Where to do the remedies?


Vedic Astrology and remedies always go together. However, in modern times most of us have no idea on where and how to do the remedies. This article is going to be updated with the help of my readers. I will tell you how.
Beware of Astrological Remedies
Do not get cheated with the term “Remedies”.

Do not entrust your remedies to others because you are too busy. Many Astrologers can take advantage of you being “busy”.

Do not write a cheque without knowing if the amount will reach the right and deserving people. If the amount does not reach the right person then your money is as good as being put in the dustbin. If you are unsure donate money on the streets directly to beggars and the needy people you see face to face instead of donating it to an organisation where there is no accountability.

When an Astrologer demands money from you for doing a remedy MOST PROBABLY he or she is fooling you. In my 25 years of Astrology, I did not do any remedies for any of my clients except for 1 client from the UAE. I used to guide my clients on what to do and how to do it or where to do it if I know.

Check if the remedies are suggested by Maharshi Parasara as per the book. There must be some proof. At least some classical book or ancient book must recommend the remedy. At least the remedy must have a logical connection with the planet concerned.

Do not make payment to an orphanage that is flushed with funds beyond the need of the orphanage. Find a weak orphanage. In one orphanage I found the founder was leading a rich life and going to disco centres and wears jeans and modern t shirts. Investigate before you give your money. That does not mean that if you see a pious looking man that he is the right person. Looks are deceptive both ways. If I am a fool then intelligent people are out there who will take advantage of that.

Find out if the purohits are good. Ask them to switch off their mobiles when they begin the pooja. They should communicate only with Gods and not human beings.

Do not call people “commercialized”. In this world nothing works without money. So what is the meaning of the useless term “commercialized”? Astrology is commercialized. Remedies are commercialized. Even God is commercialized. Do not waste time in such things. This is the usual complaint.

Do people stop going to wine shops because it is commercialized? Even if cricket matches are pre-fixed, people waste their time on it without any complaints. People spend millions of rupees on useless things. Spending some money on poojas and prayers and donations is no big deal. So avoid the complaint that everything is commercialized. An actor is paid crores of rupees because crores of people waste their time watching them in a movie by paying Rs.200 each.Ask the crores of people to pay Rs.200 each for the welfare of an orphanage. Not one soul will turn up. Yet they say, “what wrong have I done….? Why is God giving me so much problems”?

Once a client told me that because the poojaris (purohits) in temple are commercialized he has stopped going to temples. WHO is the loser? I asked him “have you stopped going to gambling dens”? He said, “No. I do not miss a single day”. This is the height of bad logic .
The need for this article

Vedic Astrology and remedies always go together. However, in modern times most of us have no idea on where and how to do the remedies. This article is going to be updated with the help of my readers as and when I get information. I will tell you how.

Just imagine you go to a doctor, spend money and then you come out not knowing where the medicines are available. That is the plight of many of my clients who live far away from the place where my office is. I do not have sufficient knowledge on where the remedies may be done in their part of the world.

With the help of contributions from my esteemed readers who love to share their knowledge with the world for spreading good karma and good information that will help peace and happiness, I hope to make this article a reference tool for finding out the right place to do the remedies.

Where and how to do the following remedies?

Donation of COW or Female BUFFALO
This remedy is suggested by Maharshi Parasara whenever a person begins the dasha or bhukti of a planet owning the 2nd and the 7th house. This remedy is a must if Saturn is the lord of the 2nd or the 7th house or occupies the 2nd or the 7th house. By knowing about the nature of the planet the color of the cow may be determined. Saturn is associated with blue and black and therefore black cow is preferred over other colors. If Venus then white cow is preferred.

An Address in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Bharatiya Govamsa Rakshan Samvardhan Parishad, Tamilnadu (12, Ramanujam Street, T. Nagar) has appealed for volunteers to support Goshala activities in Tamilnadu. Swami Athamanandha (State President) made the appeal at the State-level committee meeting on Feb. 20 in Goh Samkrashana Sala, West Mambalam. He told us that the goshala in Mambalam was the first to be started by volunteers needed for goshalas of Tamilnadu. There are 36 goshalas in Tamilnadu which care for more than 3500 cows, he added. Those interested may contact the Mambalam goshala in phone 2470 0336.Athamanandha said that the ‘Cow protection wing’ campaigns against cows being sent for slaughter.More details can be had in phone 94432 29061.

One of my students Ms Meera sent me the following when I told her that I will writing an article on this topic.

A place for bhoomi dhanam.
The remedy for donating bhoomi is needed for those who have bad luck with properties and land. This gets reflected in their horoscope when planets afflict the 4th house or its lord and if the 4th house lord is also in the 6th or 8th or 12th house. This defect is a karmic punishment for having taken the land that belonged to others. Even today if you refer to the newspapers you will come to know that people are stealing land from others misusing their powers. They will have a bad 4th house in the next birth.

So return the land and get peace of mind. So bhoomi (land) dhaanam (donation) is a must for such a defect in Karma.

On the other hand by doing this remedy even if you do not have a dosha on the 4th house and its lord, you are assured of good land yogas in the next life. Think of the next life as the tomorrow of your current life. As much as you believe in tomorrow believe in rebirth. I know of people who drink and drink saying that there is no tomorrow. They say, “Dhilip, what is the assurance that I will live tomorrow”. So saying they drink another round of whisky. However if I ask them to donate what all they have today, they say “…how can I do that, I need it for tomorrow”. Immediately tomorrow becomes a reality.

One of my students Ms Meera sent me the following details:


The details are as follows:

YOUR FAMILY FRIENDS,Owner G.K. Seetharaman, M.A., M.Phil,2/346, Agraharam,Kalancheri, – (Post),Saliyamangalam-(via) Thanjavur Dist. 613 504.Tamil Nadu.Ph:-04374 – 239330, 239331.

Thank You,

Meera S
Donation of a GOAT
Will be updated soon

Will be updated soon

Mrityunjaya Japa Homa
This homa is recommended by Maharshi Parasara whenever the person begins the dasha or bhukti of a planet ruling the 2nd house or the 7th house. If the planet ruling such a house occupies the 2nd or the 7th house then it surely is a bad time. Death or death like suffering is a possibility. Do not expect death. It is a possibility. Hence the need for the pooja. What is the harm of a pooja? Why not do it?

In Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, I know a good place.

Ayyappa Prarthana Mandir, Egmore.

Temple Address: Sri Ayyappa Prarthana Mandir SamithiNo: 18, Chinna Reddy Street, Egmore, Chennai- 600 008.Phone- +91-44-28194114.E-mail- egmoresamithi@gmail.com
The cost of the pooja will be withing Rs.1000/-

Pradosha Pooja – Lord Shiva
If you were told of any remedy by your Astrologer please add it in the comment sections. My students, readers and I will try our best to get more details of the remedies so that everyone would benefit.

Sponsoring an orphan child in an orphanage


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