Sreesanth – May be under Sade-Sati


To me it looks like Sreesanth is under the 7 1/2 years Saturn phase, may be he is Vrischika Rasi or Thula Rasi?


Sreesanth – May be under Sade-Sati

The arrest happened when the star ruling the day May 16, 2013, was PUSHYAMI the 8th star. This star is ruled by Saturn. Things that happen on this date usually gets repeated.

Whenever a person is arrested by the Police during the 8th star, the 17th star and the 26th star then 99% chances are that such a person is under Sade-Sati also known as 7.5 years Saturn phase.

Of course the dasha and bhukti (the major period and minor period) together will also indicate the arrest. The 12th house is strongly connected to arrest.

Today as I write this article the date is 17th. Yesterday was Saturn’s star and today as the newspaper report the incident it is 17th. This is called a double domination of Saturn within 48 hours and is very powerful.

Police starts with P whose value is 8.

Arrest is always related to Saturn – the planet that restricts everyone whenever Saturn dominates a horoscope. Saturn is the karaka (significator of jail) in astrology terms.

So Sreesanth may mostly be a Vrischika Rasi person because Jupiter is moving towards the 8th house and for Vrischika Rasi people Sade-Sati has already started.

Within Vrischika Rasi he may perhaps be born in the 17th star ANURADHA. So his birth star may be ANURADHA. Currently, transit Saturn is moving in the 12th house from Vrischika Rasi. The 12th house transit Saturn is usually very troublesome.

He may also be VISHAKHA because these people are also under 7.5 years Saturn phase and therefore he may be Vishaka, mostly Vrischika Rasi and less possibility of Vishaka-Thula Rasi.

So his star is either ANURADHA or VISHAKA, I am just guessing. 75% Anuradha and 25% Vishakha is my guess.

I do not have his birth details, his date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If anyone has it, please forward it and I will be in a better position to comment on what is likely to happen to him regarding the current problem.


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