Taurus – Zodiac Compatibility with Earth and Water, but rarely Fixed Signs

 Taurus - Pisces Compatibility

A Taurus Pisces match registers very high on the love compatibility scale, as this is another famous Earth and Water combination that almost feeds itself naturally. With the Fixed Earth Sign in Taurus and the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces, these two signs complement and balance each other wonderfully. Pisces as the Mutable Sign is one that takes the shape of whatever experience they are in, and Taurus provides a grounded nature to Pisces that Pisces hasn’t felt in some time. This match is another for Taurus that feels truly grounded with a karmic and cosmic connection. It is based on a steep empathy for each other, and a strong foundation that neither in this pair will want to give up for almost anything. It is this foundation as well that will get them through almost anything.

Taurus - Aquarius Compatibility

The Taurus Aquarius love compatibility can be as strong as they want it to be, as both of these zodiac signs are Fixed Signs and committed to one person and one person only. Each other! Taurus is the Fixed Earth to Aquarius Fixed Air, and this is a combination that can literally move a mountain or even several if they put their minds to it. Aquarius is also a little on the unconventional side of things, which really piques Taurus fancy. Aquarius also appreciates how real and down to Earth that Taurus is, and so this match definitely has some promise. At first glance there will be multiple differences which leads many to say the Taurus Aquarius love compatibility may be problematic, but as two Fixed Signs, if they want to build it, the love will most definitely come.

Taurus - Capricorn Compatibility

 A Taurus Capricorn match is a great match when it comes to love compatibility, because both Taurus and Capricorn have a lot in common. Wanting the same thing is at the top of the list, along with a strong work ethic and a real and authentic nature that is difficult to find in any other match. Overall, with a double Earth Sign love match, you have a practical and responsible relationship. These qualities are the strengths of both of these zodiac signs, and so to many this pairing may even seem dull. But the commitment in both wanting the same thing will often prevail over any matters of boring, and gives this relationship a strong and grounded foundation that will stand the test of time.

Taurus - Sagittarius Compatibility

 A Taurus Sagittarius match on the love compatibility meter reads to many like opposites attract. But this is not the kind of opposites you see with other signs and Taurus, as there is little between these two that is in common. That will be the initial impression from a Taurus Sagittarius love match, but that does not mean this pair can not make it for the long haul. Both are very passionate and sensual, and will have no problem creating sparks with each other from the get go. That there is a lot different between this pair is actually what will make it work, as both will love what they learn about each other and will become stronger not just as an individual but as a couple together through the years

Taurus - Scorpio Compatibility

 A Taurus Scorpio match is one that both parties will enjoy immensely, and intensely. There will be very little middle ground with this pair, it will either be amazing or absolutely anything but. That is because as being the opposite to each other in the zodiac, these two are polar opposites, with an abundance of love compatibility between them. They both want the same things and feel things intensely, which is exactly what will work both for and against this pair. There is a cosmic connection underneath this match however, which is likely what will keep them attuned so well to each other over time. Their strengths, if they are committed which is likely, will balance out their weaknesses beautifully. Even better, the Taurus Scorpio love compatibility is one that will strengthen both of them over time.

Taurus - Libra Compatibility

 A Taurus Libra match registers very well on the love compatibility meter. Both signs are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and this makes for a very harmonious and loving match. There is a strong flow of feminine sensuality, love, and karma in this connection, and both Taurus and Libra will often feel like they are soul mates. This can be seen as the connection of two halves making one whole in many Taurus Libra matches. This relationship will be slow to start and slow to percolate, and may even seem to both that they share little in common. Over time however, this love will percolate into something beautiful, and one that has the potential to even last many lifetimes. Understanding and growing together in their differences will be what makes this union last.

Taurus - Virgo Compatibility

 A Taurus Virgo match is one that isn’t given enough credit from a love compatibility perspective. A lot of people think that two Earth Signs getting together makes for a very dull match indeed, but the love compatibility here is much stronger than at first glance. There is no question that this is a very practical match, but it is a successful one because both Taurus and Virgo have a work ethic that can’t be matched. So not only will they be successful financially, but they are both committed to making it work, and will literally do anything to make that happen. Once Taurus gets their sights on a Virgo, Virgo may as well start the ring shopping or ring hinting. And Virgo will have no problem with that, because who wouldn’t want to spend a lifetime with the sensual, sexy, and hardworking Taurus!

Taurus - Leo Compatibility

A Taurus Leo match is a fun one indeed, as both of the individuals in this love combination love the attention the other provides. Leo is ruled by the Sun and thus needs a lot of spotlight and attention, usually in the form of flattery. Taurus as well enjoys flattery on occasion, but likes it in sexy presents, sensual gifts, and pretty things all around. Leo is very generous and has no problem with this, and so the two sets of needs between a Taurus Leo match balance each other quite well. Expect there to be a lot of sparks of the great kind when you join up this torrid Taurus Leo connection!

Taurus - Cancer Compatibility

 A Taurus Cancer match is one of those matches that many people dream of, so both of these parties will enjoy and cherish this match immensely. Here we have the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus loving the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, and this is a very compatible match indeed. Earth needs water to feel nurtured and grounded, and Water feeds off of their ability to sustain Earth’s needs. This match is very, very good for each other, and some say even has a karmic and soul mate connection. Both in this pair will mutually understand and grow with each other, so long as they focus on that as their shared outcome.

Taurus - Gemini Compatibility

 A Taurus and Gemini match is not necessarily the most compatible match on paper, but both Taurus and Gemini have their wills about them which will work well in this pairing. With Taurus we have the Fixed Earth and with Gemini the Mutable Air. There will be many times both parties will wonder, what was I thinking? At the same time, if they both give it some effort, the relationship will grow into something truly unique and beautiful. The Taurus and Gemini match has a lot to offer to both individuals working this out, so long as they both are committed to the same outcome.

Taurus - Taurus Compatibility

A Taurus and Taurus match is one that is founded in sensuality and stability. As the Fixed Earth Sign, Taurus is also a long term thinker, so this match is also one that is grounded for the long haul. Everything Taurus loves and needs will be met by their match in a Taurus and Taurus pairing. This is a relationship where the pair will be grounded, real with each other, and enjoy pampering and spoiling each other to no end. Both of the mates in this pairing are also dignified and charming. Being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, a Taurus and Taurus match is one that will be ruled by these traits through to many happy anniversaries together, so long as they learn to control their Bull side.

Taurus - Aries Compatibility

A Taurus and Aries match is a lovely and loving combination, one ruled with the glory of love. This is a quintessential Mars and Venus pairing, as Aries is ruled by Mars and Taurus by the lovely Venus. This match will produce balance and union, and will never be short on romance! Where problems may occur will be in the Aries desire to rush in and swoop pretty Taurus off their feet, while Taurus wants to take things a bit slower. When taken in stride, both of these signs can learn and grow together, and create a match made in heaven.

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