The best investment on Earth


We are repeatedly told that the best investment on earth is land, some say Gold and some say whatever brought them good luck. The best investment is something else.

What to do we take with us when we go?

In India, every Indian is a bit of a doctor and an astrologer. They speak on philosophy so easily that you may think that everyone here is a saint. On closer look you find out that the knowledge they possess is superficial.

I have heard many times people saying that, “….when we die what do we take along with us”? According to them, they think that they carry nothing when they die. Whenever possible I tell them, “… wrong, you will carry your virtues and sins into the next life. I warn them that with death things do not reach a full stop. It just continues. Only a true yogi will carry nothing forward as a luggage. When was the last time you traveled without something with you. You carry at least your credit card. So stop telling others “what do we take with us when we go”!

If everything ended with death, how nice that should really be! Just think after we finished our 12th standard exam (as in India) and then we all carry nothing forward how nice that should have been. Imagine nobody carries marks, nobody has to try to get a seat in a college, all students simply disappear, how nice. But did that happen? Each time we moved from one place to another we carried forward so much.

The Buddha said, “…after I leave nothing of me will be left….”. That is only for the Great One like Buddha. How can we, ordinary people think that there is nothing else that remains of us? It took The Buddha many births to reach the perfect state. If we too cease to exist after death, then in a way we achieve what The Buddha achieved after so much effort across many lives.

After we complete school, when we go from school to college, what do we carry? We carry nothing from the school, we do not take along our friends at school, we leave them behind and we leave behind the teachers too. We all know that.

However, all of us carry forward the knowledge that we acquired from school. It comes along with us wherever we go. If we have low level of knowledge we carry that and if we have good level of knowledge we carry forward that too.

If we put in hard work while at school, we stand a greater chance of having a better situation in college. Those who did not study well in school will find the going tough in college.Students who thought the school was the end usually failed or have low grades. So if you think that that this is your last life then you are going towards trouble.

So stop telling that with death everything is over. If you do that you will surely find yourself in a bad spot soon after death. Ignorance of existence after death is no excuse. Every religion in the world says that with death things are not over for us. There is a comma after death and there is no full stop.

So there is no use telling that when we die we carry nothing forward. However the truth is that we carry none of the gold we possess, none of the property, the family that you were born in or you have raised does not come with you after death, all your work will be left behind with those who continue to live, but we will surely carry forward our merits and demerits into our next life.

Every day of your life you are either adding to your merits or subtracting from it. Only issue is that we do not have an electronic gadget keeping a track of all this to show who is where.

Anyone you see today leading a comfortable life, with least problems surely has brought foward a good deal of merits from the past life.

If you see someone struggling daily, he has simply run out of merits, he brought more of demerits into the current life.

Businesmen and economist always teach you how to add more money to your life.

The spiritualist all over the world and especially many from India will let you know how to add more merits to your life.

In case you are bored with merits and demerits, in case you sick of winning and losing then it is time you start thinking of retiring – retiring means Moksha – and that means Salvation.
Investments on Earth
Many economists tell us that the best investment on earth is earth itself. However, there are many cases where people have failed miserably with investment in lands. In India, if you own a big piece of land and it has appreciated too much, then there is the threat of politicians who may grab it from you, there are so many ways people can force you to sell your land at a loss. When you need the money, it is called distress selling and people wait like vultures around your property.

If in your horoscope you have the 4th house afflicted and also the 4th house lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th you will now and then get into trouble with your investments on land. You will find it hard to retain a particular property that is in your name for long. You may have to sell them at a loss. With such an astrological combination it is less likely that you will get a vaastu compliant property in your life time.So land after all is not the best investment on earth.

Today people are investing in land on the Moon too. They say it is all sold out.

However, if your 4th house is beneficially placed, if your 4th house lord is in the houses linked to wealth and desires, your investments with land will not go in vain. You should not invest in land so much that you do not have money to have a healthy life with less stress.

Some people invest so much in land by borrowing huge sums of money and areperpetuallyin debt. They forget that they are losing everything else for such owning a few extra property. In such cases, they look like fools because others will enjoy their land after they pass away.

True yogis do not possess a land. Jesus Christ did not. The Buddha gave up His kingdom. Ramana Maharshi did not worry about land. They feel that they possess the entire universe. They knew that everything is already their own. Why buy a piece of land that is already yours? That is their way of dealing with this.

The failure of investments

The failure of investments is felt only at the time of death. If you have descendants who are going to enjoy your property then you will feel comfortable that that your children or grandchildren are going to enjoy whatever you have invested in. However from an absolute point of view you have to lose them all eventually. This is the futility of all investments. Since you carry nothing of such investments into the next life, truly such investments are a waste from an eternal point of view.

Short Term Investments
You may consider all your investments on earth as a short term investment. Because they are limited and the limitation is death itself. So what is the meaning of short term investment when life itself is too short. 100 years will fly off. Whatever your age, can you really feel that it is long. Think about it. It appears as a second. We really cannot grasp the length of time that we have gone through. I am 51 today, but it appears as a second. The reason is that we always live in that 1 second. So every investment you make is a short term investment.

If you have a family it is okay with some amount of pursuit of wealth, at least for your children, because you brought them into the world and you have a responsibility. However as you earn your money you should remember that you must do some good things to the society around you. You must invest for your next life. Give money to the poor and needy. It will come back to you whenever you are in need in the next life. If you put money in the bank today, you can take it out whenever you are in trouble. Similarly in the next life whenever you are in trouble you can draw from your karmic virtue balance that you carry forward.

Long Term Investments

Reach out to God through prayers daily. Spend at least 1 minute in deep prayer once in the morning and once just before you sleep. Ideal time is 24 minutes of prayer everyday. That is the 1st long term investment.

Feed a crow, a pigeon, an animal or a human being before noon time every day of your life.

Every year give a wheel chair (any support mechanism) to someone who desperately needs one. An artificial limb for example.

Always contribute for the infrastructure of a place of worship once a year. All the places of worship that you go to today is the contribution of someone else.

Donate one old dress that you have whenever you buy a new dress. If your wardrobes are full do not make the wardrobe bigger, just donate some clothes instead.

Take care of your father and mother as much as you take care of your spouse and children. If you neglect your parents, your children will neglect you.

On all Saturdays do social service activities. Join a club like Rotary Club or any other club that is doing social service activities. Such organisations can do things that the Governments cannot. Advice people not to enjoy on Saturdays, instead if they want let them have it on Fridays (Venus = Enjoyment).

Donate blood whenever needed and whenever possible.

Save a life whenever possible. Eat non vegetarian food only if you do not get vegetarian food. Inform more people of the benefits of vegetarian food.

Organ donation is also one of the best long term investment.

Eat, Drink and be Merry!
Eat, drink and be merrrrrry! For tomorrows Sun may never rise to thee.

This ancient proverb is repeated often as an excuse for doing what one wants in Kaliyuga. You can accept this proverb only if you believe that you will not be reborn and death is the final moments of your existence.

In case you believe in rebirth and therefore you know you will be born again, you may rephrase the proverb as Eat, Drink and be Merry for you live this life only once.

So people invest a lot on eat, drink and be merry. They buy the best liquor even though all liquors are essentially the same. They boast of the high cost or the age of the drink. Older liquor seems to make them wiser. They pay a lot of money to get them. They eat the best and expensive food.

Soon we found out that such notions are wrong. The drinking leads to pain and loss of time and money. They lose the health that nature gave them for free. People put on weight. Then they have to invest in treadmills to burn down the calories that they put in on the pretext of being happy.

Sooner or later one finds that drinking and this kind of merry making is the wrong kind of investment.

What is the best investment on Earth?

So here is the final answer.

The best investment you can make as you live on earth is doing good and praying to God. So the best investment is GOD and GOOD.

So simple. But this is the only way out. You will never repent for this kind of investment. Let me explain.

Take the case of the President of France, Charles De Gaulle. In August 1962, 12 Gunmen fired about 140 bullets at the car in which he was travelling towards the airport. All the 4 tyres were flat, 2 people protecting him died on the spot. The skidding car somehow steadied itself and when they finally reached the airport, the President came out without a single scratch on his body. Such protection comes from the merits of previous lives. Some may say that all this happened because the car in which he traveled was superior. Remember the car is a 1962 car. We know that cars 10 times better than that today has killed many people in simple accidents. If your punya (merits of previous lives) is good enough you will automatically find yourself in a good car like what the President was traveling in.

We may recall 100s of such incidents that we normally dismiss off as a coincidence or club them under the term “Miracle”.

Give food to others who are hungry. Organise such activities in your community. Do not turn a deaf ear to the cries of the hungry. In the next life, you will get enough food all the time. In the next life you will never become obese. You will not get diabetes. Therefore giving food to the hungry is one good investment you can make on earth.

Give money to those who are desperately needing it. In your next life you will born to rich parents who will shower you with pocket money as long as you want.

Give dress to those whose clothes are torn or to those who are not wearing enough dress to cover up their body. This investment will return its dividends in the next life when your parents will keep buying you dress even without you asking for it.

Feed the crows around you and in the next life you will not have much trouble from the planet Saturn.

Try to visit as many holy places as you can in this life time. In your next life you will always stay protected and guided by the grace of God.

Do not ignore your surroundings and problems of others
The famous MOUSE TRAP story. This is a story I love telling people who love to tell me that “it is not my problem”.

One day, a little mouse was hiding in a cupboard when he peered through a crack in the doors and saw the farmer bring home a small wrapped parcel. The mouse was hungry and so he was hoping for some food. However, when the parcel was opened, the mouse was shocked to find that the parcel contained a new mouse trap.

Though the mouse was small, he had lived on the farm for all his life and knew of all the hiding spots and traps to avoid. His friends, however, did not know of this and he scurried into a gap in the wall to warn them.

‘Beware! The farmer bought a mousetrap, could you help me remove it!’, he told the chicken in the old henhouse. And the reply was ‘I live in the henhouse so it won’t affect me”.

Then the mouse sought the help of the big pig who was in no mood to help, because the pig felt that this was not his problem either.

Then the mouse reached out to the fat cow in the barn but the cow offered no help either saying “it is your problem, what am I supposed to do”?

One night the farmer’s wife heard the trap snap. She put down her knitting and went to the kitchen to investigate. Little did she know, a venomous snake was trapped in the mousetrap. When she moved closer to the trap the snake bit her.

Despite treatment by the doctor, the lady fell sick. Someone told the farmer to give her a chicken soup. So the farmer killed the chicken.

Family and friends began to visit the farmhouse to help the poor farmer and his wife. To serve them food, the farmer had to butcher the pig.

Unfortunately, the farmer’s wife died. The cow was slaughtered for the feast after her funeral.

The mouse watched everything through his cupboard, devastated that he could no longer save them.

Every time you tell “it is not my problem”, think of this story.


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