The right and wrong reason


Reasoning is doube edged. It can take you to the wrong path and also to truth.



Reasoning is double edged. It can take you to the wrong path and also to truth. However, you will know only in the end which one is right and what is wrong. For example, until a thief is caught there is no way he understands that he is doing the wrong thing. While we make the move on a chess board, we mostly thing that the move is right. We forget the other person may also use his power of reasoning and see through your plan. Only the end will let you know what is the truth.

Everything that a human being does is based on reason. A murderer says he did that because he had a reason. The Buddha went in search of salvation because of a reason.

Ghost and Spirits

People believe in ghosts mostly because they have done something wrong to the person who died. Or they have not done enough good to them.  A murderer sees the ghost only because he is worried about his act and soon pays up for his crime even before the police gets him.

The fear becomes the ghost. That is why others don’t see the ghost. So people in India says only certain people can see a ghost.

A son sees his father’s ghost because he feels that he has not taken care of him while he lived. He wishes he comes back so that he has another chance to take care of him. That wish becomes the ghost.

In India and especially Tamil Nadu we are told that ghosts walk during midnight hours and as it passes by you get the smell of jasmine in the air and you also get to hear the sound of anklets. If you have heard this, have you ever wondered why the ghosts are always feminine.

Simple! in villages the ladies go out to meet their lover. They have so much jasmine on their head and have anklets too. As they go out to meet their lover, people will not even open their eyes to see who is going because they were told by the women that there are lots of ghost around. If a daughter is seen going out, the father in self defense may have to say that what you saw was a ghost and not my daughter. It must have something to do with all this because most ghosts are feminine.

The end of the world.

We are often hear about the end of the world because we are always worried about our own death on a personal level. The fear of individuals builds up on a global level and turns into the ‘end of the world’ syndrome.

Sometimes it may be our wish that the world ends. We don’t want to leave alone. We want the whole world to go.

Moreover whenever we feel that people are not thinking of God we need to frighten the people by saying that the end of the world is fast approaching. We have to say this because people are lost in the technological developments and have less time for God. We feel invincible due to scientific advancement. Those who feel that we are going away from God keep telling the world that the world is going to end and you need to save yourself by reaching out to God.

How does Voodooism work?

It works because you believe in it. Have you heard of people dying soon after being bitten by a snake. You say that is so obvious. Well, what about death following a bite from a non poisonous snake? That calls for reason. What happened?

In India people believe in black magic especially in South India and that too in a place that is called God’s own land “Kerala”.

You believed all the stories of ghosts and spirits that they told you when you were a kid. The stories were told because your parents thought you should not step out in the night.

When you grew up your business competitors and those who don’t like you wanted to keep you down by frightening you. You need to be told much more than the ghosts out there. So they invented the concept of black magic. This way you were easily scared to death.

The non poisonous snakes killed the man because he was told that after the bite of a king cobra you had only 7 seconds left. So when a snake bites you the fear that you may have been bitten by a King Cobra grips you and the adrenalin rushes and the heart beats so fast that it cannot take it any longer.

If people are told the truth that there is long way to go before a  person dies after being bitten by a King Cobra and if they can understand this fact, then the next time they are bitten by a non poisonous snake then they will not die.

If black magic works by now political leaders would have started using this tool to kill his rival. No war is needed to kill your enemy. Black magic is cheaper than the bombs and guns. So why use all of these instead of black magic.

So you got the answer, black magic does not work.


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