The Philosophy of Astrology


Indian Astrology is firmly rooted on the principle of Karma and Rebirth. If you do not accept rebirth but continue studying Astrology then it is the height of contradictions.



Vedic Astrology is a serious and rewarding attempt to know more about your precious life. If you pursue Astrology in the right perspective you will really be glad that you took up Astrology as one of your interests. There is no other dependable way to decrease the uncertainty and suspense that fills out life. Science and other types of knowledge are of course helpful but these do not remove the fear of the unknown.

Philosophy of Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a serious and rewarding attempt to know more about your precious life. If you pursue Astrology in the right perspective you will really be glad that you took up Astrology as one of your interests. There is no other dependable way to decrease the uncertainty and suspense that fills your life. Science is helpful but the knowledge that comes from modern science does not remove the fear of the unknown.

Unknown to many is the fact that Vedic Astrology or Ancient Indian Astrology is firmly based on the theory of Karma which in turn is based on the philosophy of rebirth. The theory of Karma says that this life of yours is not the first and last experience of living on earth. If you accept that you believe in Vedic Astrology and at the same time say that there is no such thing as rebirth, then you are contradicting yourself. So the first requirement in understanding Astrology is that you have understood the concept of rebirth. Many who studied Astrology without having even believed in rebirth have after sufficiently understanding Vedic Astrology have now understood rebirth as well.

It is unlikely that GOD created us for one life on earth. Why would He do that? Have you seen anyone play just one game and quit cricket, badminton, chess or watch a move? We do things repeatedly is it not? We love to repeat what we have done before. Desire makes us repeatedly do something. We feel that next time we will do it better and go back to repeat what we have done earlier. So too we are born again and again thinking that each time we will make it better than ever before.

Moreover you may perhaps consider Him (God) a little rude if you are going to find yourself in eternal hell which runs for zillions of years for doing bad things in as short a time as 100 years of this one life. Eternal heaven is just too much a reward for just doing something good for say about 100 years in this one life.

What I am trying to say is that one birth is too short a time for anyone of us to be judged and eventually punished eternally or rewarded forever. Eternal heaven would be boring and none can last in an eternal hell. Even a world champion has to fight it out or prove his mettle again and again or he is overthrown. We do not find anything permanent in the world of cause and effect. A rich man cannot stay rich forever. So how can there be eternal heaven and eternal hell?

Everyone would commit suicide in hell because that’s what most people on earth do when things go too far. Eternal heaven will also be hated by us. If you win every game you play with a player A then you will start losing interest in continuing and will look for player B who will defeat you. You need a fight. We love stress. We invite stress and tension which is why there are so many horror and thriller movies rolled out year after year. We love roller coaster ride than having a peaceful nap. So a peaceful heaven for eternity should be really a hell for most of us or it may be just to boring.

Once you are fully convinced that this life is neither the first one not the last one, then Astrology will get even more interesting.

Consider your horoscope like something of a mark/grade sheet (Certificate) that you got in the finals at school after your exams. The marks in your certificate reveal your past efforts and this certificate to a great extent may decide on your future as a student or a person going in search of a job in case you finished your studies at college.

If a person were to evaluate you either for a job or for entry into a school or college the starting point would be this certificate. Based on this certificate a lot can be told about you in terms of what you are capable of, or to a great extent we can know what to expect from you. Though there is scope for improvement through great effort there is to a great extent something that is known about you as one looks into your mark sheet, score card or curriculum vitae (bio-data/profile).

A good Astrologer instead of concentrating on predictions should spend more time talking to you about how to take advantage of the positive situations and opportunities that are to come before you at various points in time. Similarly warnings are really needed in case you are are heading for a disastrous bend or a wet road.

You got into the current family because you were eligible for getting there. The karmic law took care of your entry into the family which comprised of your father and mother and siblings already born to them. You did not get there out of mere chance. We do not see any student entering a school or college merely out of chance. There aer so many formalities before you join even a simple job. Getting into a new life should be even more complicated and a serious business.

Astrological remedies are something that is comparable to the medicine that a doctor gives. If you know the disease you have a greater chance of identifying the correct medicine in case of curable diseases. Consuming the medicines in a particular way helps a lot as is known to both the doctors and the patients.

If you strangulated a person in one of your past life then you will have to undergo a life of breathlessness because of Asthma and that explains why doctors fail to understand and cure karmic diseases like Asthma.

If you burn up someone then in a future life you are sure to suffer from burns or suddenly suffer from leucoderma the white skin disease that has remained incurable.

If you cheat on others and don’t return the money that you borrowed then in a future life you will work hard but the money will all disappear. Such a life we call as payback life. If you know the cause you can reverse it in case it is pardonable. If it is not pardonable you can reduce the sentence from say 7 years of punishment to 3 years if you plead to the Judge (in this case GOD). This is how a remedy works.

In Vedic Astrology we are told not be believe in a 100% fate or destiny but consider life as a great possibility for solutions to our problems. However if you have to change something then you should first be aware of it. For example based on your repentance, prayers to GOD, charity and good work in this life you can bring down the suffering from 100% to say about 25%. If you surrender to GOD completely you can bring it down to zero which of course is difficult.

So learn Vedic Astrology. If you have the time then get your horoscope examined by a good Vedic Astrologer. I am not the only one here. There are 100s of  good ones in this world. Many people say “I am scared”. Have you ever seen a driver telling “I am scared to read the road signs that predict accidents”. First of all whoever told you that the road signs that read as “Accident Zone” is predicting an accident for you. It just says “Please Slow Down” because lot of people met with accidents in this part of the road and so there is a greater chance for an accident.

In the same way the planets are whispering to you… slow down… or here is your chance… grab it and make the hay when the sun shines… and if you have ears listen to them for your own good.

Planets are called planets because they have a plan. Decipher them before it is too late!

Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar


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