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People all over the world are once again in the grip of another doomsday prediction. What is the fate of this prediction?



The greatest fear of mankind is the end of the world. While the fear of death is natural for all animals the fear of end of the world is only found in the kingdom of human beings. Human beings are capable of judging what may happen in the future using their intelligence, intuitive powers and logic. While they all accept there is an end to our world they are incapable of knowing when that is going to happen.

The end of our world in 2012


E K Dhilip Kumar, M.Sc.

The greatest fear of mankind is the end of the world. While the fear of death is natural for all animals the fear of end of the world is only found in the kingdom of human beings.

This fear is because human beings are logical creatures able to infer what will happen in the future. Add to this the many doomsday predictions from ancient times onwards. Strangely most of the doomsday prediction came from religious quarters (not Astrologers) because the religious leaders said that the end of the world is the last day of your life to join the kingdom of God or a particular religion.

More than just the fear of ‘no entry’ to heaven, people are worried because whatever they possess today will all be lost at the time of the end of the world. So any reason is good enough to get us thinking of the end of the world. This time we are all thinking about 2012 and especially the 21st day of December 2012.

All of us can easily understand that there is the end of our world somewhere in the distant future because we known subconsciously nothing will last forever. What starts must end.  But do we all have to believe that it will happen in the year 2012.

Look at the date. It is very interesting. 21-12-2012. The numbers in the date has only 1s and 2s. The number of SUN is 1 and that of MOON is 2. These are the largest objects we can all see up in the sky.

21-12-2012 adds up to 11 which add up to 2 again. So the date was probably selected due to some reason. It may be simply because there is a rhythm, pattern or numerology to this date.

The year 2012 has been selected simply because the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. However not a single ancient scripture including the Mayan calendar speak of 2012 to be the end of the world.

The Mayan civilization has been attributed with plenty of special intelligence merely because they had great astronomical wisdom. So even to the modern scientists they appear as super intelligent beings having the capacity to know what even the modern scientists have not known with regard to the end of the world. With the acknowledgement of their wisdom came their support to this view. So today we have whole lot of people from various walks of life supporting the theory that the world is going to end in 2012 because the Mayan calendar stops at that year.

In fact according to the ‘4 yugas’ schemes as mentioned in the Vedas, we currently are in the last one which is called Kali Yuga which started from Mahabharata times which is about 3200 BC.

To understand Kali Yuga we need to understand the earlier 3 yugas to get an idea as to why the world cannot end in 2012. So let us understand the yugas first.

SATYA YUGA – (sometimes also called krta-yuga): the golden age lasts 1,728,000 years. The process of self-realization in this yuga is meditation on God.  

TRETA YUGA – also called the silver age, lasts 1,296,000 years and the process of self realization is the performance of opulent yajnas(sacrifices).

DVAPARA YUGA – or the bronze age, lasts 864,000 years and the process of self realization is the worship of the deities within temples.

KALI YUGA – the iron age of hypocrisy and quarrel lasts 432,000 years.   The process of self realization is sankirtana, the chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord.

So Kaliyuga the present yuga is for about 432,000 years. This is good news for those who do not believe that the world ends in 2012.

Bad news for those who believe that the world ends in 2012 because we have completed only 5000 years out of the 432,000 years.

The Bible does mention about the end of the world. Jesus Christ speaks of the end of the world when the Sun shall no more be bright as it is today and the Moon will therefore stop reflecting the light of the Sun and so on. You may now recall that the numbers 1 and 2 used in the doomsday date is that of Sun and the Moon respectively. The Bible also refers to these 2 heavenly bodies when it comes to the topic of the end of the world.

A scientist also accepts the end of the world to be similar to this. This is based on the fact that the nuclear fusion happening in the SUN has to end one fine day. But that is not in 2012 because no scientist has ever said that.

 However because some of the scientists are human beings belonging to certain religions they have thought that this end is sure to happen in 2012.

Even according to the Hindu scriptures in the Dasavatharam (the 10 Avatars of MahaVishnu) we are told that the final one is that of KALKI when Vishnu appears as the one who swallows everything in the solar system. This is equivalent of what the scientists also approve as the collapse of the Sun and eventually pulling all the planets into the collapsing Sun.

The planetary positions in the year 2012 are given below. We have taken the date as December 21, 2012 which is the date that most people believe to be the end of the world.

Yes. The chart is not very encouraging as it shows extraordinary tensions and violence in the 2ndhalf of the year 2012 especially around December end.

On the early hours of 21 December 2012 the star is Uttarabhadra (the 26th Star = 8) and hence strongly related to Saturn. Uttarabhadra is a star that belongs to Saturn. Hence the date 21 December 2012 is an unlucky date. Take heart readers, because several times we have come across such planetary formations but apart from a series of disasters there never was the end of the world.

Whenever we discuss war and war like situations there are 2 planets that come up in astrological discussions. They are Saturn and Mars. So look at these planets in the above chart. This position happens once every 30 years. Jupiter is the planet that needs to be studied because that is the savior planet and the planet that is related to the divine grace.

In the chart you will see that Saturn is exalted (Utcha Rasi) because Libra is the exaltation sign of Saturn. Mars is also exalted because Mars is in Capricorn. Both these planets are moving towards their actual exaltation points. These 2 planets when powerfully placed in the sky usually indicate high energy, fire and explosions. This may mean anything from war, volcanic eruptions, nuclear explosions and any violent reaction on earth which included threats posed by terrorist.

Mars and Saturn are in Mutual Kendras (Squares from each other). Jupiter does not look at Saturn (aspect Saturn) which means the intensity is not reduced. However Jupiter looks at Mars by what is called the 9th house glance which means Mars energy is likely to be reduced by Jupiter. Saturn however is not controlled by Jupiter.

The Lagna (Ascendant) for the whole world is always Aries (Mesha). This is as per all the classical text books of Astrology. The Kalapurusha (Time Personified) has the 1st house  as Aries (Mesha). So in the above chart we see Saturn in the 7th which is considered a bad spot especially because for Mesha Lagna Saturn is a badhaka planet (hindrance) and the 7th house is the house of death. There are many planets in the 2nd and 8th house axis which means death on a large scale. Venus, Mercury and Rahu are in the 8th house which shows explosions and large scale natural disasters. 8th house is the house that deals with questions related to Ayush (Longevity).

What does that mean? It means there will be many natural disasters but Jupiter will prevent the end of the world. Great loss of life and property is foreseen.

But the end of the world is not at all indicated. Why? The 1st most important reason is that we have seen such similar planetary positions in the past and on such situations the world did not come to an end. Moreover in the above chart, Mars is the planet owning the 1st house and is also very strong and well placed in the 10th house. Jupiter is also looking at Mars which indicates divine grace and protection though initially there is so many issues to be tackled by the human beings in the 2nd part of year 2012.

The year 2012 was simply selected because the Mayan Calendar ends in 2012. Any human calculation is sure to end somewhere because it cannot go on forever. So the Mayans too being human beings had to stop the calculation somewhere. It so happened they stopped at 2012.

The logic people used to believe the Mayan Calendar as very serious is because the Mayans were able to get the lunar cycle correctly for many thousands of years. The calendar they used showed the eclipses exactly. So when the calendar ended in 2012, those who had other reasons to scare human beings used this as a doomsday.

The Mayans did not say that the world ends in 2012. They just stopped calculating.

Even in horoscopes cast by Astrologers the calculation dealing with years (planetary period) usually ends somewhere because the Astrologer stops somewhere. When the person (whose horoscope is being studied) sees the calculation ending at a particular age he or she usually suspect the ending to be death itself. Many people had asked questions like “….is that the end of my life…”? at the time they get their horoscope studied by an Astrologer. The same has happened with regard to the Mayan Calendar as well.

If your personal diary stops with December 31, 2011 does that mean that is the last day of your life? We can get another new diary next day. If the Mayans are alive today they will be able to prepare the calendar for another 2000 years. Is it not?

We cannot quote Jesus Christ and the Bible with regard to year 2012 because the Bible does not mention that 2012 to be the end of the world.

Similarly the Hindu scriptures though speaking of the end of the world in Kaliyuga does not mention the year as 2012.

The current situation is that the scientific advancement is so great that today there are more than a dozen good reasons available to show that human beings can end the world anytime they want due to nuclear weapons or global warming or something else that has been created by them.

The scientific reasons are superimposed on the mayan calendar and people are now predicting the end of the world.

Several such end of the world predictions have all failed in the past which is why we are alive today. So too even this one will fail.

Let us celebrate the New Year 2013 on January 1, 2013 and disprove once again that we have a long way to go.


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