The concept of Nakshatras is used in Vedic Astrology for accurate predictions and astrological analysis. Janamanakshtra is the Nakshatra in which the Natal Moon is placed at the time of birth. Janamnakstra gives an insights to one's thinking patterns, characterstics of the person and calculating the dasha period. As per our Hindu Mythology, Moon had married all the 27 daughters of King Dakshan, who are the 27 nakshatras in the sky. But, Moon loved to spend time with only one his beloved queen Rohini Nakshtara, which is also the exaltation point for Moon. Other wives (Nakshtras) complained to their father (King Dakshan), repeated requested to Moon by King was unable to change Moon's nature, finally King Dakshan got angry and cursed Moon, causing it to wane in size. Moon started diminishing in size.

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