister of a State and he is getting into a a place that he loves a lot. What will this Minister do?

When someone changes his place or role or attitude that is good for some people and bad for others. For example if a politician wins an election and comes to power that is good news for all those who are in a good relationship with him and bad news for those who were not in his good books.

Libra the sign that Saturn enters on November 15, 2011 is represented by the the weighing balance that represents so much of human nature. Human beings spend a lot of time weighing things and people who live around them. The million dollar question is “have you weighed correctly”? If you have done it right then Saturn no longer means the tough and challenging planet. If you got it wrong, then be sure that an unfavorable Saturn transit can really be bad.

Libra is one of the 3 human signs of the 12 zodiac signs. To differentiate other signs I wish to remind you that Aries is an animal sign because Aries has a mountain ram as its symbol. Taurus is the bull so Taurus in also an animal sign. There are 3 human signs. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These are also air signs. Intelligence is of the nature of air. Not staying on one place is similar to the very nature of Mind. Constantly moving. Constantly weighing the merits and demerits.

So the answer to the question on what is so special about this transit is…

  1. Saturn is entering his sign of Exaltation after a gap of 30 years.
  2. The positive role of Saturn will be fully experienced because Saturn occupies Libra. Saturn is the karaka for Karma – the judgment planet and Libra is the sign of Judgment as revealed by its sign – the weighing balance.
  3. Saturn aspects Jupiter and Jupiter aspects Saturn – we call this mutual aspect. Happens once in 15 years. In Indian astrology aspect means “glancing at”.
  4. The combination when Jupiter and Saturn mutually aspect each other when Saturn is exalted happens once in 60 years.

Libra represents Judgement day.

Saturn loves to be in Libra (Thula Rasi) because Saturn rules over judgements and giving justice to the right and honest people and punishment to the  corrupt and evil beings in the world.

Before going in the specific effects let us understand the general effects of Saturn Transit irrespective of any Moon sign (Janma Rasi).  Once the general effect is known it is easier to grasp what the specific effects are.  We have listed below some of the more important general effects.

Effects of Saturn transit on November 15, 2011 on the world at large:

  1. Corrupt people will be punished/jailed and made helpless before Saturn leaves Libra.
  2. More exposure of the corrupt and evil people of the society will happen.
  3. Justice will be given to those who were once oppressed by the corrupt people.
  4. Saturn represents Jail or confinement or hospitalization. So many anti-social elements and corrupt people will reach their natural destination. If the person has done many social service activities then hospitalization may be brief and the person will come out healthy.
  5. Democracy will become powerful and Dictators will fall or will have to give up their stance. Positive Saturn favors the desires of the weaker but honest people.
  6. Because Jupiter who represents the Judge (God, Guru, Masters) is looking at Saturn directly (7th house from each other), and Saturn is also looking back at Jupiter, the full emphasis of Saturn transit is going to be only on Judgement – Judgement – Judgement all the way.
  7. This mutual aspect between Jupiter and Saturn happens once in 60 years. Jupiter in the house of Mars shows the Courts and Police who will be very powerful during the next 1 year from May 8, 2011 which is when Jupiter entered Aries.
  8. Schools and Colleges will be able to get out of the clutches of the corrupt politicians wherever applicable.
  9. Temples and Religious leaders will have a greater say than the politicians. Many new temples (or places of worship in general)  will be constructed during the next 1 year.
  10. Banks will start helping the poorer people and those who genuinely need the money. Bank policies will favor the masses.
  11. Those who invested in Silver will reap good dividends within the next 1 year.
  12. Those in the Finance and Lending business will have 2 types of results. The honest one’s will show much progress in income. The dishonest one’s will be punished because Saturn aspects Jupiter.

When Saturn moves over into Libra (Thula) on Nov 15, 2011 the specific results on individuals are as follows:


  1. Vrishabha Rasi (Krittika Star, Rohini Star and Mrigasira Star) people (but not that good because Transit Jupiter in the 12th).
  2. Simha Rasi  (Makha Star, Poorvaphalguni Star and Uttaraphalguni Star) people  (At last! 7.5 years Saturn phase is over – as thanksgiving throw a party for poor people in your community)
  3. Dhanus Rasi * (Moola Star, Poorvashada Star, Uttarashada Star ) people (but Jupiter blocks the good effects of Saturn)

The good effects will be felt first by people who are born in the stars that come first in the Moon Sign and so also will be felt last for those who are at the end of the Moon Sign.


Example: In Vrishabha Rasi, Krittika Star people will feel the positive change first before Rohini Star and Mrigasira Star. 

* Special Message for Dhanus Rasi:

The Transit of Saturn is considered good whenever Saturn transits the 11th house from your Moon sign. So the transit of Saturn that happens on November 15th is good for you. But a special rule says that if any planet other than the Sun transits the 5th from your Moon sign during this time the expected good effects of Saturn is OBSTRUCTED by the transiting planet. While Jupiter is currently in the 5th house and that is GOOD for you, unfortunately Jupiter is at the same time blocking the GOOD effects of Saturn.

Good News for Dhanus Rasi people: 
The Good news is that Jupiter block the good result of Saturn only until 17th May 2012. Until then you will have to wait patiently for the clouds to move away. Until then you may do the Jupiter Remedies

Remember OBSTRUCTIONS are removable! Are they not? So you need to go to a place of worship on all Thursdays and also do the Jupiter remedies.

* Special Message for Simha Rasi:

The Transit of Saturn is considered good whenever Saturn transits the 3rd house. So it looks like Simha Rasi people gain a lot from this transit of Saturn into their 3rd house (THULA). With Jupiter in the 9th house it is really celebration time as far as the environment goes. However the truth is that not all the stars in this sign will experience the same good result.

Saturn phase is fully over for Makha Star. Poorvaphalguni 1st Pada people also will find the time good.

However Uttaraphalguni 1st pada (SIMHA Rasi) people need to wait for a year to get the benefits of Saturn in the 3rd house. In the same way the good effects of Saturn starts late for Uttaraphalguni, the ending of the good effects will also be delayed by a year. So there is nothing to lose. It is just waiting for your turn.

If you have anything in mind especially new venture etc you may start it because Jupiter is blessing you from the 9th house. The benefits may be delayed but it will come later on when Saturn moves further into LIBRA.

Jupiter Remedies (in case Transit Jupiter is the problem).

  1. Donate plenty of gifts like gold coin, silver coins, clothes, sweets to teachers who are not financially well off.
  2. Regularly praying to Gurus like Yogiraja Shirdi Sai Baba or Guru Raghavendra or a SadhGURU with whom you are very well aligned.
  3. Distributing yellow color dress materials to the poor and needy
  4. Distributing yellow sweets and food to devotees of Guru inside the Guru temple.
  5. Offering Guru Dakshina (Temple Hundi)  inside the Guru Temple.
  6. Falling on the feet of elders in the family especially Father and Grandfather.
  7. Pitrushanti pooja to be regularly done on all Amavasya.
  8. Be thankful to all your teachers and visit some of your teachers from school days and give them gifts and get their blessings.

Once you receive the blessings of all your GURUs the obstruction caused by the Jupiter on Saturn will be removed and you will continue to get the blessings of Saturn. Do not miss the opportunity. Many people love to say “Ignorance is bliss”. If that is true we should have not gone to school or college and remained in a blissful state. “True Knowledge gives you Bliss”. Astrology is a gold mine of knowledge.


  1. Kanya Rasi people (last 2.5 years part of 7.5 years Saturn phase).
  2. Thula Rasi people (right in the middle of great challenges)
  3. Vrischika Rasi people (The beginning of 7.5 years Saturn phase).
  4. Meena Rasi people (the challenge packed – Saturn in 8th – Ashtama Sani phase)

For Kanya Rasi:

Transit Jupiter in the 8th is not favourable. Hence you may have to do all Jupiter remedies that is mentioned above. Saturn in the 12th house indicates certain possibilities like:

  1. Heavy and unwanted expenses (may also mean loss).
  2. Pain in the knees and feet. (inability to walk properly).
  3. Restrictions and feeling of being imprisoned by situations.

For Thula Rasi:

Transit Jupiter in the 7th is favourable. So until May 17th 2012 you are blessed and protected by Jupiter. So the effects of Saturn in Janma Rasi will be much less than what is expected. So you will see some light and get some relief. Despite all this keep in mind the following 5 points:

  1. Stress level may be unusually higher.
  2. Headaches and head related problems expected.
  3. Wear helmets at all time when driving 2 wheelers.
  4. Protect your head while in sports and games where there are possibilities of injuring head region.
  5. Health of father declines (if father is very old then expect great anxieties).
  6. If self driving a car, wear seat belt at all times.

Remember when JUPITER blesses it actually means that you will find solution through the following people:

  1. Grace of GOD and Grace of SadhGurus (Saints)
  2. Consultant
  3. Teacher
  4. Astrologer
  5. Lawyer
  6. Doctor
  7. Bank Manager
  8. Husband (for married women).

So one of the above will come to your rescue and guidance whenever Jupiter is well placed with reference to your horoscope or Janma Rasi. That is the meaning of saying “Jupiter is well placed in transit”. Otherwise the non living Jupiter planet has nothing to do with you. The position of Jupiter indicates this.

For Vrischika Rasi:

Sade-Sati or the 7.5 years Shani Phase begins on November 15, 2011. The beginning of Sade-Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase) is usually tough because you will be notice the difference more than anyone else. It is like the air conditioner being switched off! So you may have to read all about Saturn remedies. Read my knol “The fascinating number 8” and get to understand Saturn and its actual impact. I am not the only one here, so you may also read what other Astrologers have to say about this transit.

Transit Jupiter is no mood to bless you. That is because Jupiter is occupying the 6th house which deals with loans, enemies, disease and litigation.  So do the Juptier remedies. If you are student, then teachers and college authorities may not be in a good mood with you, so don’t play with them. They may punish you. So why take the risk? Take care of your liver. If are regularly into alcohol replace it is with pomegranate juice for a full year. Be slow when it comes to borrowing money from banks or when using credit cards.

Saturn and Jupiter combined result before May 17 2012.

 Rasi  Jupiter in
 Jupiter Status
 Saturn in
 Saturn Status
 Final Result
 Mesha  1  High Stress  7  Stress  High Stress
 Vrishabha 12  Loss of wealth  6  Very Good  Mostly Good if you are careful with investments
 Mithuna 11  Good  5  Not Good Mostly Good but Stress with Children, problems in romance and loss in Share market
 Karkataka 10
 Job Pressure  4  Stress Job pressure hence pressure in home life.
 Simha  9
 Good  3  Very Good Great Time! Enjoy
 8  Misguided  2  High Stress  Saturn effect 100%
 Thula  7  Good  1  High Stress  Protected from Saturn
 Vrischika  6
 Misguided  12  High Stress  Saturn effect 100%
 Dhanus  5  Good  11  Very Good  Jupiter Blocks the Good result
 Makara  4 Stress @ Home 10
First 15 months bad
Last 15 months good
 Maximum Stress at Home and increased workload in office.
 Kumbha  3 Maximum Stress  9  Not Good Bad luck lowered compared to previous Saturn position so you feel good!
 Meena  2  Good  8  High Stress High Stress due to Saturn but protected by Jupiter


Transits have the same effect as changes in environment has on us as we drive on the road. The road conditions are determined by your Dasha and Bhukti. These are called planetary periods. As the environment changes every driver will notice a difference. The comfort level changes as the environment changes. But the negative effects will be felt fully only if the road is also bad during such times. Is it not?

So verify the current Dasha and Bhukti that you are in before you come to a conclusion. While Transits are no doubt important the Dasha and Bhukti has a greater effect on you. So how can you ignore the information?

How to read the effect of Dasha and Bhukti?

Check the Dasha and Bhukti. Use Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Book (BPHS – Volume 2)  to find out what is in store as per the dasha and bhukti.  The 2 main publishers of this monumental book is Ranjan Publications and Sagar Publications (New Delhi).

Planet D rules your Dasha.
Planet B rules your Bhukti.

Rule 1: If planet D is in the wrong houses of your horoscope or if Planet D is afflicted by other malefic planets the Dasha will be challenging.
Rule 2: If planet B is in the  wrong houses or if Planet B is afflicted by other malefic planets the Bhukti will be challenging.
Rule 3: If both planet D and B are in the wrong places in your horoscope the trouble will be more than double.
Rule 4: If the planet B is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th house from planet D then also there will be extraordinary challenges.

If both Planet D and Planet B are in 6, 8 and 12th houses then the road condition is very bad. In that case Kanya Rasi people, Thula Rasi, Vrischika Rasi, Meena Rasi people will find the travel very very challenging. In such cases they should do all the remedies prescribed in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra or do at least the remedies connected to Saturn. They should drive very carefully on the road of their life. They need guidance and protection.

Please note that if the planet in the 6th house is Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu or Ketu  you need not worry. These planets give harmful effects only if they are in the 8th and 12th house.

If Planet B is in the 6th, 8th and 12th from the Planet D then the current period will be very challenging.

Is Planet B friendly to your Lagna? If yes, the trouble will be reduced to 50%.
Is Planet B unfriendly to your Lagna? If yes, the trouble will multiply 2 times.

Many Astrologers and those who have Astrology as their hobby make the mistake of ignoring Rule 4. Many wrong predictions were given because Rule 4 was not observed.

Tell tale signs that you are afflicted by Saturn:

Even without seeing an Astrologer or even if you do not know anything about your horoscope or Janma Rasi etc, if you are going through a period of affliction by Saturn either through 7.5 years Saturn phase or Ashtama Sani phase you will go through one or more of the following experiences so frequently. For such experiences you may know that you are in the bad books of Saturn. Do the Saturn remedies and pay up Saturn Tax and get into the good books of Saturn. It is quite easy.

SDT intervals:

SDT is short form for Saturn Dominated Time: Saturn is rules such a time. All Saturdays are ruled by Saturn. Dates like 8, 17 or 26 of any month is ruled by Saturn. Saturn rules the period from Mid Jan to Mid March, Saturn rules the date when ruling star is the 8th star Pushyami, 17th Star is Anuradha, 26th Star is Uttarabhadrapada.

While you may say so many dates are included I wish to say that negative events pertaining to Saturn will never happen outside of a SDT.

Following are the tell tale signs that you are going through a challenging Saturn phase. These happen only during SDT intervals.

  1. You find hair (or stones) very often in your food and that too when you start eating the food.
  2. Dandruff problems escalate. (hair related)
  3. Crow droppings fall on you or on the windshield of your car obstructing your  vision.
  4. Injury and accident happens during SDT.
  5. High emotional situations at home or office during SDT intervals.
  6. Serious health problems during a SDT.
  7. Kidney stones may form  and the pain erupt all of a sudden during a SDT.
  8. Fracture on SDT intervals.
  9. Police problems in SDT intervals.
  10. Bad news in SDT  intervals.
  11. You lose your lucky gem ring or one of the stone just pops out during SDT intervals.
  12. Saturday nights gives more trouble than pleasure. So avoid discos and pubs etc.
  13. Knee problems forces you to limp. Avoid jumping etc.
  14. Cervical spondylosis or backbone or other movement limiting ailments.
  15. Loss of very important relationship during SDT.
  16. A black vehicle may give you a problem during SDT.
  17. If you get to read this KNOL first time during a SDT then something good wants to remind you of all these so that you may stay protected.

Saturn Remedies:

  1. Feeding crows before you have your breakfast. Crows do free service of scavenging in your locality. So it is your duty to feed the crows. Do you not pay up if some one cleans up your house or toilets etc.Once your intentions are good the crows are not afraid of you. They begin to trust you. If you see this happening consider yourself lucky.
  2. Donate generously to blind people.
  3. Donate generously to handicapped people.
  4. Good dates to donate (as per Saturn remedies) are Saturdays, whenever dates are 8, 17 or 26 of any month, whenever it is Mid Jan to Mid March, whenever the stars are 8th star Pushyami, 17th Star is Anuradha, 26th Star is Uttarbhadrapada. These are called Saturn Dominated Time (SDT) intervals.
  5. Donate some of your black garments.
  6. Throw out torn and old leather items in your house.
  7. Refuse gift of leather. Avoid leather as much as possible.
  8. Avoid Non-Vegetarian foods on Saturdays and Saturn dominated time intervals.

Read my knol “The Fascinating Number 8” to know more about the power and influence of Saturn.


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