Top 8 Facts about Saturn


Top 8 Facts about Saturn


Top 8 Facts about Saturn

For many days I have been working on this video but due to continuous consultation I found no time to complete the editing. Then one fine day I got a gap. I completed the editing and uploaded iton YouTube and then it dawned on me that the date was the 17th of July and the star on that day was also Saturn Star none other than the 26th Star Uttarabhadra. A day fully dominated by Saturn – the greatest teacher.

Then later on I came to know of the MH-17 tragedy that will remain in our minds for a very long time. May all those 295 souls find peace. Please observe a 1 minute silent whenever you read this article for the 1st time.

Coming back to the topic of Saturn I found that Saturn has so much to teach us. It is a planet that is packed with Karma almost 100% a Karma planet unlike other planets.

During the last 25 years I have found out from experience that Saturn has specific information that once we are aware of would help us manage our lives in a much better way.

Click on the following video to learn about the most important facts that ring around this planet like the Saturn rings.


In case you want to inform your friends and relatives so they also would know how to manage Saturn times instead of being taken by surprise, then please share the video or send them the above link.

If you find anything interesting about Saturn please let us know. Share this information with us.


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