Time of Birth : How accurate should it be?

How accurate should the time of birth be? This question has been asked n number of times. In this video I have provided the answer to this question. People call me up and say “I am not sure of my time of birth in that case, is it possible to consult you on my horoscope”. If you are born on the border of 2 Ascendants, then increasing or decreasing the time of birth even by a minute would make a big difference. In other words if you were born at the time when the Ascendant was just crossing over then you most probably it is going to be a big confusion all through your life. Find out more about all this by watching this video.

Click here to watch the video. In case you like the video please share it with those who have had doubts with their time of birth and especially to those whose Ascendant was on the border of 2 signs.


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