Vasthu Sastra vs Vedic Astrology


Vasthu Sastra vs Vedic Astrology


Vasthu Sastra vs Vedic Astrology

Ayurveda Doctors say that diseases are not caused by bacteria and virus. What they mean is that a condition that altered in our body leads to disease. So they treat that part and the person is cured.

WesternDoctors directly use chemicals (antibiotic) to kill the bacteria that causes the disease. Yet they are also aware that a change in the body was the cause. For example the western doctor may ask you, “did you consume ice water yesterday?”

Both are partly right and partly wrong.

Numerologist say that everything is due to numbers. Numerology works but not to that extent as claimed by numerologist. People born on the same date do not have the same fate. Even if they have the same name the fate is not the same. For example if 2 people are born on the same date, and we for the sake of experiment keep the same name for them etc should we expect the same events to happen in their lives?

A Vastu expert may usually say that the cause of all problem is a bad Vastu.

All are only partly right because Karma is actually the main reason for most of what happens to our lives. Is there a connection between Vastu and Vedic Astrology. In this video I have addressed to this age old question.

Though I fully acknowledge the positive role that Vastu knowledge can play in our lives, yet my opinion is that without the study of your horoscope your life is incomplete.

Watch this video to clear your doubts.



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