Sun in the 1st house


Sun in the 1st House

The Sun in the 1st House or Ascendant from several angles. Try to find out what is common.

From Bhrigu Sutra:

Sun in 1st

  • Arogyavan (Good health) (high immunity level)
  • Pitta dehi – Bilious constitution, Acidic stomach
  • Netra rogi – Eye Disease
  • Wise
  • Good conduct.
  • At certain times bereft of right knowledge and right sense.
  • Highly intelligent,
  • Speak less,
  • Will live away from birth place (native place)
  • Happy.

If Sun in Mesha then great name and fame is indicated.

If this Sun in Mesha is aspected by benefics, the person will be highly learned.

If Sun is in Thula the person will be dignified. He will, however be slow to learning and have serious eye problems. (These ill effects will not be felt, if the Sun is aspected by benefics)

If Sun is in Simha or Simha Navamsha the person will acquire lordship over some territory.

If Sun is in Karkataka (Cancer) the person will be knowledgeable. He will, however, suffer from boils in the body.

If the Sun is in Capricorn he will suffer from heart disease.

If Sun in Pisces he will be subservient to women.

If Sun is in Virgo, will be father of daughters only. He may lose his wife and may not be grateful.

From Brihat Jataka –

  • valiant,
  • obstinate, (high ego)
  • defective eyes
  • cruel hearted.

But if Aries be the Ascendant, the person will earn himself but will suffer from eye disease.

If the Sun be in Leo, the person concerned will be night blind.

If Libra be the ascendant, will be blind and poor as well.

If the ascendant be Cancer with the Sun in it, the person concerned will have inflamed eyes.

From Saravali book

  • lazy,
  • quick temper,
  • proud,
  • cruel,
  • valiant
  • unforgiving.
  • cataract in his eyes if the Sun be in Cancer.
  • defective eye sight, if Sun be in Aries in the ascendant.
  • Sun in Leo will make night blind.
  • If the Sun be in Libra, will be poor and issueless.

From Chamatkar Chintamani-

  • has a good nose and body and a high forehead.
  • He is troubled on account of his wife, children and family.
  • He suffers from bilious diseases.
  • He is always travelling.
  • His wealth is not constant. He has ups and downs in this respect.

Note – It will be seen that there is consensus that the Sun in the ascendant adversely affects the eyes.


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