Virgo – Zodiac Compatibility with Earth and Water, but rarely Mutable Signs

Virgo - Pisces Compatibility

 A Virgo and Pisces match is a beautiful match indeed from a love compatibility perspective. We have to zodiac signs that are markedly different, but have just what the other party needs. Here we have Mutable Earth bound Virgo pairing with the Mutable Watery Pisces. As we know, Earth and Water nurture each other into abundance on the planet, and they do in love as well. These are two signs that are very different, but it is the differences that feed this relationship into a long and lasting love. So long as they can keep their shadow sides at bay, Virgo and Pisces have all the potential for not only marriage, but many lifetimes together.

Virgo - Aquarius Compatibility

When we combine the Virgo and Aquarius match in love compatibility, we bring two very different perspectives to the table. On paper many astrologers would say, these two have nothing in common! We say however that it is this quality that will keep this match connected. Both Virgo and Aquarius are committed to appreciating differences, and despite the many differences between these two, it is this quality that will lend to the success of this union. When they both find a shared vision in love and get on the same page, this is a match with energy and practicality that could stand any test.

Virgo - Capricorn Compatibility

 When it comes to love compatibility, Virgo and Capricorn have it in the bag. Here we have a dual Earth Sign match that is madly in love with each other, and able to overcome any petty differences. This is the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo pairing with the Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn. What works so well in this match is they both have exactly what the other partner wants. Their slight differences meet the needs in the other, and both are grounded in reality enough to let the petty things go in order to ensure this love will last. And, as two Earth Signs, this will usually last right through to marriage and many anniversaries together.

Virgo - Sagittarius Compatibility

The Virgo and Sagittarius match bodes very well when it comes to a long term love compatibility. Here we have two Mutable Signs, with Mutable Earthy Virgo and Mutable Fiery Sagittarius combining forces in love. On paper it can seem like there are more differences than common ground, but the mutable nature of both Virgo and Sagittarius will help this relationship keep plugging along. Both Virgo and Sagittarius move at different speeds, and both will need to learn a little give and take when it comes to the pace of this relationship. When they can navigate those bumps, this is a match that will be mutually satisfying with plenty of heat, sparks, and real talk that keeps the love alive.

Virgo - Scorpio Compatibility

A Virgo and Scorpio match ranks very high on the love compatibility scale as is often the case when we combine Earth and Water. Here we have Mutable Earth Sign Virgo combining forces with Fixed Water Sign Scorpio. As such, this relationship is often one where both Virgo and Scorpio feel like they have found their long lost best friend. The sexy intensity of Scorpio is appealing to Virgo, and Virgo’s keepin’ it real feel is very attractive to Scorpio. And these are just a few of the ways that the Virgo and Scorpio match are compatible, and will be for some time to come!

Virgo - Libra Compatibility

The Virgo and Libra match is one that bodes very well for love compatibility. Both of these signs love harmony, balance, long term love, and both hate drama like the plague. So there are a lot of shared goals and visions in this lovely union. They each bring security to the table in their own unique ways. The one thing both parties need to be careful about is their critical and sometimes unfeeling nature, as this will turn both of the zodiac signs off in the wrong scenario. When they get past this however, harmony and long term love lend to a beautiful and balanced relationship.

Virgo - Virgo Compatibility

There are a lot of people that will consider the Virgo and Virgo match to be among the most boring in the world. But when you look underneath their slow moving approaches, you will find a love compatibility that is almost impossible to match in the zodiac. Here we have two Mutable Earth Signs who are similar in almost every way. They like and they dislike all of the same things, and they are going to like each other a lot for a long time to come as a result. This is a well-structured and well organized pairing, that is rooted in a foundation that is determined to succeed. As such, this one has all of the potential for a long term match indeed!

Virgo - Leo Compatibility

 A Virgo and Leo match is one that starts off a little slow due to some fundamental differences. But at the heart of this love compatibility are two signs that ultimately like and dislike a lot of the same things. Here we have Mutable Earth Sign Virgo pairing with Fixed Fire Sign Leo, a typical case of opposites attracting. But both will appreciate the different things about the other when it comes to making this relationship work. When they focus on their shared goals and their common ground, this slow to start relationship will pick up some speed, and some heat, for a very passionate affair that can last as long as they want!

Virgo - Cancer Compatibility

 There are a lot of wonderful things to say about the Virgo and Cancer match when it comes to love compatibility. Here we have the Mutable Earth Virgo paired with the Cardinal Water Cancer. Earth and Water are the elements of the Earth that nurture and encourage each other to grow and prosper, so this is a highly compatible match indeed. The markers of this union are a real and down to earth experience, marked by Virgo, paired with the ever flowing well of emotions that Cancer provides. A slow to start union, but one that will be rooted in devotion and dedication and an authentic love.

Virgo - Gemini Compatibility

 The Virgo and Gemini match is one on the love compatibility scale that offers more differences than commonalities at first glance. So though some may call this a case of opposites attracting, they only need to look a little deeper at some critical common grounds these two zodiac signs share. Here we have a Mutable Earth Sign in Virgo pairing with a Mutable Air Sign in Gemini, and it is this mutable and flexible nature of their personalities which will help them to make it work. Focusing on common ground, and not on the differences, will be what helps to make this seemingly opposite match succeed.

Virgo - Taurus Compatibility

With a Virgo and Taurus match, we have a lot of common ground in these zodiac signs to rank high on the love compatibility meter. Here we have the Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo paired with the Fixed Earth Sign of Taurus. As a dual Earth Sign match then, this pair has a lot in common that they will appreciate and be attracted to in each other. Virgo is ever the flexible one that is good at the real talk that Taurus loves. Taurus loves pretty things and isn’t afraid to work for them, which Virgo admires. A slow to start match with the Earth Sign energy, but one that will lend excitement to both zodiac signs as soon as it picks up speed. And it will!

Virgo - Aries Compatibility

A Virgo and Aries match may rank low on the love compatibility meter at first, but if both zodiac signs are committed to making it work, then it will! This is a relationship that is slow to start, but has all of the potential of true heat in love with these opposite individuals. Here we have the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo matched with the Cardinal Fire Sign of Aries. The best things about the Virgo and Aries match is there is a lot of heat, and a lot of real talk keeping things moving. Both will need to focus on their shared and common goals in order to get past their differences. But this is a match that has long term potential if they are able to overcome this!

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