Saturn Transit on September 10, 2009


Saturn Transit - September 10, 2009 to November 15, 2011


  • Kumar E K Dhilip


Saturn Transit means that Saturn is moving from one zodiac sign (Rasi) to the next. This happens once in approximately 2.5 years. This time it is just about 2 years and 2 months. The interesting thing about Saturn is that this planet spends the longest time in each sign which is why this transit attracts the attention of those who believe in Astrology. The effect of transit varies from one moon sign to another. What is good news for one person is bad news for someone else. The following article lets you know whether it is good news for you or you are headed for a challenging phase of your life. More than just informing you what is likely to come up, I have also provided information on what you should do to protect yourself instead of watching helplessly.

Saturn Transit – Happens once in 2 ½ years

The event                     :   Saturn Transit
Date                             :   September 10, 2009 (valid up to November 15, 2011)
Time                             :  00:38 hrs (IST)
Venue                          :   From Leo to Virgo (from Simha to Kanya)
Chief Guest                :   Saturn

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Good news about Saturn Transit:

This transit is surely good news for Aries (Mesha Rasi), Cancer (Karkataka Rasi) &Scorpio (Vrischika). Cancer (Karkataka Rasi which includes Punarvasu, Pushyami andAshlesha) should celebrate this transit as this transit marks the end of a tough 7 and 1/2 years of a series of challenges that they have faced bravely and successfully completed.

This Saturn transit is also good news for all those who belong to Capricorn (Makara Rasi)which comprises of stars namely Uttarashada, Shravana and Dhanista.

Challenging phase of Saturn begins for Kumbha and Thula :

Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius) – Stars are: Dhanishta, Satabhisha and Poorvabhadrapada (Pooratadhi).
Thula Rasi (Libra Moon sign) – Stars are : Chitra, Swati and Vishakha.

Who are currently  under 7 and 1/2 years Saturn?    :

  1. Simha Rasi (another 2.5 years left)  Stars are:  Makha, Poorvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni
  2. Kanya Rasi (another 5 years to go)       Stars are:  Uttaraphalguni, Hasta and Chitra
  3. Thula Rasi. (the full 7.5 years ahead)  – Stars are : Chitra, Swati and Vishakha.

Before we begin understanding the effect of this transit of Saturn, I wish to remind you that not all events in life are a result of past life karma. We are bound no doubt because of actions done in our past but we also have the freewill that is capable of changing the outcome or manifestations of such actions.

Let us compare the effect of a negative karma with that of a prisoner in a jail. The prisoner finds himself in jail because he has done something that is unacceptable to the society or to the people who got him confined in a smaller space or restricted his freedom. So he may have to spend the required term in jail and that depends on what he did. It is obvious that the most gruesome deed attracts the maximum punishment. While in jail the prisoner can do lot of good things and change. Sooner or later someone will notice the change and he is likely to be sent out of prison. Or he may be let off after his full term, but whether he will come back to a similar situation is dependent on the fact whether he has changed or not. If he hasn’t he will soon be back like most prisoners who refuse the transformation from the bad to the good and from the foolish to the wise or from the unkind to the kind. The jail is expected to have this effect on the prisoner.

This transformation is what Saturn wants from us. Saturn is the planet of Justice. If not for this planet, most of us may remain as bad as we were in our past lives.

Like the good things in life, the most misunderstood, mysterious and feared graha (planet) in Astrology is Saturn, or Shani. Everything undesirable and miserable in our lives have been wrongly attributed to this planet. Most people know that Saturn (Shani) is far away from the Sun. Yet the word Saturn or Shani remains closest to our hearts whenever we speak of Astrology.

Being so far away the orbit of Saturn around the Sun is naturally bigger than it is for the remaining 8 planets that we refer to in Vedic Astrology. Saturn takes the longest time to complete one revolution around the zodiac. Saturn takes about approximately 30 years to make one full round and therefore occupies each sign for approximately 2 ½ years. Remember he goes through all the 12 signs one after the other, testing out a different group of people each time.Whenever He comes closer to your Moon Sign it is exam time.

Remember that the good and hardworking student is not really afraid of the examination. The bad students are not only afraid of the exam but are prone to failure much more than the hardworking students.

Whenever Saturn moves from 1 sign to the next, it is called Saturn transit. So once every  2 ½ years you are bound to come up with information on a transit of Saturn. Saturn is slow and is also called Manda (the slow one). Slow and steady makes Saturn the winner.

Invariably all discussions in Astrology finally lead to Saturn because this planet is the very representative of Karma or destiny. If Saturn is good and well placed in your horoscope it means you have more opportunities for being happier.

If Saturn is not well placed in your horoscope, it is a reminder that you need to do something to give back what you took from the society in your previous lives. So charity (giving it back) is the best way out of the problems in our lives whenever you are astrologically affected by this planet.

Contrary to popular misconception, Saturn is not the heartless Karma account keeper like some of the modern day bankers. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Saturn represents your Karma and therefore He is the accountant of all your deeds from your past lives put together. You are responsible for what is kept in your account. If you have a plus (fixed deposit) then you are going to mostly enjoy this life. If you have a loan you got to pay up or else the interests keep piling up. A loan means you have taken something from someone else and you need to pay it back. There is no other way out.

You have a bank passbook that lets you know whether you owe the bank or you the bank owes you. The horoscope  (Vedic or Indian method) is the only passbook (statement of account) you have as far as the account of life goes. There is no other way to measure your karma. Of course, whether you know it or not the banker knows, so also Saturn knows your account well enough. Even if you ignore the horoscope the effects are bound to be noticed by you.

So if you have a loan you got to pay up or else the interests keep piling up. When that happens, most of us end up bearing the brunt of our own bad karma and we start to complain about the injustice in this world. We even think that God does not exist because he is not helping us out of this loan.

Let us say that you have a loan and it is deducted directly from your salary. You may perphaps begin to curse the system not remembering that you have borrowed the money. The loan will be finally collected. Normally this occurs during the so called “dreadful” 7 ½ years phase of Saturn (Sade-Sati).

The Janma Rasi or Birth Rasi is where your Moon is, or in short it is your Moon Sign. Check out from your horoscope. See where Moon is. That is your Moon sign. If Moon is in Mesha (Aries) then your Moon sign is Aries or in other words your Janma Rasi is Mesha another name for Aries. If Moon is in Simha Rasi then your Janma Rasi is Simha.

Whenever Saturn Transits over the 1st, 12th and 2nd houses from the Moon sign the person is under this challenging period called Sade-Sati or 7½ years Saturn. Even when Saturn moves in the 8th sign from your Janma Rasi the challenges may be equally tough. This is the period called Ashtama Sani – the 8th house transit of Saturn.

To know whether you are are under the effect of the 7 ½ years phase or in the Ashtama Sani phase all you need to know is the position of Moon in your horoscope. When Saturn is one house behind it, or over your Moon or in the sign that is next to your Moon then you are under this Saturn effect.

Instead of calling such periods as dreadful it is better to refer to this period in a different way that brings in positive values. So instead of saying this in a dangerous phase in our life we should use terms like training period, loan repayment, great lessons, discipline, challenges etc.

Saturn tries to bring in a sense of discipline into our lives. He teaches us to acknowledge the value of time.  He teaches frugality, simplicity and humility. He also gives a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the happiness that comes from helping others. Once your karmic account is reduced, Saturn is so overjoyed that He liberally showers blessings on you. If the lessons are well understood in the proper context then Saturn is always going to be benevolent to you.

People, out of their sheer ignorance tend to believe that performing elaborate pujas alone will help minimize the effect of Saturn, not knowing that we need to take care of the helpless people in the world too. So combine prayers with donations and community service. Live and Let Live should be the policy at all time and especially when you are in a bad transit of Saturn.

On the 10th of September 2009, Saturn has moved from Simha Rasi (a place which He did not like being in) to the more amiable Kanya Rasi. Most of the things that were going wrong with the world in the past 2 ½ years are largely due to Saturn’s placement in Leo (Simha). Saturn being a cold graha doesn’t exactly relish being in the fiery sign of Simha the sign that is ruled by the hottest graha – Sun (Surya).

The strained economical conditions in the world and in our personal life, frequent accidents, chaotic weather, global warming, high failure rates of the governments to respond to crisis around the world were all, in some ways, due to the bad placement of Saturn in Leo. The transit to Virgo (Kanya) is therefore something that the world should look forward to.

All these apply to the world at large. So the above reading is only useful to know about the entire world.

When it comes to human beings then the approach is different. We need to know that the entire population is divided into 12 segments called 12 Moon Signs. Your Moon sign is where the Moon was when you were born. If Moon was in Aries (Mesha) then your Moon Sign is Mesha Rasi.

First of all let us share the good news. If you were born in Mesha, Karkataka or Vrishchika Rasi, the current transit that has happened on September 10, 2009 is going to bring in very favorable results.

If you are a Leo (Simha) then you after the transit you are in the last 2½ years of the total 7 ½ years Sani.

If you are Virgo (Kanya) then you are in the middle part and therefore have another 5 years of Saturn left.

If you are a Libra (Thula Rasi) person then it marks the beginning of a challenging phase called 7 ½ years Sani or Sade-Sati.

Nothing much to worry except that you need to be extra careful on every 8th, 17th, 26th and Saturdays of every month or when the date is ruled by a Saturn star namely the 8th star Pushyami, the 17th star Anuradha or the 26th star Uttarabhadra.

Watch out during Saturday nights; just get home as quickly as possible instead of spending more time in fun and frolic. If you seem to get into trouble very frequently only on these dates then you may have to see an expert Astrologer to find out what exactly is the problem in your horoscope or what are the best remedies that you need to do to bring down the intensity.

An often neglected aspect of Saturn’s influence is the presence of the other mighty planet, Jupiter (Guru). On 19th of December 2009, Jupiter (Guru) makes His transit from the Capricorn (Makara) where Guru is considered debilitated to the slightly better Aquarius (Kumbha). At least Jupiter is out of debilitation! So that is a good enough reason for world level celebration. The debilitated Jupiter has been one of  the main reasons for economic recession.

Reading the results of Saturn without considering the positions of Jupiter is to be considered a big mistake.

If Saturn is very badly placed then the presence of a well placed or a good Jupiter may mean that you will be guided by a Guru, Master, Coach, well-wisher etc and somehow you will find your way through the maze of problems.

The problem related to Saturn will be much pronounced only if Jupiter also is badly placed. Whenever a person is in trouble and if he does not have a guide or a teacher or adviser then the chances of committing a blunder is very high. In such a situation you need to pray to a great Teacher or Master, a Sath-Guru every day and especially on all Thursdays withoutfail.The masters will send you good teachers and good people who will bail you out.

If Saturn is good and Jupiter is badly placed or vice versa you may get mixed results which mean you will get into problems and also find ways to get out of it.

Please refer to the following tables.  We have provided 2 tables because even though Saturn stays in the sign of Virgo (Kanya) for a period of 2 ½ years, we need to consider the position of Jupiter because Jupiter transits during the end of this year creating 2 different scenario. The 1st table gives the combined effect of Saturn and Jupiter before Jupiter transit and the next one after the transit of Juptier.

The combined effect of Saturn and Jupiter before Jupiter transit that happens on
December 19th 2009

Rasi (as per Indian system)
 Score obtained due to Saturn Transit  Score obtained due to Jupiter Transit  Nett
on you
 Aries Mesha   2  -1  1  SlightAdvantage
 Taurus Vrishabha   1  2  3  Very Good
 Gemini  Mithuna  -1  -2  -3  Challenging
 Cancer  Karkataka   2  2  4  Excellent
 Leo  Simha  -2  -1  -3  Challenging
Virgo  Kanya  -2  2  0  Moderate
 Libra  Thula  -2  1  -1  Minor issues
 Scorpio  Vrischika    2  -2  0  Moderate
 Sagittarius  Dhanus  -1  2  1  Slight Advantage
 Capricorn  Makara   1  -2  -1  Minor issues
 Aquarius  Kumbha  -2  -1  -3  Challenging
 Pisces  Meena  -1  2  1  Slight Advantage

This part of Saturn transit has made Mithuna, Simha and Kumbha Rasi the most vulnerable to past lives action. So there is a great need for involving yourself in social service activities. (Refer the above table and try to understand)

The combined effect of Saturn transit and Jupiter Transit after December 19th 2009

Rasi (as per Indian system)
 Score obtained due to Saturn Transit  Score obtained due to Jupiter Transit  Nett
on you
 Aries Mesha  2  2  4  Excellent
 Taurus Vrishabha   1  -1  0 Moderate
 Gemini  Mithuna  -1  2  1  Slight Advantage
 Cancer  Karkataka   2  -2  0 Moderate
 Leo  Simha  -2   2  0  Moderate
Virgo  Kanya  -2  -1  -3  Challenging
 Libra  Thula  -2   2  0  Moderate
 Scorpio  Vrischika   2   1  3 Very Good
 Sagittarius  Dhanus  -1  -2  -3  Challenging
 Capricorn  Makara   1  2  3 Very Good
 Aquarius  Kumbha  -2  -2  -4  Very Challenging
 Pisces  Meena  -1 -1  -2  Difficult

From the above table you can see that:

Mesha (Aries) that comprises of Aswini, Bharani and Krittika stars are the greatest advantage after December 19th 2009. After that date they will get the full effect of the current transit of Saturn.

Kanya, Dhanus rasi people need to do all the remedies suggested at the end of the article. If you notice that the pressure is mounting when the date is 8 or 17 or 26th or whenever it is a  Saturday you need to contact your Astrologer to find out more from your specific horoscope.

Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) which comprises of Dhanista, Satabhisha and Poorvabhadrapada will have to bear with the tough times. The best protection is doing all the remedies associated with Saturn.. Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, vegetarian diet, regular worship, prayers to Gurus (Masters) will help you manage this tough phase of your life.

Simple but effective remedies for Saturn transit problem 

If you are born in Simha Rasi, Kanya Rasi and Thula Rasi or Kumbha Rasi and if you notice that you are abnormally stressed after September 10, 2009 then it is advisable to do the following remedies so that you may reduce the challenges to bearable limits:

During the period of Ashtama Sani and Sade-Sati (7.5 years Sani) the obstacles

and challenge may sometimes increase considerably. In such cases it is better to do all of the following or at least one among them on SATURDAYS or when the date is 8th, 17th or 26th: –

  1.  Donate food/clothing/medicine/shelter to the needy
  2.  Prefer donation to handicapped people on Saturdays.
  3.  Donate black/blue/brown clothes to toilet cleaners etc.
  4.  Avoid alcohol and other such drugs always or at least on Saturdays.
  5.  Worship GOD on all Saturdays.
  6.  Donate Sesame Seeds Sweet Balls to children in orphanages.
  7.  Try to feed crows or any bird whenever you get the opportunity.
  8.  Never harass or bargain with menial job workers like porters etc.

Most of us may wrongly conclude that an unfavourably placed Saturn is very unkind. Saturn forces us to pay back what we owe others in our previous lives. Donation helps us pay back the loan. When the loan is closed we are free and happy. Is it not? So Saturn has nothing to do with all this except that we are to blame for the misdeeds of our past lives. How can we blame the bank manager when we have a loan in the bank?

If you ask me a question with regard to this Knol, whenever I find the time or depending on the genuineness of the question I may answer the question on a separate knol:

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