The Positive and Negative side of Saturn


Saturn - The most powerful of the planets in your horoscope. Should you not know the positive and negative side of this great planet. In this article, I have given many important aspects of Saturn from a simple point of view.


The Power of Saturn

Though the sky is full of countless stars and planets only the following 9 find their place in your horoscope. They are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Of these heavenly bodies Saturn is the most important and powerful planet of them all.

Saturn is associated with the wind factor (Vata planet) going by Ayurvedic concepts. Such a relationship was established from ancient times (pre Mahabharata times). Recently astronomers and scientists have proved that Saturn has the greatest wind speeds among all other planets in the solar system. So Saturn rules the inside wind and the outside wind. Ayurveda says that the wind factor in the body causes pain.

In Numerology (Cheiros System), Saturn is associated with number 8 and the letters of the English alphabets – F and P.

Saturn rules all numbers that add up to 8 for example 17 or 26. These 3 numbers find their place in the calendar and therefore have a greater effect on us when compared to other number like 35 or 44 or 53 etc.

Saturn rules the following stars: (Aswini is 1st Star and Revati is 27th star

    8th Star – Pushyami
    17th Star – Anuradha
    26th Star – Uttarabhadra

Saturn rules Saturdays

Saturn rules the period between Jan 15 to Mar 15 of every year.

Saturn rules all those people, things and places that begins with the letter P and F.

Example of the Positive words of Saturn are:

P – Positive

P – Prayers

P – Prarthana

P – Providential help

P – Patience

P – Paracetamol (Pain Killer)

P – Parabrahman

P – Paramatma (God Soul)

P – Peace (Shanthi)

P – Pen (mightier than sword – fight by writing)

P – Promotion

P – Pardon

P – Polite

Examples of the negative words of Saturn are:

P – Problem (Prasna – question or problem)

P – Police

P – Prison

P – Pain

P – Poverty, Poor

P – Parting

P – Pathetic

P – Pit

P – Plague

P – Passion (Excessive Passion)

P – Perversion

Peace and Prosperity

Peace leads to prosperity. Prosperity leads to peaceful existence. That is why peace is considered as the most important aspect of prayer mantras of India. Most prayers end with the chanting – Shanti Shanthi Shanthi which actually means peace peace peace. Anything told 3 times tends to become the truth.

Find solution within the problem

Most of the things that we deal with in nature have their good side and bad side. The sun gives us warmth and energy and if you on the wrong side it causes sun stroke and wears you down.There is a saying that within the problems lies the solution. Some even say that the problem and the solution are the same things viewed from different angles.

Just like the vaccine contains the same virus and bacteria that causes the disease, so too the remedies of Saturn have the same things associated with Saturn.

If you have Problems then start Praying.

Pain and Pleasure is an experience by the same mind. They are opposites but according to the theory of Karma and The Buddha pain surely follows pleasure. So if you having some pleasure then be reminded of the possibility of pain. Just remembering the possibility of pain is more than enough to bring about some restriction in our lives.

If you have problems then start praying. If you pray problems will disappear.

Praradbha Karma is experienced because of past life actions. The correct remedies are to be done. In Sanskrit remedies are known as Prayashchit. Destroy bad prarabdha Karma by the right kind of Prayashchit.

The negative words that start with F and are related to Saturn are:

    F – Fraud
    F – Fault
    F – Fate (bad fate)
    F – False, Falsehood
    F – Foolish
    F – Fail
    F – Father (bad father)
    F – Fall
    F – Fun (excessive or mindless fun)
    F – Fired
    F – Fracture
    F – Faithless
    F – Foreign (bad luck in foreign countries)
    F – Fanatic
    F – F@#$ (avoid use of this word as you speak)
    F – Fatal
    F – Fear
    F – Fire
    F – Foot (injury to foot or foot problems around ankles)

The positive words that start with F that are related to Saturn.

    F – Faith. Faithful
    F – Fair (be fair, fair deals)
    F – Foreign (good luck in foreign countries)
    F – Family (taking care of family member)
    F – Fun (good fun in life)
    F – Fate (good fate)
    F – Father (good father)
    F – Favor, Favorite
    F – Follow (follow a good person or a Guru
    F – Food (good food)
    F – Fan following (as when you are a celebrity)

If Saturn is well placed in your horoscope you are most likely to experience the following:

    Possess bigger cars
    Bigger houses
    Many servants
    RichGood dress (clothing)
    Mass attraction (fan following)
    Money comes easily
    Philanthropic by nature
    Kind to others
    Offer food to others

If Saturn is not well placed in your horoscope you may experience the following:

    Less comforts
    Bad luck with servants
    Struggle for money
    Loans spiraling upwards
    Not generous in charity
    Leaking house
    Walls broken or painting peels off
    Rats moving about in house
    Hair or Stone in the food as you start consuming the food
    Joint pains
    Chronic Health Problem
    Terminal disease

If Saturn is the lord of the 2nd or 7th house or is placed in the 2nd or 7th and if you are in the planetary period of Saturn then do the following:

1. Become a Vegetarian

2. Avoid alchohol

3. Join Rotary Club or Lions Club or other social service clubs and participate in all community projects especially medical camps. Rotarians and Lions Club members may drink alcoholic stuff but they are better than those who drink and forget to serve the community.

4. Donate medicine to those who cannot afford them.

5. If you are a Hindu then pray to Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman or Lord Venkateshwara on all Saturdays.

6. If you are a Christian or Muslim do charity on all Saturdays and go to the Church or Mosque on Saturdays too.

Whenever your are afflicted by Saturn as per your horoscope….

People whose name begin with P and F will all of sudden enter your life and start giving you problems. If that happens start Praying to God for help, have faith in God, visit religious places as per your religion.

If a bone fracture happens to you know that you are currently in a bad Saturn phase – either transit or period of Saturn (dasha or bhukti or antara). Before this period begins or as soon as it begins do the following to prevent bone fractures:

Donate wheel chairs or crutches to physically handicapped people. This is the astrology vaccine that you need.

If the police give you trouble then you must know that Saturn is afflicting you.

Best remedy for all people irrespective of their religion:

Feed crows on all days before you have breakfast

2. Feed poor people on all days

3. Give poor people some of your dress material if you are not using them at all.

4. Give money to the poor

When Saturn afflicts a bad man who is doing business then problems are likely to come from the police and law. The bad actions may not be done in this birth but in previous existences. The best remedy is to give away lots of money to the people instead of trying to bribe the policemen.


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