The Unscientific Scientist Richard Dawkins


Scientists are used to the terms like scientific thinking, science, scientific reasoning, scientific logic, scientific proof. They use it to say that science is perfect or most beneficial to everyone.

They say, look at the contribution that science has made to the world while ignoring the presence of poverty, fear, famine, drought, war, diseases that give great pain and suffering. They ignore that science has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to all these problems. Science does not answer all your questions.

On the other hand many people feel that most problems are caused by scientific evolution and the top most is pollution and new diseases and ailments.

People like Richard Dawkins tend to criticize those who believe in God or some form of faith or belief systems. They feel that all such things are caused because man has lost his sense of logic and reasoning. They speak of scientific approach to every problem and have rarely found the solutions, instead they have created fresh problems.

They make many unscientific claims and still call them scientific methods.

A few examples.

    Science says that no 2 fingerprints are exactly alike. This is not proven. To prove it you need to check my fingerprint with the rest of the world before you make a science out of this. Has any one done this?
    Science says that horoscopes do not reveal the future possibilities of any person. Have they done any research on this.
    Science (evolutionists) say that every species you see on earth is a result of evolution. It evolved from what? Has science ever thought about that? In that case how did the first life start?
    Science says that there is no God. Did they look everywhere in the universe?
    Science says it has done so remarkably well. Has it removed unhappiness, poverty, disease, war, fear, uncertainty, natural disasters?
    They speak of the beginning of the universe without any reasonwhatsoever, they have no proof of all the statements they make and yet call them scientific reasoning.

People likeRichard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is someone who has spent a lifetime trying totell people that they should not believe in what they are believing.

What makes him so great that we have to believe what he says? We cannot trust him because he has no proof for whatever he is saying.

He is worried that God is not the right reason for the life forms we see on earth. He is worried of the many religions and its followers. He wants everyone to disbelieve in God as a creator and believe in Charles Darwin.

He is worried about all the things people do out of faith.

Has he ever wondered why most people are turning to religion and faith systems. Has he ever wondered why even many scientists believe in God?

It is because science is no way any good when it comes to the suffering a person undergoes at times. Have we not seen all the people praying to God when they watch their favorite sportsman making the winning shot. Will science help them in situations like that?

Does Richard Dawkins ever wondered whether the rules of science applies to human beings?

Richard Dawkins is so obsessed with this “Reasoning”. He thinks that his reasoning is superior to all others in the world. He does not know that with his reasoning he has not actually explained the beginning of the universe.

What I am saying is that just as a believer cannot prove God, so too a scientist cannot prove how the universe began without a God.

Scientists are baffled by the universe and have no clue whatsoever.

They condemn religious faiths and introduce scientific faiths. They replace God with people like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins. Stephen Hawkins has to first find out what went wrong with his body.

Science is always about the external and religion is about the inside. Charity begins at home. We must first know about our home before we look at the universe. We have not solved the present. Scientists are wasting time figuring out what happened long time ago 1000 billion year ago.

Most of the scientist in the world are believers. Can Richard Dawkins says that such scientists are unscientific?

At one time Richard Dawkins says that the inability to see something does not disprove its existence, like “I have not seen Napoleon, but does that mean he did not exist”. A Hindu from India would tell Richard the same thing by replacing Napoleon with God.

In the world of science, religion is a must. Richard Dawkins is worried that despite so much happening in science, we are turning back to the age before Newton or Galileo.

Has he every wondered why? That is because science is making our world such a difficult place to live. It has worsened the situation.

Science preaches war andcommercialization. Religion preaches love and peace. Rarely do we see violence due to religion. Even then weapons that science created are being used by those who fight for religious reasons. If science did not invent the guns and bombs we would have been more peaceful. Now it is disastrous because people can be killed in thousands by the press of single button.

Richard Dawkins is spending a lifetime on proving something that is not important. He should actually spend time on how to harness science and reasoning to bring peace and happiness to this planet.

If by disbelieving in God and religion, astrology and systems of faith, he can bring about peace and happiness to this planet then we should accept him as being a useful person to this world.

He is unaware that most of the scientists in the world are notatheist. Men of great reasoning power have simply admitted the existence of so many things that science cannot approve.

In the beginning….

Scientists are obsessed with what happened in the beginning. That is because each one of them has a beginning. So they think that the universe too must have had abeginning.

The entire complex nature of the universe has been discussed by Hindus 1000s of years ago. The sages describe God as beyond reasoning, comprehension and logic. Then how can God be known by such methods.

It is like trying to pick up a golf ball with a needle.

The truth is there was no beginning.

If there was a beginning where was all that mass that make up the universe hidden.

Scientists can get as boring or as stupid to believe that there was nothing and then suddenly the big bang happened.

They cannot accept that the universe had no beginning.

We calculate time by the relating to our solar system. Our 24 hours is derived from the rotation of the earth. Think of time before earth came into existence some 4 1/2 billion years ago.

Time is relative then where from comes the question of when it all started.

If it had a beginning then it must have an end too. Where will all this universe disappear into?

Where did all this come from?

At the same time scientist like Richard Dawkins accept the fact that matter can neither be created nor be destroyed and then they speak of a beginning too. What a contradiction!

Richard Dawkins speaks of Astrology!

Richard Dawkins forgets the scientific methods of reasoning when he criticizes Astrology. If he says something against Sun Signs that is perfect because Sun Signs are a useless chapter in Astrology as it is very generalized.

He says that the Earth Axis of rotation has tilted by 23 degrees and so Astrologers are off by that much error. Has this man ever looked into a vedic chart?

I encourage you to look at the Vedic (Indian) chart and you will be surprised that there is the same number 23 appearing on the 1st page of very horoscope. This factor is called Ayanamsha – the 23 degrees is used for correcting the positions of the planets.

It is like you have a weighing machine that has an error of 23 kilos. Once you know this you just do the correction to obtain the real weight of a person.

How unscientific of Richard Dawkins to make such stupid statements.


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