Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti – The Irony of Fate


For many decades, Sukra Dasha - Sani Bhukti has been the hot topic, an endless debate among the learned in astrology. Despite research we have a long way to go before we fully understand this period....
Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti
For many decades, Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti has been the hot topic, an endless debate among the learned in Astrology. Despite research we have a long way to go before we fully understand this tough period. The confusion is largely due to the fact that both these planets are friendly to each other and Astrologer Kalidasa who authored the astrology classic Uttarakalmrita made it the hot topic by declaring that this period under certain conditions make even a king a pauper. Does it?

Astrologer K N Rao had written extensively on this nightmarish period. He has confessed that “…..whenever I came across someone under Sukra-Sani or Sani-Sukra I was always extra careful before I came to a conclusion”. This comment made me do a lifetime research on this period. After many years of experience with my clients who underwent this period, I learnt a lot more than what I read from the books.

Sukra (Venus) and Sani (Saturn) are friendly to each other. Yet when they rule a person together something else happens. Something dramatic or traumatic always happens. Have the ancient seers of Astrology missed out something when dealing with Sukra-Sani or Sani-Sukra periods. No. They have taken a different approach to the same period. However modern Astrologers have been trying hard to figure out the truth as stated in the classical book Uttarakalamritha.
Ask a person who has been through Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti
If you ask a person who has been through Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti 80% will tell you that it had been a nightmare. Anything that happens in this period not only happens all of a sudden but happens when most unexpected.

The times when a disbeliever of God and Astrology will become a believer
In my 25 years of practice, I have found out that during the following period most people turn to God and to a good Astrologer. They are:

7.5 years Saturn phase also known as Sade-Sati

Ashtama Sani period (the 8th house transit of Saturn from Moon sign)

Rahu Dasha – Sani Bhukti

Sani Dasha – Rahu Bhukti

Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti

Sani Dasha – Sukra Bhukti

Ketu Mahadasha (especially ending of Ketu Dasha)

My opinion has always been that after this period starts there is not so much use reaching out to God or a Guru or a Guide (these words start with G whose numerology value is 3 which once again is ruled by Jupiter – Guru). In fact you should reach God and Gurus before this period starts. Forewarned is Forearmed.

However not many people get that opportunity to do the right kind of remedies.
Separation is the keyword

Sukra denotes passion. The kings have more passion towards money. So during this period they become paupers. With all that money, everything was possible. They had their way. Now, with the money gone they can do nothing. So the king has become a pauper. It is separation from money, from power, from their super ego.

In most cases an affair starts, either the person or the spouse starts it. Either way it is the affair that causes the separation between the husband and the wife. Immediately there is the discussion of separation or divorce. One client who was going through Sukra-Sani loved her husband for a lifetime and then all of a sudden she fell in love with someone and after that it was nightmare at home with frequent fights and suicide attempts and threats on a daily basis.

You have been in a job, same place, for a very long time and then one fine morning in Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti you are told to leave. It comes like a bolt from the blue. Sometimes they do not ask you to leave but the situation gets so tough that you think it is better to leave. The experience at workplace will be too bad to be true. You do not even have the time to understand what went wrong. Even if you quit and join a new place, there you will find the villain in a different form and name. Such has been the experience of a client who was going through Sukra-Sani period.

I came across many clients who lost one of their dear and near, father or mother, or someone who matters a lot to them during Sukra-Sani period. Or their father or mother or an elderly person who mattered a lot to them suddenly fell seriously ill.

I met a person going through Sukra-Sani and he told me that he had a heart attack and was admitted in the hospital. He had recovered but that day he thought he was surely not going to survive. He told me that he had been very healthy all through his life.

I came across a person going through Sukra-Sani period who lost everyone who traveled with him when his car was crushed by a big vehicle and he was hospitalized.He had traveled 1000’s of miles by road and he never met with any accident. However this time was it near death situation. Of course that man lived to tell me the story of that midnight accident with happened on Friday midnight. Take note that that it comes close to Saturday. Fridays are ruled by Venus (Sukra) and Saturdays are ruled by Saturn (Sani). It tallies so perfectly with Sukra-Sani period.

It is wise to see your Astrologer before Sukra-Sani period starts. The good and prompt advise will go a long way in helping you handle this period very carefully.


If Saturn is the lord of the 2nd or the 7th house of if Saturn is occupying the 2nd or the 7th house it is better to do a Mrityunjaya Japa Homa on a Saturday as soon as the Sukra-Sani period begins.

Also do a TilaHoma on a Saturday.

You may do a Durga pooja on a Friday.

If the trouble is too much then donate a black cow in charity on a Saturday.

Donate money on all Saturdays to the poor and needy.

Get your horoscope read by a good Astrologer who will give you simple do it yourself remedies that you can do once a week throughout this period.


  1. I have never believed in astrology before, but yes after this I truely believe in the creator, the God. karma is very much real. i may have suffered a lot during this period, but i also have learnt a lot, violence and rudeness is never the right path, anger leads to self destruction. nobody is perfect, accept people, do not try and fix anyone, just love and light. patience and perseverance is the key. I am letting go, thankfully bhukti is ending on october 25, i am ready for a new life, thank you god


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